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From 1920 to 2017, in the Regular Season, all passing touchdowns, grouped by passer, distance between 60 and 99 yards, sorted by most touchdowns matching criteria

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Query Results Table
Rk Passer From To Tm Count Avg. Yds
1John Hadl19621976SDG/RAM/GNB/HOU3369.6Full John Hadl passing TD log
2Eli Manning20052017NYG3173.0Full Eli Manning passing TD log
3Johnny Unitas*19571972BAL2871.5Full Johnny Unitas passing TD log
4Aaron Rodgers20082016GNB2771.9Full Aaron Rodgers passing TD log
5Peyton Manning19982015IND/DEN2772.6Full Peyton Manning passing TD log
6Brett Favre*19922007GNB2774.0Full Brett Favre passing TD log
7Joe Montana*19801990SFO2671.5Full Joe Montana passing TD log
8Dan Marino*19831998MIA2569.5Full Dan Marino passing TD log
9Drew Brees20032016SDG/NOR2574.7Full Drew Brees passing TD log
10Len Dawson*19621974KAN2474.6Full Len Dawson passing TD log
11Sonny Jurgensen*19571970PHI/WAS2471.5Full Sonny Jurgensen passing TD log
12George Blanda*19541968CHI/HOU/OAK2372.7Full George Blanda passing TD log
13Tom Brady20012017NWE2372.7Full Tom Brady passing TD log
14Jim Kelly*19861996BUF2269.1Full Jim Kelly passing TD log
15Y.A. Tittle*19481963/SFO/NYG2269.9Full Y.A. Tittle passing TD log
16Fran Tarkenton*19611974MIN/NYG2270.8Full Fran Tarkenton passing TD log
17Jim Hart19671980STL2269.9Full Jim Hart passing TD log
18Norm Van Brocklin*19511960RAM/PHI2271.9Full Norm Van Brocklin passing TD log
19Ed Brown19541965CHI/PIT/BAL2076.0Full Ed Brown passing TD log
20Carson Palmer20042016CIN/OAK/ARI2070.3Full Carson Palmer passing TD log
Rk Passer From To Tm Count Avg. Yds
21Norm Snead19611975WAS/PHI/NYG/SFO1974.0Full Norm Snead passing TD log
22Ken Anderson19721984CIN1972.9Full Ken Anderson passing TD log
23Earl Morrall19591976DET/NYG/BAL/MIA1972.0Full Earl Morrall passing TD log
24Charley Johnson19621975STL/HOU/DEN1973.7Full Charley Johnson passing TD log
25Otto Graham*19461955CLE1970.7Full Otto Graham passing TD log
26Matt Ryan20082017ATL1873.5Full Matt Ryan passing TD log
27Roman Gabriel19621975RAM/PHI1871.4Full Roman Gabriel passing TD log
28Steve Young*19881998SFO1873.2Full Steve Young passing TD log
29Chris Chandler19892004IND/TAM/ARI/STL/TEN/ATL/CHI1870.6Full Chris Chandler passing TD log
30Vinny Testaverde19892007TAM/CLE/BAL/NYJ/CAR1772.6Full Vinny Testaverde passing TD log
31Billy Wade19561962RAM/CHI1774.3Full Billy Wade passing TD log
32Babe Parilli19521967GNB/CLE/BOS1772.9Full Babe Parilli passing TD log
33Ben Roethlisberger20052017PIT1775.3Full Ben Roethlisberger passing TD log
34Warren Moon*19841997TEN/MIN/SEA1773.0Full Warren Moon passing TD log
35Jack Kemp19601967SDG/BUF1671.7Full Jack Kemp passing TD log
36Sid Luckman*19391947CHI1670.5Full Sid Luckman passing TD log
37Tobin Rote19501964GNB/DET/SDG1576.5Full Tobin Rote passing TD log
38Boomer Esiason19851997CIN/NYJ/ARI1568.7Full Boomer Esiason passing TD log
39Kerry Collins19952010CAR/NOR/NYG/OAK/TEN1572.1Full Kerry Collins passing TD log
40John Brodie19601971SFO1569.9Full John Brodie passing TD log
Rk Passer From To Tm Count Avg. Yds
41Bobby Layne*19501960DET/PIT1572.2Full Bobby Layne passing TD log
42Tony Romo20082014DAL1570.2Full Tony Romo passing TD log
43Lynn Dickey19731984HOU/GNB1572.1Full Lynn Dickey passing TD log
44Joe Namath*19661974NYJ1573.7Full Joe Namath passing TD log
45Randall Cunningham19862000PHI/MIN/DAL1471.4Full Randall Cunningham passing TD log
46Sammy Baugh*19401949WAS1473.4Full Sammy Baugh passing TD log
47Bernie Kosar19851992CLE1471.9Full Bernie Kosar passing TD log
48Daryle Lamonica19631972BUF/OAK1369.8Full Daryle Lamonica passing TD log
