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Query Results Table
Rk Passer From To Tm Count Avg. Yds
1Brett Favre*19941997GNB14517.2Full Brett Favre passing TD log
2John Elway*19941997DEN9522.2Full John Elway passing TD log
3Drew Bledsoe19941997NWE9315.7Full Drew Bledsoe passing TD log
4Steve Young*19941997SFO8817.4Full Steve Young passing TD log
5Dan Marino*19941997MIA8717.6Full Dan Marino passing TD log
6Vinny Testaverde19941997/BAL8421.4Full Vinny Testaverde passing TD log
7Warren Moon*19941997MIN/SEA8322.4Full Warren Moon passing TD log
8Jeff George19941997ATL/OAK7922.9Full Jeff George passing TD log
9Scott Mitchell19941997DET7821.2Full Scott Mitchell passing TD log
10Jeff Blake19941997CIN7419.6Full Jeff Blake passing TD log
11Jim Everett19941997NOR/SDG6120.4Full Jim Everett passing TD log
12Chris Chandler19941997STL/TEN/ATL6021.9Full Chris Chandler passing TD log
13Jeff Hostetler19941997OAK/WAS6021.0Full Jeff Hostetler passing TD log
14Troy Aikman*19941997DAL6017.7Full Troy Aikman passing TD log
15Jim Kelly*19941996BUF5824.9Full Jim Kelly passing TD log
16Boomer Esiason19941997NYJ/ARI/CIN5716.1Full Boomer Esiason passing TD log
17Stan Humphries19941997SDG5724.8Full Stan Humphries passing TD log
18Erik Kramer19941997CHI5423.7Full Erik Kramer passing TD log
19Mark Brunell19951997JAX5216.5Full Mark Brunell passing TD log
20Neil O'Donnell19941997PIT/NYJ5121.7Full Neil O'Donnell passing TD log
Rk Passer From To Tm Count Avg. Yds
21Jim Harbaugh19941997IND4916.4Full Jim Harbaugh passing TD log
22Gus Frerotte19941997WAS4716.0Full Gus Frerotte passing TD log
23Dave Krieg19941996DET/ARI/CHI4413.8Full Dave Krieg passing TD log
24Dave Brown19941997NYG4018.1Full Dave Brown passing TD log
25Kerry Collins19951997CAR3919.3Full Kerry Collins passing TD log
26Trent Dilfer19941997TAM3816.4Full Trent Dilfer passing TD log
27Brad Johnson19961997MIN3717.6Full Brad Johnson passing TD log
28Steve Bono19941996KAN3717.7Full Steve Bono passing TD log
29Chris Miller19941995STL3419.6Full Chris Miller passing TD log
30Rick Mirer19941996SEA2921.6Full Rick Mirer passing TD log
31Tony Banks19961997STL2922.8Full Tony Banks passing TD log
32Elvis Grbac19941997SFO/KAN2919.8Full Elvis Grbac passing TD log
33Bobby Hebert19941996ATL2610.2Full Bobby Hebert passing TD log
34Randall Cunningham19941997PHI/MIN2519.3Full Randall Cunningham passing TD log
35John Friesz19941996WAS/SEA2425.1Full John Friesz passing TD log
36Steve Beuerlein19941997ARI/JAX/CAR2316.8Full Steve Beuerlein passing TD log
37Ty Detmer19951997GNB/PHI2315.7Full Ty Detmer passing TD log
38Steve McNair19951997TEN2326.4Full Steve McNair passing TD log
39Craig Erickson19941996TAM/IND/MIA2324.6Full Craig Erickson passing TD log
40Kordell Stewart19951997PIT2219.0Full Kordell Stewart passing TD log
Rk Passer From To Tm Count Avg. Yds
41Mike Tomczak19941997PIT2126.2Full Mike Tomczak passing TD log
42Kent Graham19941997NYG/ARI1911.2Full Kent Graham passing TD log
43Rodney Peete19941997DAL/PHI1917.1Full Rodney Peete passing TD log
44Frank Reich19941996BUF/CAR/NYJ1820.1Full Frank Reich passing TD log
45Joe Montana*19941994KAN1616.3Full Joe Montana passing TD log
46Billy Joe Hobert19951997OAK/NOR1620.4Full Billy Joe Hobert passing TD log
47Todd Collins19961997BUF1630.0Full Todd Collins passing TD log
48Jake Plummer19971997ARI1520.3Full Jake Plummer passing TD log
49Heath Shuler19941997WAS/NOR1533.5Full Heath Shuler passing TD log
