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In a single season, from 1960 to 2015, in the Regular Season, from team's 1st game to 2nd game, from 1st week to 2nd week, requiring Rushing Att >= 20 and Rushing Yds <= 50, sorted by ascending Rushing Yds

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Query Results

Query Results Table
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T Att Yds Y/A TD
1DeMarco MurrayRB272015NFLPHI202021110.521
2Clem Daniels271964AFLRAI202022140.641
3Clem Daniels291966AFLRAI211023210.910
4Ki-Jana Carter221996NFLCIN202021271.290
5Dexter Bussey301982NFLDET220020281.400
6Clem Daniels281965AFLRAI211021281.330
7Keith Byars221986NFLPHI202021341.620
8Tony Lorick261967NFLCLT220021351.672
9Ron Johnson261974NFLNYG202029361.240
10Brent Fullwood261990NFLGNB211020371.851
11Montee BallRB222013NFLDEN220020381.900
12Leon McQuay251975NFLNWE202022381.730
13Ed Podolak261973NFLKAN211021381.810
14Wendell Hayes311971NFLKAN211020391.951
15Floyd Little*321974NFLDEN201121411.950
16Preston Pearson251970NFLPIT202026411.580
17Bob Gresham231971NFLNOR110021422.001
18Donny Anderson291972NFLCRD211022431.951
19Devonta FreemanRB232015NFLATL220022431.951
20Joe Don Looney221965NFLDET220025431.720
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T Att Yds Y/A TD
21Jim Nance221965AFLNWE202021432.051
22Brandon BennettHB-K302003NFLCIN202022442.000
23Derrick BlaylockRB272006NFLNYJ211025441.760
24Derrick Fenner241991NFLSEA211021452.140
25Leroy Kelly*311973NFLCLE211022452.050
26Isaac RedmanRB272012NFLPIT211023451.961
27Mike TolbertFB252011NFLSDG211021452.141
28Tyrone WheatleyRB322004NFLRAI211021452.140
29Chuck Foreman281979NFLMIN211022462.090
30Walter Payton*281982NFLCHI202022462.090
31Shawn BrysonRB232000NFLBUF220022472.140
32Charlie Harraway241968NFLCLE211023472.040
33Deji KarimRB/K242011NFLJAX211020482.400
34Roosevelt Leaks231976NFLCLT220020482.401
35James Owens271982NFLTAM202020482.400
36Horace King251978NFLDET211023492.130
37Toby GerhartRB272014NFLJAX202024502.080
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