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From 1999 to 2013, any team vs. any team, play type is pass or rush, on 4th down, between 21 and 99 yards to go, sorted by yards descending

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Individual Plays

Individual Plays Table
Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down Yards Location Score Detail Yds EPB EPA Diff
2013-10-13RavensPackers42:40421RAV 1910-19Joe Flacco pass complete deep middle to Tandon Doss for 63 yards (tackle by Tramon Williams)63-2.1404.3706.51
1999-11-07LionsRams41:17426DET 2124-27Gus Frerotte pass complete to Germane Crowell for 57 yards (tackle by Billy Jenkins)57-1.960-1.960.00
2003-11-23RavensSeahawks42:00428RAV 3531-41Anthony Wright pass complete to Frank Sanders for 44 yards (tackle by Anthony Simmons)44-1.0404.1705.21
2001-09-23BillsColts41:34434CLT 4042-26Rob Johnson pass complete to Peerless Price for 40 yards, touchdown400.5907.0006.41
2012-12-30Cardinals49ers42:06424SFO 3727-12Brian Hoyer pass complete deep right to Michael Floyd for 37 yards, touchdown370.7907.0006.21
2012-11-25RavensChargers41:59429RAV 3713-10Joe Flacco pass complete short middle to Ray Rice for 29 yards (tackle by Quentin Jammer and Antoine Cason)29-0.9103.3104.22
2002-11-03CowboysLions40:25421DAL 99-7Chad Hutchinson pass complete to Ken-Yon Rambo for 28 yards (tackle by Andre' Goodman)28-2.4901.4003.89
2003-12-28CardinalsVikings40:04425MIN 2818-17Josh McCown pass complete to Nate Poole for 28 yards, touchdown281.5907.0005.41
2004-01-11EaglesPackers41:12426PHI 2614-17Donovan McNabb pass complete to Freddie Mitchell for 28 yards (tackle by Marques Anderson)28-1.6302.5204.15
2012-09-13PackersBears21:56426CHI 279-0Tim Masthay pass complete short middle to Tom Crabtree for 27 yards, touchdown271.6707.0005.33
1999-10-10GiantsCardinals46:53422CRD 4814-3Kerry Collins pass complete to Ike Hilliard for 24 yards (tackle by Kwamie Lassiter)240.0703.9703.90
2004-10-31RedskinsPackers23:00422GNB 360-17Mark Brunell pass complete to Robert Royal for 23 yards230.8804.7103.83
1999-12-05SeahawksRaiders40:55423SEA 3030-21Jon Kitna pass complete to Sean Dawkins for 21 yards (tackle by Eric Allen)21-1.370-2.190-0.82
2003-09-2849ersVikings42:00428MIN 3635-7Tim Rattay pass complete to Cedrick Wilson for 19 yards (tackle by Brian Williams)190.880-0.040-0.92
2005-11-20JetsBroncos41:06421NYJ 2527-0Kliff Kingsbury pass complete to Dante Ridgeway for 17 yards (tackle by Darrent Williams)17-1.700-2.850-1.15
2008-09-21PackersCowboys40:18422GNB 3916-27Aaron Rodgers pass complete short left to Brandon Jackson for 16 yards (tackle by Mike Jenkins)16-0.780-1.930-1.15
2011-11-13JetsPatriots46:08423NYJ 4516-37Mark Sanchez pass complete short left to LaDainian Tomlinson for 16 yards (tackle by Jerod Mayo)16-0.390-1.530-1.14
2010-10-17BuccaneersSaints40:24421TAM 276-31Josh Johnson pass complete short middle to Cadillac Williams for 15 yards (tackle by Pierson Prioleau)15-1.570-2.790-1.22
2004-11-21SaintsBroncos45:31423DEN 3713-34Aaron Brooks pass complete to Deuce McAllister for 14 yards (tackle by Champ Bailey)140.790-0.480-1.27
