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Query Results Table
Rk Player Pos Age Date Lg Tm Opp Result G# Week Day Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Sk Yds Y/A AY/A
1Matt Cavanaugh25.3271982-09-19NFLNWENYJL 7-3122Sun61735.2964037.66683.76-4.18
2Luke McCownQB23.1532004-12-12NFLCLE@BUFL 7-371314Sun82040.00621225.46653.10-0.40
3Neil O'Donnell30.0601996-09-01NFLNYJ@DENL 6-3111Sun71353.85500130.98533.850.38
4Jay CutlerQB27.1572010-10-03NFLCHI@NYGL 3-1744Sun81172.73420140.79553.82-0.27
5Kelly Stouffer28.1321992-11-15NFLSEA@RAIL 3-201011Sun51145.45340052.83393.093.09
6David CarrQB27.1352006-12-03NFLHOU@OAKW 23-141213Sun71450.00320056.25372.292.29
7Dave Brown26.2801996-12-01NFLNYG@PHIL 0-241314Sun31127.2731020.04372.82-5.36
8Todd Collins24.0491995-12-24NFLBUFHOUL 17-281617Sun61540.00300120.15402.00-1.00
9Jim Harbaugh26.3581990-12-16NFLCHI@DETL 21-381415Sun41136.36280044.94362.552.55
10Dave Krieg28.0061986-10-26NFLSEA@DENL 13-2088Sun61637.50260045.85471.631.63
11Donovan McNabbQB22.2981999-09-19NFLPHITAML 5-1922Sun41136.36260044.96422.362.36
12Randy Fasani24.0672002-11-24NFLCARATLL 0-411112Sun4757.14250064.63273.573.57
13Kyle BollerQB28.2002010-01-03NFLSTLSFOL 6-281617Sun41136.36230044.93262.092.09
14Bobby Scott32.1851981-10-04NFLNORPITL 6-2055Sun3475.00230088.54355.755.75
15Richard Todd31.0131984-12-02NFLNOR@RAML 21-341414Sun1520.0022025.84324.40-13.60
16Vince Evans26.1611981-11-22NFLCHIDETL 7-231212Sun41921.0521020.04391.11-3.63
17Archie Manning35.2031984-12-08NFLMIN@SFOL 7-511515Sat3742.86210050.32223.003.00
18Josh McCownQB23.1782002-12-29NFLARI@DENL 7-371617Sun3650.00210118.72233.50-4.00
19Rick MirerQB33.2842003-12-28NFLOAK@SDGL 14-211617Sun41136.36210044.95351.911.91
20Bob Avellini28.0861981-11-22NFLCHIDETL 7-231212Sun31030.0020010.03222.00-2.50
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