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In a single game, from 2000 to 2012, from age 0 to 99, versus the Washington Redskins, in the regular season and playoffs, QB credited with <a href="/about/comebacks.htm">game-winning drive</a>, sorted by ascending Date

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Query Results Table
Rk Player Pos Age Date Lg Tm Opp Result G# Week Day
1Charlie BatchQB25.2802000-09-10NFLDETWASW 15-1022Sun
2Donovan McNabbQB24.0012000-11-26NFLPHI@WASW 23-201313Sun
3Kerry CollinsQB28.2812001-10-07NFLNYGWASW 23-944Sun
4Anthony WrightQB25.2432001-10-15NFLDALWASW 9-755Mon
5Quincy CarterQB24.0502001-12-02NFLDAL@WASW 20-141112Sun
6Jim MillerQB30.3172001-12-23NFLCHI@WASW 20-151415Sun
7Kerry CollinsQB29.3222002-11-17NFLNYGWASW 19-171011Sun
8Chad HutchinsonQB25.2802002-11-28NFLDALWASW 27-201213Thu
9Kerry CollinsQB30.2652003-09-21NFLNYG@WASW 24-2133Sun
10Jake DelhommeQB28.3102003-11-16NFLCARWASW 20-171011Sun
11Jay FiedlerQB31.3292003-11-23NFLMIAWASW 24-231112Sun
12Aaron BrooksQB27.2512003-11-30NFLNOR@WASW 24-201213Sun
13Rex GrossmanQB23.1202003-12-21NFLCHIWASW 27-241516Sun
14Jeff GarciaQB34.2222004-10-03NFLCLEWASW 17-1344Sun
15Vinny TestaverdeQB41.0432004-12-26NFLDALWASW 13-101516Sun
16Trent GreenQB35.0992005-10-16NFLKANWASW 28-2156Sun
17Chris SimmsQB25.0762005-11-13NFLTAMWASW 36-35910Sun
18Kerry CollinsQB32.3252005-11-20NFLOAK@WASW 16-131011Sun
19Drew BreesQB26.3162005-11-27NFLSDG@WASW 23-171112Sun
20Brad JohnsonQB37.3632006-09-11NFLMIN@WASW 19-1611Mon
Rk Player Pos Age Date Lg Tm Opp Result G# Week Day
21Vince YoungQB23.1502006-10-15NFLTEN@WASW 25-2266Sun
22Bruce GradkowskiQB23.2962006-11-19NFLTAMWASW 20-171011Sun
23Marc BulgerQB29.2632006-12-24NFLSTLWASW 37-311516Sun
24Eli ManningQB26.2632007-09-23NFLNYG@WASW 24-1733Sun
25Donovan McNabbQB30.3512007-11-11NFLPHI@WASW 33-25910Sun
26Trent EdwardsQB24.0332007-12-02NFLBUF@WASW 17-161213Sun
27Matt HasselbeckQB32.1022008-01-05NFLSEAWASW 35-141718Sat
28Marc BulgerQB31.1902008-10-12NFLSTL@WASW 19-1756Sun
29Tony RomoQB28.2092008-11-16NFLDAL@WASW 14-101011Sun
30Shaun HillQB28.3542008-12-28NFLSFOWASW 27-241617Sun
31Jake DelhommeQB34.2742009-10-11NFLCARWASW 20-1745Sun
32Matt CasselQB27.1542009-10-18NFLKAN@WASW 14-666Sun
33Tony RomoQB29.2152009-11-22NFLDALWASW 7-61011Sun
34Donovan McNabbQB33.0042009-11-29NFLPHIWASW 27-241112Sun
35Drew BreesQB30.3252009-12-06NFLNOR@WASW 33-301213Sun
36Billy VolekQB33.2502010-01-03NFLSDGWASW 23-201617Sun
37Matt SchaubQB29.0862010-09-19NFLHOU@WASW 30-2722Sun
38Matthew StaffordQB22.2662010-10-31NFLDETWASW 37-2578Sun
39Josh FreemanQB22.3332010-12-12NFLTAM@WASW 17-161314Sun
40Jon KitnaQB38.0892010-12-19NFLDALWASW 33-301415Sun
Rk Player Pos Age Date Lg Tm Opp Result G# Week Day
41Tony RomoQB31.1582011-09-26NFLDALWASW 18-1633Mon
42Tony RomoQB31.2132011-11-20NFLDAL@WASW 27-241011Sun
43Mark SanchezQB25.0232011-12-04NFLNYJ@WASW 34-191213Sun
44Joe WebbQB25.0402011-12-24NFLMIN@WASW 33-261516Sat
45Sam BradfordQB24.3132012-09-16NFLSTLWASW 31-2822Sun
46Andy DaltonQB24.3302012-09-23NFLCIN@WASW 38-3133Sun
47Matt RyanQB27.1432012-10-07NFLATL@WASW 24-1755Sun
48Eli ManningQB31.2922012-10-21NFLNYGWASW 27-2377Sun
49Russell WilsonQB24.0382013-01-06NFLSEA@WASW 24-141718Sun
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