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Find NFL and AFL player game streaks from 1950 to 2019 and season streaks from 1920 to 2019. Offensive player game participation data (eg, games in which a player played but recorded no counting stats) is complete from 1970 to present. Times sacked complete in seasons since 1969, in games since 1982.
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From 1920 to 2019, playing for San Francisco 49ers, vs. any team, in the regular season, streaks of games with at least 100 Rush Yards

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Player Streaks Table
Passing Rushing Receiving
Player Tm Count Cmp Att Yds TD Int Sk Yds Cmp% Att Yds TD Rec Yds TD From To Games
Frank GoreSFO5000000010063447420Oct 2, 2011Nov 6, 2011See all games »
Garrison HearstSFO400000009161037520Nov 30, 1998Dec 20, 1998See all games »
Frank GoreSFO3000007336915640Oct 17, 2010Oct 31, 2010See all games »
Frank GoreSFO30000067505210710Nov 12, 2006Nov 26, 2006See all games »
J.D. SmithSFO3000008837923340Oct 7, 1962Oct 21, 1962See all games »
Billy KilmerSFO348590050.00553498000Oct 1, 1961Oct 15, 1961See all games »
Matt BreidaSFO200000003120716651Nov 12, 2018Nov 25, 2018See all games »
Frank GoreSFO20000000513021250Dec 20, 2014Dec 28, 2014See all games »
Frank GoreSFO200000004222602561Sep 28, 2014Oct 5, 2014See all games »
Frank GoreSFO2000004127415290Dec 14, 2009Dec 20, 2009See all games »
Frank GoreSFO2000004727417721Dec 10, 2006Dec 14, 2006See all games »
Garrison HearstSFO2000003723033240Nov 25, 2001Dec 2, 2001See all games »
Garrison HearstSFO200000004232533500Sep 6, 1998Sep 14, 1998See all games »
Ricky WattersSFO200000442471280Sep 19, 1993Sep 26, 1993See all games »
Ricky WattersSFO20000004727826270Nov 15, 1992Nov 22, 1992See all games »
Roger CraigSFO2000004521819800Dec 4, 1988Dec 11, 1988See all games »
Roger CraigSFO2000004833337300Oct 9, 1988Oct 16, 1988See all games »
Wendell TylerSFO2000003721518821Sep 8, 1983Sep 18, 1983See all games »
Paul HoferSFO20000030253110940Nov 4, 1979Nov 11, 1979See all games »
Delvin WilliamsSFO2111800100.00462570210Nov 29, 1976Dec 5, 1976See all games »
Delvin WilliamsSFO20000057374551071Oct 31, 1976Nov 7, 1976See all games »
Ken WillardSFO2000004523833100Nov 17, 1968Nov 24, 1968See all games »
Ken WillardSFO2000003923819721Nov 20, 1966Nov 24, 1966See all games »
J.D. SmithSFO200003122024340Dec 5, 1959Dec 13, 1959See all games »
Hugh McElhennySFO200003423403290Sep 29, 1957Oct 6, 1957See all games »
Hugh McElhennySFO200002522022330Oct 21, 1956Oct 28, 1956See all games »
Passing Rushing Receiving
Player Tm Count Cmp Att Yds TD Int Sk Yds Cmp% Att Yds TD Rec Yds TD From To Games
Hugh McElhennySFO200001724032170Oct 17, 1954Oct 24, 1954See all games »
Joe PerrySFO200003421911-50Oct 10, 1954Oct 17, 1954See all games »
Joe PerrySFO2111400100.00462614190Oct 18, 1953Oct 25, 1953See all games »
Joe PerrySFO2010000.003625411170Dec 14, 1952Sep 27, 1953See all games »
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