2011-01-02RamsSeahawks40:28422RAM 2916-6Sam Bradford pass complete short middle to Daniel Fells for 14 yards (tackle by Jordan Babineaux)14-1.440-2.720-1.28
2004-11-28BrownsBengals40:19422CLE 4558-48Kelly Holcomb pass complete to Aaron Shea for 13 yards (tackle by Keiwan Ratliff)13-0.390-1.730-1.34
2008-11-09LionsJaguars43:06434JAX 4214-38Drew Stanton pass complete short right to Michael Gaines for 13 yards (tackle by Derrick Harvey)130.460-0.870-1.33
2001-12-17SaintsRams40:28427NOR 2021-34Aaron Brooks pass complete to Deuce McAllister for 12 yards (tackle by Chidi Ahanotu and London Fletcher)12-2.030-3.450-1.42
2005-12-11PanthersBuccaneers43:58423TAM 403-20Jake Delhomme pass complete to Nick Goings for 12 yards (tackle by Brian Kelly)120.590-0.810-1.40
2009-09-27BillsSaints42:25423BUF 147-20Trent Edwards pass complete short left to Fred Jackson for 12 yards (tackle by Will Smith and Scott Fujita)12-2.470-3.910-1.44
2000-10-30RedskinsTitans23:37427WAS 317-10Tommy Barnhardt left end for 11 yards (tackle by Aric Morris). Penalty on Tommy Barnhardt: Unnecessary Roughness, 15 yards11-1.310-3.840-2.53
2006-10-02EaglesPackers20:01421GNB 367-9David Akers pass complete to Matt Schobel for 11 yards (tackle by Cullen Jenkins)110.8802.0601.18
2007-09-23LionsEagles43:09423PHI 3156-21Jon Kitna pass complete short middle to Tatum Bell for 10 yards (tackle by Matt McCoy)101.320-0.340-1.66
2009-10-04ChiefsGiants42:36427KAN 1516-27Matt Cassel pass complete short middle to Sean Ryan for 10 yards (tackle by Antonio Pierce)10-2.440-3.910-1.47
2004-10-10RaidersColts40:32422RAI 2935-14Kerry Collins pass complete to Ronald Curry for 8 yards (tackle by Von Hutchins)8-1.440-3.120-1.68
2011-01-02ChiefsRaiders41:25421RAI 3610-31Jackie Battle left end for 1 yard (tackle by Tommy Kelly)10.880-1.270-2.15
2000-09-04BroncosRams41:32433DEN 1541-36Brian Griese pass incomplete intended for Rod Smith. Penalty on DEN: Ineligible Downfield Pass (Declined)0-2.440-4.580-2.14
2003-10-05BearsRaiders11:21424RAI 350-6id_ERR_QB.PENAL for no gain. Penalty on Brad Maynard: False Start, 5 yards (no play)00.9700.590-0.38
2007-09-23VikingsChiefs40:01422MIN 3313-10Kelly Holcomb pass complete short middle to Mewelde Moore for 8 yards, lateral to Aundrae Allison for 9 yards, lateral to Bobby Wade for -7 yards. Bobby Wade fumbles, recovered by Steve Hutchinson at MIN-43 and returned for 1 yards0-1.1801.1402.32
2007-12-09CardinalsSeahawks49:32422CRD 1536-14Mitch Berger for no gain. Mitch Berger fumbles, recovered by Mitch Berger at ARI--7, safety0-2.440-2.000.44
2008-10-26SteelersGiants47:21422PIT 1814-14Mitch Berger for no gain. Mitch Berger fumbles, safety0-2.240-2.000.24
2012-09-10RaidersChargers49:58421RAI 496-19Shane Lechler for no gain. Shane Lechler fumbles, recovered by David Ausberry at OAK-420-0.130-2.790-2.66
2012-11-04BuccaneersRaiders40:02424TAM 4532-42Josh Freeman kneels for -6 yards-6-0.3902.3202.71
