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From 1920 to 2017, playing for the Buffalo Bills, in the Regular Season, all passing touchdowns, distance between 70 and 99 yards, sorted by descending distance

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Query Results Table
Rk Date G# W# Tm Opp Result Quarter Type Dist Receiver Age Passer Age Score Before Score After Conversion
12009-11-221011BUF@JAXL 15-183Passing98Terrell Owens*35-350Ryan Fitzpatrick26-363Trail 9-10Lead 15-10* pass failed
21996-12-011314BUF@INDL 10-132Passing95Quinn Early31-232Todd Collins25-026Trail 0-7Tied 7-7Steve Christie kick succeeded
31964-10-1155BUF@HOUW 48-172Passing94Glenn Bass25-182Jack Kemp29-090Lead 21-10Lead 28-10Pete Gogolak kick succeeded
41978-09-1733BUF@MIAL 24-314Passing92Frank Lewis31-075Joe Ferguson28-147Trail 10-24Trail 17-24Tom Dempsey kick succeeded
51963-10-1366BUF@KANW 35-264Passing89Elbert Dubenion30-239Jack Kemp28-092Lead 28-26Lead 35-26Mack Yoho kick succeeded
62008-10-0555BUF@ARIL 17-412Passing87Lee Evans27-208J.P. Losman27-207Trail 0-14Trail 7-14Rian Lindell kick succeeded
72007-10-2878BUF@NYJW 13-34Passing85Lee Evans26-231J.P. Losman26-230Lead 6-3Lead 13-3Rian Lindell kick succeeded
81979-09-1633BUF@SDGL 19-273Passing84Curtis Brown24-283Joe Ferguson29-146Trail 12-13Lead 19-13*Tom Dempsey kick succeeded
92016-09-1522BUFNYJL 31-371Passing84Marquise Goodwin25-301Tyrod Taylor27-043Trail 0-3Lead 7-3*Dan Carpenter kick succeeded
101998-11-291213BUF@NWEL 21-253Passing84Eric Moulds25-135Doug Flutie36-037Trail 6-14Trail 12-14 pass failed
111986-09-1422BUF@CINL 33-363Passing84Chris Burkett24-024Jim Kelly*26-212Trail 19-21Lead 26-21*Scott Norwood kick succeeded
122006-11-191011BUF@HOUW 24-211Passing83Lee Evans25-253J.P. Losman25-252Tied 0-0Lead 7-0*Rian Lindell kick succeeded
132006-11-191011BUF@HOUW 24-211Passing83Lee Evans25-253J.P. Losman25-252Lead 7-0Lead 14-0Rian Lindell kick succeeded
141994-12-041314BUF@MIAW 42-314Passing83Andre Reed*30-309Jim Kelly*34-293Lead 35-23Lead 42-23Steve Christie kick succeeded
151998-10-2578BUF@CARW 30-142Passing82Eric Moulds25-100Doug Flutie36-002Lead 10-7Lead 17-7Steve Christie kick succeeded
162001-11-251011BUFMIAL 27-341Passing80Eric Moulds28-131Alex Van Pelt31-208Trail 0-7Tied 7-7Jake Arians kick succeeded
171964-11-0899BUF@NYJW 20-72Passing80Glenn Bass25-210Daryle Lamonica23-114Trail 0-7Tied 7-7Pete Gogolak kick succeeded
182014-09-2844BUF@HOUL 17-234Passing80Mike Williams27-133EJ Manuel24-193Trail 10-20Trail 17-20Dan Carpenter kick succeeded
191965-10-2477BUFDENW 31-131Passing78Billy Joe25-010Jack Kemp30-103Tied 0-0Lead 7-0*Pete Gogolak kick succeeded
201989-09-2433BUF@HOUW 47-414Passing78Andre Reed*25-238Jim Kelly*29-222Lead 27-24Lead 34-24Scott Norwood kick succeeded
Rk Date G# W# Tm Opp Result Quarter Type Dist Receiver Age Passer Age Score Before Score After Conversion
211995-09-1022BUFCARW 31-93Passing77Russell Copeland23-300Jim Kelly*35-208Trail 0-9Trail 7-9Steve Christie kick succeeded
222006-12-101314BUF@NYJW 31-132Passing77Lee Evans25-274J.P. Losman25-273Trail 7-10Lead 14-10*Rian Lindell kick succeeded
231991-09-2955BUFCHIW 35-204Passing77James Lofton*35-086Jim Kelly*31-227Lead 21-13Lead 28-13Scott Norwood kick succeeded