49Alex Smith20062017SFO/KAN1371.6Full Alex Smith passing TD log
50Steve Grogan19751986NWE1367.8Full Steve Grogan passing TD log
51Kurt Warner*19992008STL/NYG/ARI1372.4Full Kurt Warner passing TD log
52Craig Morton19671981DAL/NYG/DEN1375.8Full Craig Morton passing TD log
53Dan Fouts*19731986SDG1367.8Full Dan Fouts passing TD log
54Ken Stabler*19731981OAK/HOU1371.0Full Ken Stabler passing TD log
55Joe Ferguson19751989BUF/DET/TAM1371.5Full Joe Ferguson passing TD log
56Donovan McNabb19992009PHI1372.5Full Donovan McNabb passing TD log
57Bob Waterfield*19451952RAM1273.3Full Bob Waterfield passing TD log
58Drew Bledsoe19942005NWE/BUF/DAL1270.3Full Drew Bledsoe passing TD log
59Bart Starr*19571970GNB1275.2Full Bart Starr passing TD log
60Troy Aikman*19891999DAL1270.9Full Troy Aikman passing TD log
Rk Passer From To Tm Count Avg. Yds
61Milt Plum19591964CLE/DET1273.5Full Milt Plum passing TD log
62Jeff Garcia20002008SFO/CLE/TAM1269.8Full Jeff Garcia passing TD log
63Eddie LeBaron19521963WAS/DAL1273.8Full Eddie LeBaron passing TD log
64Dave Krieg19841993SEA/KAN1271.1Full Dave Krieg passing TD log
65Joe Flacco20082016BAL1270.2Full Joe Flacco passing TD log
66Jeff George19901999IND/ATL/OAK/MIN1170.3Full Jeff George passing TD log
67Dan Pastorini19711978HOU1174.5Full Dan Pastorini passing TD log
68Michael Vick20022015ATL/PHI/NYJ/PIT1171.6Full Michael Vick passing TD log
69Jim Everett19861995STL/NOR1170.2Full Jim Everett passing TD log
70John Elway*19851997DEN1167.1Full John Elway passing TD log
71Brad Johnson19962005MIN/WAS/TAM1172.7Full Brad Johnson passing TD log
72Cotton Davidson19601964KAN/OAK1170.8Full Cotton Davidson passing TD log
73Jeff Blake19942003CIN/BAL/ARI1171.0Full Jeff Blake passing TD log
74Charlie Conerly19481960NYG1169.4Full Charlie Conerly passing TD log
75Trent Green19982005WAS/KAN1169.5Full Trent Green passing TD log
76Bill Nelsen19651970PIT/CLE1072.8Full Bill Nelsen passing TD log
77Trent Dilfer19952005TAM/SEA/CLE1070.0Full Trent Dilfer passing TD log
78Rudy Bukich19611966PIT/CHI1075.4Full Rudy Bukich passing TD log
79Jay Schroeder19861991WAS/RAI1074.9Full Jay Schroeder passing TD log
80Jim Harbaugh19902000CHI/IND/BAL/SDG1074.2Full Jim Harbaugh passing TD log
Rk Passer From To Tm Count Avg. Yds
81Zeke Bratkowski19541968CHI/RAM/GNB1073.7Full Zeke Bratkowski passing TD log
82Andrew Luck20122016IND1071.2Full Andrew Luck passing TD log
83Tommy Thompson19421949PHI1067.1Full Tommy Thompson passing TD log
84Matthew Stafford20092017DET1072.6Full Matthew Stafford passing TD log
85Bert Jones19751981BAL1074.7Full Bert Jones passing TD log
86Brian Griese19992007DEN/MIA/TAM/CHI1073.7Full Brian Griese passing TD log
87Kirk Cousins20122016WAS1071.7Full Kirk Cousins passing TD log
88Jim McMahon19831991CHI/SDG/PHI1070.4Full Jim McMahon passing TD log
89Jake Plummer19972006ARI/DEN1072.8Full Jake Plummer passing TD log
90Vince Evans19791995CHI/OAK1072.5Full Vince Evans passing TD log
91Philip Rivers20082017LAC1071.5Full Philip Rivers passing TD log
92Jim Plunkett19711986NWE/SFO/RAI1078.5Full Jim Plunkett passing TD log
93Jeff Hostetler19881996NYG/OAK972.9Full Jeff Hostetler passing TD log
94Steve Bartkowski19751985ATL970.9Full Steve Bartkowski passing TD log
95Andy Dalton20132017CIN976.7Full Andy Dalton passing TD log
96Erik Kramer19911998DET/CHI976.7Full Erik Kramer passing TD log
97Jacky Lee19601968HOU/DEN/KAN978.4Full Jacky Lee passing TD log
98Arnie Herber*19341939GNB974.2Full Arnie Herber passing TD log
99Tom Flores19601966OAK978.1Full Tom Flores passing TD log
100Jay Cutler20062017DEN/CHI/MIA975.9Full Jay Cutler passing TD log
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