2000-11-26BengalsSteelers40:53421CIN 3128-48Akili Smith sacked by Jason Gildon for -7 yards. Akili Smith fumbles (forced by Jason Gildon), recovered by Willie Anderson at CIN-24-7-1.310-3.970-2.66
2008-09-21PanthersVikings42:37427CAR 1820-10Jake Delhomme sacked by Kevin Williams for -7 yards-7-2.240-4.840-2.60
2005-11-20BillsChargers411:13423SDG 2741-10J.P. Losman sacked by Shawne Merriman for -8 yards-81.670-1.330-3.00
2009-11-08RavensBengals42:00429RAV 2517-7Joe Flacco sacked by Michael Johnson for -9 yards. Penalty on Jonathan Fanene: Unsportsmanlike Conduct, 15 yards-9-1.700-3.510-1.81
2010-01-09BengalsJets42:02422NYJ 4714-24Carson Palmer sacked by Shaun Ellis for -10 yards-100.130-2.720-2.85
2011-09-18BearsSaints44:23424CHI 4130-13Jay Cutler sacked by Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins for -14 yards-14-0.650-3.780-3.13
1999-09-19CardinalsDolphins40:26426CRD 2519-16Jake Plummer pass incomplete intended for Rob Moore is intercepted by Brock Marion at MIA-33 and returned for 2 yards (tackle by Frank Sanders)-1.700-1.270.43
1999-10-03ChiefsChargers45:40427SDG 3221-14Elvis Grbac pass incomplete intended for Kevin Lockett (defended by Greg Jackson)1.240-1.070-2.31
1999-12-12ChargersSeahawks40:03422SDG 3016-19Jim Harbaugh pass incomplete intended for Jeff Graham-1.3700.9402.31
2000-01-02RavensPatriots41:25421NWE 2320-3Stoney Case pass incomplete intended for Justin Armour is intercepted by Lawyer Milloy at NWE-01.930-0.280-2.21
2000-01-23BuccaneersRams40:41423RAM 3511-6Shaun King pass incomplete intended for Bert Emanuel0.970-1.270-2.24
2000-09-10ColtsRaiders41:11425RAI 3431-38Peyton Manning pass incomplete intended for Marvin Harrison is intercepted by Tory James at OAK-01.060-0.280-1.34
2000-09-10ChargersSaints40:15422SDG 1427-28Ryan Leaf pass incomplete is intercepted by Alex Molden at SDG-41 and returned for 24 yards-2.470-4.440-1.97
2000-10-01BengalsDolphins42:14426MIA 2616-31Akili Smith pass incomplete intended for Ron Dugans1.740-0.670-2.41
2000-10-08SeahawksPanthers40:40426CAR 2926-3Brock Huard pass incomplete intended for Sean Dawkins1.500-0.870-2.37
2000-10-2249ersPanthers45:14421CAR 2534-16Jeff Garcia pass incomplete intended for Tai Streets1.800-0.610-2.41
2000-10-22RavensTitans41:28422OTI 336-14Trent Dilfer pass incomplete intended for Qadry Ismail (defended by Michael Booker)1.150-1.140-2.29
2000-12-03RamsPanthers41:20429RAM 2116-3Kurt Warner pass incomplete intended for Torry Holt (defended by Eric Davis)-1.960-4.170-2.21
2001-10-28CardinalsCowboys42:38426DAL 4617-3Jake Plummer pass incomplete intended for Tywan Mitchell (defended by George Teague)0.200-1.990-2.19
2001-10-28PatriotsBroncos41:38424NWE 1531-20Tom Brady pass incomplete is intercepted by Deltha O'Neal at NWE-36 and returned for 31 yards (tackle by J.R. Redmond)-2.440-6.060-3.62
2001-11-11ColtsDolphins40:32421CLT 3724-27Peyton Manning pass incomplete intended for Terrence Wilkins-0.910-3.180-2.27
2001-11-11BillsPatriots44:12427NWE 3614-3Alex Van Pelt pass incomplete intended for Reggie Germany0.880-1.330-2.21