50Mark Rypien19941996/STL/PHI1410.6Full Mark Rypien passing TD log
51Rich Gannon19961997KAN1311.6Full Rich Gannon passing TD log
52Danny Kanell19961997NYG1220.7Full Danny Kanell passing TD log
53Eric Zeier19951997/BAL1220.7Full Eric Zeier passing TD log
54Bobby Hoying19971997PHI1120.8Full Bobby Hoying passing TD log
55Billy Joe Tolliver19941997TEN/ATL1115.5Full Billy Joe Tolliver passing TD log
56Steve Walsh19941994CHI1013.3Full Steve Walsh passing TD log
57Don Majkowski19941996IND/DET1011.9Full Don Majkowski passing TD log
58Vince Evans19941995OAK836.6Full Vince Evans passing TD log
59Paul Justin19961997IND715.1Full Paul Justin passing TD log
60David Klingler19941995CIN714.7Full David Klingler passing TD log
Rk Passer From To Tm Count Avg. Yds
61Bubby Brister19941995PHI/NYJ613.0Full Bubby Brister passing TD log
62Bucky Richardson19941994HOU622.2Full Bucky Richardson passing TD log
63Glenn Foley19961997NYJ619.8Full Glenn Foley passing TD log
64Craig Whelihan19971997SDG624.0Full Craig Whelihan passing TD log
65Sean Salisbury19961996SDG522.6Full Sean Salisbury passing TD log
66Bernie Kosar19941996MIA515.4Full Bernie Kosar passing TD log
67Danny Wuerffel19971997NOR417.0Full Danny Wuerffel passing TD log
68Alex Van Pelt19951997BUF423.0Full Alex Van Pelt passing TD log
69Jay Schroeder19941994ARI420.0Full Jay Schroeder passing TD log
70Scott Zolak19951997NWE39.3Full Scott Zolak passing TD log
71Jason Garrett19941995DAL329.3Full Jason Garrett passing TD log
72Jamie Martin19961996STL318.7Full Jamie Martin passing TD log
73Gale Gilbert19941994SDG313.3Full Gale Gilbert passing TD log
74Hugh Millen19941995DEN33.0Full Hugh Millen passing TD log
75Terry Kirby19951996MIA/SFO227.5Full Terry Kirby passing TD log
76Harvey Williams19951996OAK215.5Full Harvey Williams passing TD log
77Marcus Allen*19971997KAN27.5Full Marcus Allen passing TD log
78Will Furrer19951995HOU23.5Full Will Furrer passing TD log
79Curtis Conway19941996CHI228.0Full Curtis Conway passing TD log
80Jim Miller19951995PIT234.5Full Jim Miller passing TD log
Rk Passer From To Tm Count Avg. Yds
81Dave Meggett19941997NYG/NWE225.5Full Dave Meggett passing TD log
82Rob Johnson19971997JAX224.0Full Rob Johnson passing TD log
83Cody Carlson19941994HOU120.0Full Cody Carlson passing TD log
84Tyrone Wheatley19961996NYG124.0Full Tyrone Wheatley passing TD log
85Garrison Hearst19941994ARI110.0Full Garrison Hearst passing TD log
86Lee Johnson19941994CIN17.0Full Lee Johnson passing TD log
87Jamal Anderson19971997ATL127.0Full Jamal Anderson passing TD log
88Shane Matthews19961996CHI16.0Full Shane Matthews passing TD log
89Jon Kitna19971997SEA18.0Full Jon Kitna passing TD log
90Gino Torretta19961996SEA132.0Full Gino Torretta passing TD log
91Doug Nussmeier19961996NOR157.0Full Doug Nussmeier passing TD log
92Casey Weldon19951995TAM138.0Full Casey Weldon passing TD log
93Kerwin Bell19961996IND120.0Full Kerwin Bell passing TD log
94Kelly Holcomb19971997IND16.0Full Kelly Holcomb passing TD log
95Mario Bates19971997NOR121.0Full Mario Bates passing TD log
96Wade Wilson19951995DAL128.0Full Wade Wilson passing TD log
97Browning Nagle19961996ATL17.0Full Browning Nagle passing TD log
98Erik Wilhelm19961996CIN112.0Full Erik Wilhelm passing TD log
99Stan Gelbaugh19941994SEA125.0Full Stan Gelbaugh passing TD log
100Mike Buck19951995ARI15.0Full Mike Buck passing TD log
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