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Query Results Table
Games Scoring
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
1Jameel McClain200823BALNFL160024
2Jim Young197727HOUNFL1310024
3D.J. Alexander2015245-172KANNFL160012
4Dick Anderson196723NORNFL2012
5Ralph Baker1964223-38, 6-43AFLNYJAFL14012
6Walt Barnes194830PHINFL11012
7Autry Beamon19752212-311MINNFL140012
8Bill Blackburn1946235-33CRDNFL111118
9Ed Breding19672315-378WASNFL145012
10Rick Bryan1984221-9ATLNFL1616012
11Charles Buchanan1988248-205CLENFL90012
12Randy Burke1978231-26BALNFL150012
13Adam Carriker2007231-13STLNFL1616012
14Kevin Carter1995221-6STLNFL1616012
15Scott Case1984222-32ATLNFL160012
16Jim Champion19502418-224NYYNFL71012
17Mike Charles1983212-55MIANFL163012
18Raymond Clayborn1977221-16NWENFL1423120
19Anthony Cook1995232-35HOUNFL104012
20George Crump1982234-85NWENFL90012
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
21Jay Cunningham19652214-111, 14-111AFLBOSAFL14012
22Brian Cushing2009221-15HOUNFL1616012
23Louis Delmas2009222-33DETNFL15152114
24Doug Dieken1971226-142CLENFL145012
25Antonio Edwards1993238-204SEANFL90012
26Terrence Fede2014237-234MIANFL110012
27Ron Fernandes19762510-260BALNFL130012
28Jim Files1970221-13NYGNFL1414012
29James Francis1990221-12CINNFL1616118
30Sonny Gandee1952239-1062TMNFL107012
31Art Gob19592222-257WASNFL117012
32Kerry Goode1988237-167TAMNFL145012
33Harry Gunner1968248-193CINAFL1414012
34Jermaine Haley2000277-232MIANFL154012
35Greg Hardy2010226-175CARNFL150012
36Mike Hartenstine1975222-31CHINFL1414012
37Ken Harvey1988231-12PHONFL160012
38Michael Huff2006231-7OAKNFL1616012
39Phillip Hunt201125PHINFL90012
40George Jamison1987252-47DETNFL120012
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
41Izel Jenkins19882411-288PHINFL160012
42Ron Jessie1971238-206DETNFL1422114
43Ezell Jones1969224-104BOSAFL14012
44James Jones1991223-57CLENFL1616118
45Rulon Jones1980222-42DENNFL162012
46Ken Kennard197723HOUNFL118012
47Charlie Krueger1959221-9SFONFL1212012
48Aaron Kyle1976221-27DALNFL140012
49Night Train Lane*195224RAMNFL12122114
50Jeff Leiding1986255-129INDNFL120012
51Corey Lemonier2013223-88SFONFL160012
52Bob Long1955212-182TMNFL117012
53Buford Long1953225-58NYGNFL10102114
54Jay MacDowell1946273-19PHINFL6012
55Bruce Maher19602315-173DETNFL12012
56Charles Mann1983223-84WASNFL161012
57Leonard Marshall1983222-37NYGNFL146012
58Jimmy McClain200222HOUNFL150012
59Bubba McDowell1989233-77HOUNFL1616012
60T.Y. McGill201523INDNFL120012
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
61Rob McGovern19892310-255KANNFL162012
62Johnny Miller1956229-100WASNFL127012
63Chris Mims1992221-23SDGNFL164012
64George Musso*193323CHINFL125012
65Dick Nolan1954224-41NYGNFL1212012
66Urban Odson1946281-9GNBNFL6012
67Cap Oehler193323PITNFL1111012
68Joe Owens1970249-215SDGNFL1414012
69Stephen Paea2011232-53CHINFL110012
70Charley Powell195220SFONFL77012
71Johnny Robinson1981224-111OAKNFL1616012
72Bill Saul1962222-23, 9-68AFLBALNFL141012
73Nick Schommer2010247-242TENNFL130012
74Scott Schutt198724CINNFL30012
75Kenny Shedd1996255-129OAKNFL161118
76Kelvin Sheppard2011233-68BUFNFL169012
77Lebron Shields19602322-256BALNFL12012
78Eugene Sims2010246-189STLNFL90012
79Aldon Smith2011221-7SFONFL160012
80Daryl Smith2004222-39JAXNFL1513012
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
81Ernie Stautner*1950252-22PITNFL1212012
82Joe Stepanek198724MINNFL11012
83Michael Stewart1987228-213RAMNFL124012
84Jim Stuckey1980221-20SFONFL169012
85Joe Sweet19722417-435RAMNFL110118
86Hamp Tanner19512430-384SFONFL12012
87Hosea Taylor1981238-220BALNFL166012
88John Thornton1999232-52TENNFL163012
89Willie Townes1966232-22DALNFL138012
90Greg Townsend1983224-110RAINFL160118
91Norwood Vann19842210-253RAMNFL160012
92Dave Washington1970229-219DENNFL1311012
93Andre White19672319-281DENAFL145012
94Leon White1986235-123CINNFL160012
95Ray White1971225-117SDGNFL141012
96Sherman White1972241-2CINNFL1313012
97Muhammad Wilkerson2011221-30NYJNFL1616012
98James Williams2000226-175SEANFL100012
99Josh Williams2000244-122INDNFL147012
100Sam Williams19592824-288RAMNFL123012
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