2001-12-16TitansPackers21:03429GNB 3915-10Craig Hentrich pass incomplete intended for Eddie Berlin (defended by Tyrone Williams)0.660-1.530-2.19
2001-12-23BengalsRavens41:19421CIN 1516-0Jon Kitna pass incomplete intended for Corey Dillon (defended by Ray Lewis)-2.440-4.580-2.14
2002-01-06TitansBengals20:05422CIN 3914-14Steve McNair pass incomplete intended for Frank Wycheck (defended by Robert Bean)0.6601.530.87
2002-09-15BengalsBrowns40:21445CIN 3720-7Gus Frerotte pass incomplete is intercepted by Robert Griffith at CLE-11-0.9100.3701.28
2002-10-28GiantsEagles46:35429PHI 3417-3Kerry Collins pass incomplete (defended by N.D. Kalu)1.060-1.200-2.26
2002-11-17TexansJaguars40:29425HTX 321-24David Carr pass incomplete intended for Corey Bradford (defended by Fernando Bryant)-2.490-6.510-4.02
2002-11-17RavensDolphins41:46428RAV 2826-7Jeff Blake pass incomplete intended for Ron Johnson-1.500-3.710-2.21
2002-11-17CardinalsEagles20:03423CRD 4828-14Jake Plummer pass incomplete intended for Jake Soliday (defended by Bobby Taylor)-0.1902.1302.32
2002-12-02JetsRaiders40:04421RAI 4626-20Chad Pennington pass incomplete intended for Wayne Chrebet is intercepted by Rod Woodson at OAK-90.2000.000-0.20
2002-12-15CowboysGiants40:20421NYG 3337-7Chad Hutchinson pass incomplete1.150-1.200-2.35
2002-12-22TexansRedskins213:31430HTX 49-3id_ for no gain-2.4900.0002.49
2003-09-14TexansSaints41:51421NOR 4031-10David Carr pass incomplete intended for Andre Johnson0.590-1.600-2.19
2003-10-19ChargersBrowns36:02421CLE 236-20Darren Bennett pass incomplete1.930-0.480-2.41
2003-12-07ChiefsBroncos48:13424DEN 4738-21Trent Green pass incomplete intended for Johnnie Morton (defended by Kelly Herndon)0.130-2.060-2.19
2003-12-14RavensRaiders41:17423RAV 820-12Anthony Wright pass incomplete intended for Travis Taylor (defended by Terrance Shaw)-2.490-5.370-2.88
2003-12-27BillsPatriots313:43421NWE 2928-0Drew Bledsoe pass incomplete intended for Josh Reed1.500-0.940-2.44
2003-12-28RaidersChargers41:13424RAI 1121-14Tee Martin pass incomplete (defended by Marcellus Wiley)-2.490-4.840-2.35
2004-12-12RedskinsEagles40:14426WAS 914-17Patrick Ramsey pass incomplete-2.490-5.370-2.88
2005-01-16VikingsEagles30:53422PHI 3121-7Daunte Culpepper pass incomplete intended for Randy Moss (defended by Roderick Hood)1.320-1.000-2.32
2005-09-11PackersLions40:30430DET 3217-3Brett Favre pass incomplete intended for David Martin is intercepted by Terrence Holt at DET-0. Penalty on David Martin: Illegal Formation (Declined)1.240-0.280-1.52
2005-11-13ChiefsBills43:41425BUF 4514-3Trent Green pass incomplete intended for Dante Hall (defended by Rashad Baker)0.270-1.990-2.26
2005-12-25PackersBears40:09427GNB 4817-24Brett Favre pass incomplete intended for Rod Gardner is intercepted by Chris Harris at CHI-13-0.1900.000.19
2006-09-07DolphinsSteelers41:55428MIA 2128-17Daunte Culpepper pass incomplete deep left intended for Wes Welker (defended by Deshea Townsend)-1.960-4.170-2.21
2006-11-05RavensBengals40:25423CIN 2826-20Steve McNair pass incomplete deep right intended for Ed Reed1.590-0.810-2.40
