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In a single game, from 1950 to 2018, requiring Rushing Yds >= 100 and Receiving Yds >= 100 and Rushing TD >= 1 and Receiving TD >= 1, sorted by descending Date

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Query Results Table
Rushing Receiving
Rk Player Pos Age Date Lg Tm Opp Result G# Week Day Att Yds Y/A TD Tgt Rec Yds Y/R TD Ctch% Y/Tgt
1Christian McCaffreyRB22.1712018-11-25NFLCARSEAL 27-301112Sun171257.351111111210.181100.0%10.18
2Arian FosterRB25.0602011-10-23NFLHOU@TENW 41-777Sun251154.6025511923.801100.0%23.80
3Brian WestbrookRB28.0212007-09-23NFLPHIDETW 56-2133Sun141107.8625511122.201100.0%22.20
4Steven JacksonRB23.1552006-12-24NFLSTLWASW 37-311516Sun331504.5518610217.00175.0%12.75
5Priest HolmesRB29.0482002-11-24NFLKAN@SEAL 32-391112Sun231978.5727711015.711100.0%15.71
6Priest HolmesRB28.0632001-12-09NFLKAN@OAKL 26-281213Sun281686.0017510921.80171.4%15.57
7Thurman Thomas*25.1081991-09-01NFLBUFMIAW 35-3111Sun251656.601810312.881
8Herschel Walker24.2861986-12-14NFLDALPHIL 21-231515Sun612220.331917018.891
9Marcus Allen*26.1651986-09-07NFLRAI@DENL 36-3811Sun241024.251610217.001
10Lionel James23.1201985-09-22NFLSDG@CINW 44-4133Sun1212710.581511823.601
11Walter Payton*23.1221977-11-24NFLCHI@DETW 31-141111Thu201376.851410726.751
12Greg Pruitt24.0971975-11-23NFLCLECINW 35-231010Sun171217.121710615.141
13Larry Brown26.0881973-12-16NFLWASPHIW 38-201414Sun261505.771310535.003
14Leroy Kelly*26.1741968-11-10NFLCLENORW 35-1799Sun171277.471310434.672
15Keith LincolnFB24.2421964-01-05AFLSDGBOSW 51-101518Sun1320615.851712317.571
16Jim Brown*27.2101963-09-15NFLCLEWASW 37-1411Sun1516210.802310033.331
17Billy Cannon24.1301961-12-10AFLHOU@NYTW 48-211314Sun252168.643511422.802
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