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Team Game Finder Query Results

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In a single game, from 1970 to 2019, in the Wild-Card Round, team won game, requiring Points Differential <= 8, sorted by descending Date

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Team had winning record for season

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Team led at some point during game

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Team won opening coin toss (data since 1999)

Game followed bye week

Team had 100+ yard rusher

Team allowed 100+ yard rusher

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Query Results

Query Results Table
Rk Tm Year Date Time LTime Opp Week G# Day Result OT PF PA PD PC
1MIN20192020-01-051:0512:05@NOR1818SunW 26-20OT2620646
2SEA20192020-01-054:404:40@PHI1818SunW 17-9179826
3HOU20192020-01-044:353:35BUF1818SatW 22-19OT2219341
4TEN20192020-01-048:158:15@NWE1818SatW 20-132013733
5PHI20182019-01-064:403:40@CHI1817SunW 16-151615131
6LAC20182019-01-061:051:05@BAL1817SunW 23-172317640
7DAL20182019-01-058:157:15SEA1817SatW 24-222422246
8JAX20172018-01-071:051:05BUF1817SunW 10-3103713
9NOR20172018-01-074:403:40CAR1817SunW 31-263126557
10TEN20172018-01-064:353:35@KAN1817SatW 22-212221143
11SEA20152016-01-101:0512:05@MIN1817SunW 10-9109119
12PIT20152016-01-098:158:15@CIN1817SatW 18-161816234
13DAL20142015-01-044:413:41DET1817SunW 24-202420444
14SFO20132014-01-054:403:40@GNB1817SunW 23-202320343
15IND20132014-01-044:354:35KAN1817SatW 45-444544189
16NOR20132014-01-048:148:14@PHI1817SatW 26-242624250
17HOU20122013-01-054:353:35CIN1817SatW 19-131913632
18DEN20112012-01-084:402:40PIT1817SunW 29-23OT2923652
19GNB20102011-01-094:404:40@PHI1817SunW 21-162116537
20NYJ20102011-01-088:158:15@IND1817SatW 17-161716133
Rk Tm Year Date Time LTime Opp Week G# Day Result OT PF PA PD PC
21SEA20102011-01-084:351:35NOR1817SatW 41-364136577
22ARI20092010-01-104:302:30GNB1817SunW 51-45OT5145696
23ARI20082009-01-034:362:36ATL1817SatW 30-243024654
24SDG20082009-01-038:085:08IND1817SatW 23-17OT2317640
25JAX20072008-01-058:138:13@PIT1817SatW 31-293129260
26PHI20062007-01-074:394:39NYG1817SunW 23-202320343
27SEA20062007-01-068:095:09DAL1817SatW 21-202120141
28WAS20052006-01-074:344:34@TAM1817SatW 17-101710727
29NYJ20042005-01-088:145:14@SDG1817SatW 20-17OT2017337
30STL20042005-01-084:371:37@SEA1817SatW 27-202720747
31GNB20032004-01-041:0412:04SEA1817SunW 33-27OT3327660
32TEN20032004-01-034:374:37@BAL1817SatW 20-172017337
33PIT20022003-01-051:011:01CLE1817SunW 36-333633369
34SFO20022003-01-054:471:47NYG1817SunW 39-383938177
35MIA20002000-12-3012:3312:33IND1817SatW 23-17OT2317640
36NOR20002000-12-304:053:05STL1817SatW 31-283128359
37MIA19992000-01-094:061:06@SEA1817SunW 20-172017337
38TEN19992000-01-0812:3211:32BUF1817SatW 22-162216638
39SFO19981999-01-034:151:15GNB1817SunW 30-273027357
40MIA19981999-01-0212:3012:30BUF1817SatW 24-172417741
Rk Tm Year Date Time LTime Opp Week G# Day Result OT PF PA PD PC
41MIN19971997-12-2712:3012:30@NYG1817SatW 23-222322145
42JAX19961996-12-2812:3012:30@BUF1817SatW 30-273027357
43CLE19941995-01-0112:3012:30NWE1817SunW 20-132013733
44GNB19941994-12-3112:3011:30DET1817SatW 16-121612428
45NYG19931994-01-0912:3012:30MIN1917SunW 17-101710727
46GNB19931994-01-084:004:00@DET1917SatW 28-242824452
47KAN19931994-01-0812:3011:30PIT1917SatW 27-24OT2724351
48BUF19921993-01-0312:3012:30HOU1817SunW 41-38OT4138379
49DAL19911991-12-2912:3011:30@CHI1817SunW 17-131713430
50HOU19911991-12-294:003:00NYJ1817SunW 17-101710727
51ATL19911991-12-284:003:00@NOR1817SatW 27-202720747
52KAN19911991-12-2812:3011:30RAI1817SatW 10-6106416
53MIA19901991-01-054:004:00KAN1817SatW 17-161716133
54PIT19891989-12-314:003:00@HOU1717SunW 26-23OT2623349
55HOU19881988-12-241:301:30@CLE1717SatW 24-232423147
56HOU19871988-01-034:003:00SEA1716SunW 23-20OT2320343
57NYG19841984-12-233:3012:30@RAM1717SunW 16-131613329
58SEA19841984-12-224:001:00RAI1717SatW 13-7137620
59RAM19831983-12-262:301:30@DAL1717MonW 24-172417741
60MIN19821983-01-094:003:00ATL1810SunW 30-243024654
Rk Tm Year Date Time LTime Opp Week G# Day Result OT PF PA PD PC
61SDG19821983-01-0912:3012:30@PIT1810SunW 31-283128359
62BUF19811981-12-2712:0012:00@NYJ1717SunW 31-273127458
63NYG19811981-12-273:303:30@PHI1717SunW 27-212721648
64HOU19791979-12-234:003:00DEN1717SunW 13-7137620
65ATL19781978-12-2412:3012:30PHI1717SunW 14-131413127
66HOU19781978-12-244:004:00@MIA1717SunW 17-9179826
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