2006-12-17LionsPackers40:45425DET 1017-9Jon Kitna pass incomplete deep left intended for Mike Furrey-2.490-4.910-2.42
2006-12-24BrownsBuccaneers43:18429CLE 467-22Ken Dorsey pass incomplete short left intended for Travis Wilson-0.320-2.520-2.20
2007-09-30RavensBrowns42:45421CLE 4427-13Steve McNair pass incomplete deep left intended for Mark Clayton (defended by Daven Holly)0.330-1.860-2.19
2008-10-26RaidersRavens46:54421RAV 4122-10JaMarcus Russell pass incomplete deep left intended for Ashley Lelie0.530-1.660-2.19
2008-11-2349ersCowboys212:08421SFO 59-6id_ for no gain-2.4900.0002.49
2008-12-28LionsPackers43:03427GNB 4731-21Dan Orlovsky pass incomplete deep right intended for Calvin Johnson is intercepted by Nick Collins at GNB-0 and returned for 61 yards (tackle by Stephen Peterman). Penalty on Brady Poppinga: Illegal Block Above the Waist, 10 yards0.130-0.740-0.87
2009-09-27TitansJets41:54423OTI 3324-17Kerry Collins pass incomplete deep right intended for Justin Gage-1.180-3.380-2.20
2009-10-11BillsBrowns21:42424CLE 310-3Trent Edwards pass incomplete deep right intended for Terrell Owens (defended by Brodney Pool)1.320-1.000-2.32
2009-10-11LionsSteelers41:18434PIT 4520-28Daunte Culpepper pass incomplete deep middle intended for Dennis Northcutt (defended by Ike Taylor)0.270-1.930-2.20
2011-01-09ChiefsRavens43:37422KAN 287-30Matt Cassel pass incomplete deep left intended for Verran Tucker is intercepted by Josh Wilson at BAL-34-1.500-1.200.30
2011-09-25TexansSaints42:00421HTX 940-33Matt Schaub pass incomplete deep middle intended for Andre Johnson (defended by Leigh Torrence)-2.490-5.140-2.65
2011-10-09CardinalsVikings49:01422MIN 3031-10Kevin Kolb pass incomplete deep middle intended for Larry Fitzgerald1.410-0.940-2.35
2011-10-30DolphinsGiants41:54423MIA 2720-17Matt Moore pass incomplete deep middle intended for Brandon Marshall is intercepted by Corey Webster at MIA-48 and returned for 24 yards (tackle by Anthony Fasano)-1.570-3.970-2.40
2012-12-09SeahawksCardinals47:21423CRD 3351-0Matt Flynn pass incomplete deep left intended for Jermaine Kearse1.150-1.140-2.29
2012-12-09CardinalsSeahawks40:15421CRD 3158-0Ryan Lindley pass incomplete short middle intended for William Powell-1.310-3.580-2.27
2012-12-16BillsSeahawks44:44421SEA 3717-50Ryan Fitzpatrick pass incomplete short right intended for Ruvell Martin0.790-1.400-2.19
2012-12-23BengalsSteelers39:15422PIT 337-10Andy Dalton pass incomplete deep left intended for A.J. Green (defended by Josh Victorian)1.150-1.140-2.29
2013-10-27DolphinsPatriots40:55424MIA 1027-17Ryan Tannehill pass incomplete deep middle intended for Mike Wallace is intercepted by Duron Harmon at NWE-33 and returned for 2 yards-2.490-1.2701.22
2013-11-11DolphinsBuccaneers41:44428MIA 1522-19Ryan Tannehill pass incomplete deep right intended for Mike Wallace is intercepted by Darrelle Revis at TAM-33-2.440-2.440.00
2013-12-15Buccaneers49ers42:00426TAM 414-33Mike Glennon pass incomplete deep middle intended for Chris Owusu is intercepted by Eric Reid at TAM-22-2.490-4.110-1.62
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