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For single seasons, from 1920 to 2015, playing for the Seattle Seahawks, played , requiring Yds/Punt >= 0 and Punts >= 50, sorted by descending Yds/Punt

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Query Results Table
Games Punting
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Pnt Yds Y/P Blck
1Jon Ryan201130SEANFL16095443146.640
2Jon Ryan200928SEANFL16088406846.230
3Jon Ryan200827SEANFL15078355745.601
4Jon Ryan201231SEANFL16065296345.580
5Jon Ryan201534SEANFL16068309345.490
6Rick Tuten199530SEANFL16083373545.000
7Ryan Plackemeier2006227-239SEANFL16084377844.980
8Rick Tuten199328SEANFL16090400744.521
9Jon Ryan201433SEANFL16061268844.071
10Rick Tuten199227SEANFL160108476044.070
11Rick Tuten199631SEANFL16085374644.071
12Jeff Feagles199832SEANFL16081356844.050
13Jeff Feagles200135SEANFL16085373043.881
14Rick Tuten199429SEANFL16091390542.910
15Jon Ryan201332SEANFL16074315942.692
16Herman Weaver1980329-227SEANFL16067279841.762
17Jon Ryan201029SEANFL16078325441.720
18Jeff Feagles200236SEANFL16061254241.670
19Tom Rouen200537SEANFL12061253941.620
20Tom Rouen200335SEANFL16067276241.222
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Pnt Yds Y/P Blck
21Ruben Rodriguez1988235-131SEANFL16070285840.830
22Jeff Feagles199933SEANFL16084342540.770
23Dave Finzer198526SEANFL12068276640.680
24Rick Donnelly199028SEANFL16067272240.630
25Herman Weaver1979319-227SEANFL16066265140.173
26Jeff Feagles200034SEANFL16074296040.001
27Ryan Plackemeier2007237-239SEANFL16086343639.950
28Ruben Rodriguez1989245-131SEANFL16075299539.931
29Herman Weaver1977299-227SEANFL13058229339.531
30Jeff West1983305-122SEANFL16079311839.470
31Jeff West1981285-122SEANFL15066257839.060
32Vincent Gamache198625SEANFL16079304838.580
33Rick Engles1976223-89SEANFL14080306738.342
34Jeff West1984315-122SEANFL16095356737.550
35Herman Weaver1978309-227SEANFL16066244036.970
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