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In a single season, in 2017, in the Regular Season, from 1st week to 4th week, requiring Rushing Yds >= 0, sorted by descending Rushing Yds

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Query Results

Query Results Table
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T Att Yds Y/A TD
1Kareem HuntRB222017NFLKAN4400685027.384
2Todd GurleyRB232017NFLRAM4310863624.214
3Dalvin CookHB222017NFLMIN4220743544.782
4C.J. AndersonRB262017NFLDEN4310733304.521
5Le'Veon BellRB252017NFLPIT4310873243.723
6Carlos HydeRB262017NFLSFO4040653214.942
7Leonard Fournette RB222017NFLJAX4220812853.523
8Devonta Freeman RB252017NFLATL4310702854.075
9Ezekiel ElliottRB222017NFLDAL4220762773.642
10Ameer AbdullahRB242017NFLDET4310662573.891
11Lamar MillerRB262017NFLHTX4220682573.781
12Jordan HowardRB222017NFLCHI4130632524.004
13LeGarrette BlountRB302017NFLPHI4310422495.931
14Bilal PowellRB282017NFLNYJ4220492354.802
15Jonathan StewartRB302017NFLCAR4310592303.900
16LeSean McCoyRB292017NFLBUF4310682163.180
17DeMarco MurrayRB292017NFLOTI4220422155.121
18Chris CarsonRB222017NFLSEA4220492084.240
19Alex CollinsRB232017NFLRAV3120252068.240
20Mike Gillislee RB262017NFLNWE4220571943.404
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T Att Yds Y/A TD
21Frank GoreRB342017NFLCLT4130611913.132
22Jay AjayiRB242017NFLMIA3120511843.610
23Tarik CohenRB222017NFLCHI4130301816.030
24Tevin ColemanRB242017NFLATL4310291816.240
25Derrick Henry RB232017NFLOTI4220391784.561
26Jamaal CharlesRB302017NFLDEN4310331755.301
27Mark IngramRB272017NFLNOR4220421704.050
28Melvin GordonRB242017NFLSDG4040541683.112
29Jacquizz Rodgers RB272017NFLTAM3210401654.131
30Javorius AllenRB262017NFLRAV4220451593.530
31Elijah McGuire RB232017NFLNYJ4220231566.781
32Ty MontgomeryRB242017NFLGNB4310461523.302
33Marshawn Lynch RB312017NFLRAI4220451513.361
34Deshaun Watson QB212017NFLHTX4220191487.792
35Samaje PerineRB212017NFLWAS4220461433.110
36Chris ThompsonRB262017NFLWAS4220201427.102
37Russell Wilson QB282017NFLSEA4220251385.521
38Joe MixonHB212017NFLCIN4130521362.620
39Isaiah CrowellRB242017NFLCLE4040461342.910
40Robert Kelley RB242017NFLWAS3120291314.520
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T Att Yds Y/A TD
41Terrance West RB262017NFLRAV4220371213.272
42Mike TolbertFB312017NFLBUF4310341193.501
43Chris IvoryRB292017NFLJAX4220301183.930
44Tyrod Taylor QB282017NFLBUF4310311183.810
45Marcus MariotaQB232017NFLOTI4220201165.803
46D'Onta ForemanRB212017NFLHTX4220341143.350
47Wendell SmallwoodRB232017NFLPHI4310291133.901
48Blake Bortles QB252017NFLJAX422014987.000
49Corey GrantRB252017NFLJAX422099710.780
50DeShone Kizer QB212017NFLCLE404022974.412
51Carson Wentz QB242017NFLPHI431020974.850
52Matt Forte RB312017NFLNYJ312023944.090
53Chris Johnson RB312017NFLCRD321036932.580
54Jalen RichardRB232017NFLRAI422015916.071
55Cam NewtonQB282017NFLCAR431022904.092
56Giovani BernardHB252017NFLCIN413018894.940
57Christian McCaffrey RB212017NFLCAR431031892.870
58Dak Prescott QB242017NFLDAL422012897.421
59Alex SmithQB332017NFLKAN440018894.941
60Alvin KamaraRB222017NFLNOR422015835.531
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T Att Yds Y/A TD
61Jeremy HillHB242017NFLCIN413025823.280
62Tavon AustinWR272017NFLRAM431014815.790
63Adrian PetersonRB322017NFLNOR422027813.000
64Kirk Cousins QB292017NFLWAS422015775.130
65Alfred Morris RB282017NFLDAL312067712.830
66James White RB252017NFLNWE422018734.060
67Matt BreidaRB222017NFLSFO404020713.550
68Jacoby BrissettQB242017NFLCLT413014694.932
69Cordarrelle PattersonWR262017NFLRAI42207699.861
70Paul Perkins RB222017NFLNYG404032611.910
71Darren SprolesRB342017NFLPHI321015614.070
72Branden OliverRB262017NFLSDG404017583.410
73Duke JohnsonRB232017NFLCLE404010575.702
74Eddie LacyRB272017NFLSEA211016553.440
75Orleans DarkwaRB252017NFLNYG303013534.080
76Matthew StaffordQB292017NFLDET431010535.300
77Corey ClementRB222017NFLPHI431016523.251
78Andre EllingtonRB282017NFLCRD422012514.250
79Aaron Rodgers QB332017NFLGNB431014513.640
80Peyton BarberRB232017NFLTAM321012494.080
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T Att Yds Y/A TD
81Aaron JonesRB222017NFLGNB321013493.771
82Shane VereenRB282017NFLNYG404012473.920
83James ConnerRB222017NFLPIT43109465.110
84Dion LewisRB262017NFLNWE422012463.831
85Trevor Siemian QB252017NFLDEN431018462.561
86Robert TurbinRB272017NFLCLT413016442.751
87Wayne GallmanRB232017NFLNYG101011423.820
88Josh McCownQB382017NFLNYJ422011383.451
89J.D. McKissicRB242017NFLSEA11004389.501
90Latavius MurrayRB272017NFLMIN422014382.710
91Austin EkelerRB222017NFLSDG404013535.001
92Andy DaltonQB292017NFLCIN41309343.780
93Kerwynn WilliamsRB262017NFLCRD422016342.131
94Jamaal WilliamsRB222017NFLGNB43109323.560
95Curtis Samuel WR212017NFLCAR321013131.000
96Dwayne WashingtonRB232017NFLDET22009313.440
97Ted Ginn Jr.WR322017NFLNOR42203299.670
98DeAndre WashingtonRB242017NFLRAI422011282.550
99Mack BrownRB262017NFLWAS11006274.500
100Benny CunninghamRB272017NFLCHI31205265.200
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