241997-09-1433BUF@KANL 16-223Passing77Andre Reed*33-228Todd Collins25-313Trail 3-9Lead 10-9*Steve Christie kick succeeded
251975-11-231010BUFNWEW 45-311Passing77J.D. Hill27-024Joe Ferguson25-214Lead 7-0Lead 14-0John Leypoldt kick succeeded
261962-10-1366BUFSDGW 35-102Passing76Glenn Bass23-184Warren Rabb24-305Lead 7-0Lead 14-0Mack Yoho kick succeeded
271961-10-1566BUFDTXW 27-243Passing76Glenn Bass22-186Warren Rabb23-307Lead 10-3Lead 17-3Billy Atkins kick succeeded
281960-11-271112BUF@DENT 38-382Passing76Elbert Dubenion27-285Tommy O'Connell30-062Lead 10-0Lead 17-0Billy Atkins kick succeeded
291979-09-2344BUFNYJW 46-312Passing75Jerry Butler21-346Joe Ferguson29-153Trail 12-24Trail 19-24Nick Mike-Mayer kick succeeded
301962-10-2888BUF@DENW 45-384Passing75Elbert Dubenion29-254Warren Rabb24-320Trail 23-38Trail 30-38Mack Yoho kick succeeded
311986-12-071414BUFCLEL 17-213Passing75Chris Burkett24-108Jim Kelly*26-296Trail 3-14Trail 10-14Scott Norwood kick succeeded
321971-09-1911BUFDALL 37-492Passing75Marlin Briscoe26-009Dennis Shaw24-200Trail 17-21Lead 24-21*Grant Guthrie kick succeeded
331963-11-0399BUF@DENW 30-283Passing74Glenn Bass24-205Daryle Lamonica22-109Trail 10-14Lead 17-14*Mack Yoho kick succeeded
341989-10-0144BUFNWEW 31-104Passing74Thurman Thomas*23-138Jim Kelly*29-229Lead 24-10Lead 31-10Scott Norwood kick succeeded
352000-09-1733BUF@NYJL 14-272Passing74Jeremy McDaniel24-138Rob Johnson27-183Trail 7-14Tied 14-14Steve Christie kick succeeded
361979-09-2344BUFNYJW 46-313Passing74Jerry Butler21-346Joe Ferguson29-153Trail 19-24Lead 26-24*Nick Mike-Mayer kick succeeded
371991-10-2188BUFCINW 35-162Passing74James Lofton*35-108Jim Kelly*31-249Trail 0-3Lead 7-3*Scott Norwood kick succeeded
381965-12-051213BUF@HOUW 29-181Passing74Bo Roberson30-135Daryle Lamonica24-141Trail 3-7Lead 10-7*Pete Gogolak kick succeeded
392002-12-011213BUFMIAW 38-213Passing73Peerless Price26-035Drew Bledsoe30-290Trail 17-21Lead 24-21*Mike Hollis kick succeeded
401971-09-1911BUFDALL 37-491Passing73Haven Moses25-054Dennis Shaw24-200Trail 0-7Tied 7-7Grant Guthrie kick succeeded
Rk Date G# W# Tm Opp Result Quarter Type Dist Receiver Age Passer Age Score Before Score After Conversion
411963-10-2688BUFBOSW 28-214Passing72Charley Ferguson23-347Jack Kemp28-105Tied 21-21Lead 28-21*Mack Yoho kick succeeded
421994-12-041314BUF@MIAW 42-313Passing72Don Beebe29-351Jim Kelly*34-293Trail 7-17Trail 14-17Steve Christie kick succeeded
432016-09-1522BUFNYJL 31-373Passing71Greg Salas28-021Tyrod Taylor27-043Trail 10-20Trail 17-20Dan Carpenter kick succeeded
442002-10-2077BUF@MIAW 23-102Passing70Eric Moulds29-095Drew Bledsoe30-248Trail 3-7Lead 10-7*Mike Hollis kick succeeded
451984-10-2188BUFDENL 7-374Passing70Mitchell Brookins23-316Matt Kofler25-052Trail 0-37Trail 7-37Joe Danelo kick succeeded
461998-12-061314BUF@CINW 33-202Passing70Eric Moulds25-142Doug Flutie36-044Trail 10-13Lead 17-13*Steve Christie kick succeeded
472007-12-091314BUFMIAW 38-174Passing70Lee Evans26-273Trent Edwards24-040Lead 31-17Lead 38-17Rian Lindell kick succeeded
482001-10-0744BUFNYJL 36-423Passing70Peerless Price24-345Alex Van Pelt31-159Trail 15-28Trail 22-28Jake Arians kick succeeded
491960-10-3078BUFHOUW 25-241Passing70Wray Carlton23-134Johnny Green23-018Trail 0-7Trail 6-7 kick failed
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