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Query Results Table
Games Scoring
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
1Rod Stephens199327SEANFL13131210
2Sam Adams1995221-8SEANFL165012
3Jordan Babineaux201028SEANFL160012
4Dave Brown1976231-26SEANFL1414012
5Jeff Bryant1984241-6SEANFL1616012
6Antonio Edwards1993238-204SEANFL90012
7Anthony Hargrove2011283-91SEANFL150012
8Orlando Huff2003254-104SEANFL112118
9Jermaine Kearse201323SEANFL1554126
10Tony McDaniel201429SEANFL1614012
11Steve Raible1978242-59SEANFL160118
12Dan Saleaumua1997337-175SEANFL169012
13Josh Scobey2007286-185SEANFL40012
14James Williams2000226-175SEANFL100012
15Sid Abramowitz1984245-113SEANFL4000
16Jamar Adams200823SEANFL1000
17Jamar Adams200924SEANFL6000
18Phillip Adams2011237-224SEANFL1000
19Sam Adams1994211-8SEANFL12700
20Sam Adams1998251-8SEANFL161116
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
21Sam Adams1999261-8SEANFL131300
22Sam Adams1996231-8SEANFL161500
23Sam Adams1997241-8SEANFL161500
24Theo Adams199226SEANFL10000
25Sam Adkins19792410-254SEANFL3000
26Sam Adkins19802510-254SEANFL4000
27Sam Adkins19812610-254SEANFL3000
28Sam Adkins19772210-254SEANFL1000
29Tommie Agee1988245-119SEANFL16000
30Dave Ahrens1990326-143SEANFL10300
31Charles Aiu197824SEANFL1000
32Shaun Alexander2002251-19SEANFL161618108
33Shaun Alexander2006291-19SEANFL1010742
34Shaun Alexander2003261-19SEANFL16151696
35Shaun Alexander2007301-19SEANFL1310530
36Shaun Alexander2000231-19SEANFL161212
37Shaun Alexander2004271-19SEANFL161620120
38Shaun Alexander2001241-19SEANFL16121696
39Shaun Alexander2005281-19SEANFL161628168
40Harvey Allen198723SEANFL2200
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
41Rashaun Allen201425SEANFL1000
42Ty Allert1990274-95SEANFL1000
43Brian Allred199324SEANFL4000
44Wilson Alvarez198124SEANFL400141593.33742.923
45Eddie Anderson1986236-153SEANFL5000
46Fred Anderson198026SEANFL7100
47Fred Anderson198127SEANFL14500
48Fred Anderson198228SEANFL1000
49Ricky Andrews19902410-260SEANFL15000
50Stacy Andrews2010294-123SEANFL131200
51Tom Andrews1987254-98SEANFL2200
52Leo Araguz200535SEANFL4000
53Tom Ashworth200730SEANFL13000
54Tom Ashworth200629SEANFL16600
55Baraka Atkins2007234-120SEANFL12000
56Baraka Atkins2008244-120SEANFL9000
57James Atkins199525SEANFL161600
58James Atkins199626SEANFL161600
59James Atkins199727SEANFL13300
60James Atkins199424SEANFL4200
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
61Steve August1978241-14SEANFL141400
62Steve August1982281-14SEANFL8700
63Steve August1979251-14SEANFL161600
64Steve August1983291-14SEANFL151500
65Steve August1980261-14SEANFL161600
66Steve August1984301-14SEANFL6600
67Steve August1977231-14SEANFL6000
68Steve August1981271-14SEANFL161600
69Cliff Avril2014283-92SEANFL161600
70Cliff Avril2015293-92SEANFL161600
71Cliff Avril2013273-92SEANFL15200
72Jason Babin2007271-27SEANFL2000
73Jason Babin2008281-27SEANFL2000
74Jordan Babineaux200422SEANFL6000
75Jordan Babineaux200826SEANFL141212
76Jordan Babineaux200523SEANFL16400
77Jordan Babineaux200927SEANFL161600
78Jordan Babineaux200624SEANFL15800
79Jordan Babineaux200725SEANFL16000
80Ted Bachman197624SEANFL5000
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
81Curt Baham198724SEANFL3000
82Alvin Bailey201322SEANFL14000
83Alvin Bailey201423SEANFL14500
84Alvin Bailey201524SEANFL15300
85Dion Bailey201422SEANFL000
86Dion Bailey201523SEANFL2100
87Edwin Bailey1987285-114SEANFL121200
88Edwin Bailey1991325-114SEANFL3300
89Edwin Bailey1983245-114SEANFL16200
90Edwin Bailey1988295-114SEANFL161600
91Edwin Bailey1984255-114SEANFL12800
92Edwin Bailey1989305-114SEANFL161600
93Edwin Bailey1981225-114SEANFL161600
94Edwin Bailey1985265-114SEANFL161600
95Edwin Bailey1986275-114SEANFL121200
96Edwin Bailey1990315-114SEANFL111100
97Edwin Bailey1982235-114SEANFL9900
98Karsten Bailey1999223-82SEANFL2000
99Karsten Bailey2000233-82SEANFL9016
100Rodney Bailey2005266-181SEANFL8000
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