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Query Results Table
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty TD Pts
1Mike VanderjagtK332003NFLCLT1612404646100.03737100.00157
2Gary Anderson391998NFLMIN1615105959100.03535100.00164
3Jeff WilkinsK282000NFLRAM119203838100.01717100.0089
4Tony Zendejas311991NFLRAM163130252696.21717100.0076
5Garrett HartleyK222008NFLNOR84402828100.01313100.0067
6Shayne GrahamK332010NFLTOT9900394195.11212100.0075
7Brad Daluiso261994NFLNYG1697055100.01111100.0038
8John CarneyK331997NFLSDG413055100.077100.0026
9Brett ConwayK252000NFLTOT413088100.066100.0026
10John Diettrich241987NFLOTI220055100.066100.0023
11Danny BoydPK242002NFLJAX413077100.055100.0022
12Martin GramaticaK322007NFLNOR312088100.055100.0023
13Rolf BenirschkeK241979NFLSDG4310121392.344100.0024
14Graham GanoK222009NFLWAS31206785.744100.0018
15Bill GramaticaK262004NFLMIA101010.033100.009
16Garrett HartleyK282014NFLCLE202022100.033100.0011
17Benny Ricardo301984NFLSDG20205683.333100.0014
18Tommy Brooker261966TOTKAN43101313100.022100.0019
19Russell Erxleben221979NFLNOR101044100.022100.0010
20Shayne GrahamK362013NFLNOR211077100.022100.0013
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty TD Pts
21Scott Hagler231987NFLSEA211044100.022100.0010
22James Hamrick241987KAN303044100.022100.0010
23Jaret HolmesPK242000NFLNYG211033100.022100.009
24Jaret HolmesK231999NFLCHI101022100.006
25Gary KronerK261967TOTDEN21105683.322100.0011
26John Anderson231979GNB72501250.011100.004
27Jess Atkinson251987NFLWAS110011100.011100.004
28Scott BentleyK262000NFLWAS110011100.003
29Mike Bragg281974NFLWAS1410407887.511100.0010
30Mike Cofer231987NFLNOR21105771.411100.008
31Brett ConwayK272002NFLWAS110044100.011100.007
32Steve Cox251983NFLCLE743011100.003
33Richie CunninghamPK322002NFLJAX101022100.011100.005
34Cotton Davidson281960AFLKAN1486022100.011100.0111
35Cotton Davidson311962TOTTOT1521304580.011100.0325
36Dave Green291978NFLTAM16511011100.003
37Michael HustedK322002NFLKAN110033100.011100.006
38Micah KnorrP/K282003NFLDEN16106022100.011100.005
39Chester Marcol251975NFLGNB101011100.003
40Chris Miller241989NFLATL16313011100.003
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty TD Pts
41Joe NedneyK302003NFLOTI110010.011100.003
42Dave RaynerK252008NFLCIN202033100.011100.006
43Todd SauerbrunP312004NFLCAR1679044100.011100.007
44Mike ScifresP312011NFLSDG1688033100.011100.006
45John SmithK281978NFLNWE31206785.711100.009
46Lawrence TynesPK302008NFLNYG110033100.011100.006
47Wes WelkerKR232004NFLTOT15510011100.011100.0110
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