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Query Results

Query Results Table
Rk Tm Year W L T W-L% Count
1Chi/Pit Cards/Steelers19440600.0006Ind. Games
2Detroit Lions19431500.1676Ind. Games
3Pittsburgh Steelers19701500.1676Ind. Games
4Boston Yanks19480500.0005Ind. Games
5Chicago Bears19531400.2005Ind. Games
6Chicago Bears19471400.2005Ind. Games
7Chicago Cardinals19430500.0005Ind. Games
8Green Bay Packers19530500.0005Ind. Games
9Philadelphia Eagles19532210.5005Ind. Games
10Pittsburgh Steelers19410500.0005Ind. Games
11San Diego Chargers19980500.0005Ind. Games
12Baltimore Colts19500400.0004Ind. Games
13Phoenix Cardinals19890400.0004Ind. Games
14Chicago Cardinals19420400.0004Ind. Games
15St. Louis Cardinals19710400.0004Ind. Games
16Chicago Cardinals19530400.0004Ind. Games
17Dallas Cowboys19600400.0004Ind. Games
18Detroit Lions19451300.2504Ind. Games
19Detroit Lions19533100.7504Ind. Games
20Detroit Lions19460400.0004Ind. Games
Rk Tm Year W L T W-L% Count
21Detroit Lions19402200.5004Ind. Games
22Green Bay Packers19500400.0004Ind. Games
23Green Bay Packers19580400.0004Ind. Games
24Minnesota Vikings19781210.3754Ind. Games
25New England Patriots19810400.0004Ind. Games
26New York Giants19660400.0004Ind. Games
27New York Giants19730400.0004Ind. Games
28Houston Oilers19711300.2504Ind. Games
29Pittsburgh Steelers19650400.0004Ind. Games
30Los Angeles Rams19810400.0004Ind. Games
31Los Angeles Rams19560400.0004Ind. Games
32Cleveland Rams19410400.0004Ind. Games
33San Francisco 49ers19581300.2504Ind. Games
34Washington Redskins19531300.2504Ind. Games
35Washington Redskins19490400.0004Ind. Games
36Washington Redskins19413100.7504Ind. Games
37Atlanta Falcons19670300.0003Ind. Games
38Atlanta Falcons19930300.0003Ind. Games
39Atlanta Falcons19680300.0003Ind. Games
40Atlanta Falcons19870300.0003Ind. Games
Rk Tm Year W L T W-L% Count
41Brooklyn Dodgers19420300.0003Ind. Games
42Buffalo Bills19710300.0003Ind. Games
43Bos/Bkn Yanks/Tigers19450300.0003Ind. Games
44Carolina Panthers19950300.0003Ind. Games
45Chicago Bears19491200.3333Ind. Games
46Chicago Bears19710300.0003Ind. Games
47Chicago Bears20090300.0003Ind. Games
48Chicago Bears19600300.0003Ind. Games
49Chicago Bears19800300.0003Ind. Games
50Chicago Bears19621200.3333Ind. Games
51Chicago Bears19541200.3333Ind. Games
52Chicago Bears19551200.3333Ind. Games
53Chicago Bears19570300.0003Ind. Games
54Baltimore Colts19740300.0003Ind. Games
55Chicago Cardinals19400300.0003Ind. Games
56Chicago Cardinals19500300.0003Ind. Games
57Chicago Cardinals19410300.0003Ind. Games
58Chicago Cardinals19520300.0003Ind. Games
59Denver Broncos19751200.3333Ind. Games
60Detroit Lions19443001.0003Ind. Games
Rk Tm Year W L T W-L% Count
61Detroit Lions19611200.3333Ind. Games
62Detroit Lions19471200.3333Ind. Games
63Detroit Lions19410300.0003Ind. Games
64Detroit Lions19590300.0003Ind. Games
65Dallas Texans19520300.0003Ind. Games
66Green Bay Packers19521200.3333Ind. Games
67Green Bay Packers19480300.0003Ind. Games
68Green Bay Packers19401200.3333Ind. Games
69Green Bay Packers19490300.0003Ind. Games
70Green Bay Packers19510300.0003Ind. Games
71Minnesota Vikings19800300.0003Ind. Games
72Minnesota Vikings19620210.1673Ind. Games
73Minnesota Vikings19810300.0003Ind. Games
74New England Patriots19880300.0003Ind. Games
75New York Giants19531200.3333Ind. Games
76New York Giants19601200.3333Ind. Games
77New York Jets19750300.0003Ind. Games
78Houston Oilers19720300.0003Ind. Games
79Houston Oilers19800300.0003Ind. Games
80Philadelphia Eagles19541110.5003Ind. Games
Rk Tm Year W L T W-L% Count
81Philadelphia Eagles19650300.0003Ind. Games
82Philadelphia Eagles19680300.0003Ind. Games
83Philadelphia Eagles19410300.0003Ind. Games
84Pittsburgh Steelers19611200.3333Ind. Games
85Pittsburgh Steelers19690300.0003Ind. Games
86Pittsburgh Steelers19711200.3333Ind. Games
87Pittsburgh Steelers19551200.3333Ind. Games
88Pittsburgh Steelers19732100.6673Ind. Games
89Pittsburgh Steelers19500300.0003Ind. Games
90Pittsburgh Steelers19671200.3333Ind. Games
91Pittsburgh Steelers19400300.0003Ind. Games
92Oakland Raiders19781200.3333Ind. Games
93Los Angeles Rams19801200.3333Ind. Games
94St. Louis Rams19951200.3333Ind. Games
95Cleveland Rams19440300.0003Ind. Games
96Los Angeles Rams19522100.6673Ind. Games
97Los Angeles Rams19470300.0003Ind. Games
98Los Angeles Rams19580300.0003Ind. Games
99San Diego Chargers19780300.0003Ind. Games
100San Diego Chargers19801200.3333Ind. Games
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