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Query Results

Query Results Table
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T Att Yds Y/A TD
1Adrian PetersonRB222007NFLMIN835015810366.568
2Eric Dickerson*231983NFLRAM85302039954.9012
3Ezekiel ElliottRB212016NFLDAL87101778915.037
4George Rogers221981NFLNOR82601788594.835
5Billy Sims251980NFLDET85301738594.979
6Doug Martin HB232012NFLTAM84401547945.167
7Ottis Anderson 221979NFLCRD82601617684.773
8Edgerrin James*RB211999NFLCLT86201967463.815
9Eddie George231996NFLOTI85301627174.433
10Alfred Morris RB232012NFLWAS83501517174.755
11Chris Johnson RB232008NFLOTI88001467154.905
12Marshall Faulk*211994NFLCLT83501727024.086
13Earl Campbell*231978NFLOTI74301406974.987
14Marshawn Lynch RB212007NFLBUF84401776903.905
15Mike Anderson RB272000NFLDEN84401436764.735
16Don Woods231974NFLSDG72501116736.064
17Todd GurleyRB212015NFLRAM63301186645.634
18Calvin Hill221969NFLDAL87101286575.135
19Curt Warner221983NFLSEA84401506544.368
20LaDainian Tomlinson*RB222001NFLSDG85301816513.608
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T Att Yds Y/A TD
21Matt Forte RB222008NFLCHI85301696413.794
22Johnny Johnson221990NFLCRD82601506324.213
23Ricky WilliamsRB221999NFLNOR81701676233.730
24Cookie Gilchrist271962AFLBUF83501146185.427
25Ricky Watters231992NFLSFO86201256124.907
26Ronnie BrownHB232005NFLMIA83501266114.853
27Joe Cribbs221980NFLBUF86201636083.739
28John Brockington 231971NFLGNB83411146025.282
29Barry Sanders *211989NFLDET70701125975.333
30Eddie LacyRB232013NFLGNB75201345964.454
31Robert Edwards241998NFLNWE85301525803.827
32Anthony ThomasRB232001NFLCHI86201275804.574
33Matt Snell231964AFLNYJ84311315794.423
34Joe Delaney221981NFLKAN86201245724.612
35Marcus Allen*221982NFLRAI87101405714.089
36Chuck Foreman221973NFLMIN77001235704.632
37Boobie Clark221973NFLCIN84401495653.794
38Tony Collins221981NFLNWE82601295634.365
39Kevin Mack231985NFLCLE84401195634.734
40Clinton PortisRB212002NFLDEN86201145624.934
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T Att Yds Y/A TD
41DeMarco MurrayRB232011NFLDAL8440805396.741
42Steve SlatonRB222008NFLHTX83501205384.485
43Alfred Anderson 231984NFLMIN82601185344.532
44Jerome Bettis*211993NFLRAM82601265304.214
45Jerry Eckwood241979NFLTAM86201375283.852
46Mike Thomas 221975NFLWAS86201325263.983
47Reggie Brooks221993NFLWAS82601035245.092
48Don Perkins 231961NFLDAL84401265144.081
49Ben TateRB232011NFLHTX7520975085.241
50William Andrews231979NFLATL73401215064.182
51Jordan HowardRB212016NFLCHI7250995055.102
52Antowain Smith251997NFLBUF8440945055.374
53Curtis Martin *221995NFLNWE82601545003.255
54Rashaan Salaam 201995NFLCHI86201485003.384
55Robert Holmes221968AFLKAN6600934995.376
56Cadillac WilliamsRB232005NFLTAM64201234964.032
57Fred Taylor221998NFLJAX7610954935.195
58Dave Smith231960AFLOTI8620974925.075
59Joseph AddaiRB232006NFLCLT88001054904.672
60Terrell Davis *221995NFLDEN84401264873.874
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T Att Yds Y/A TD
61Warrick Dunn221997NFLTAM85301054854.623
62Wilbur Jackson221974NFLSFO82601034844.700
63Herschel Walker241986NFLDAL86201014834.788
64Domanick WilliamsRB222003NFLHTX7340994834.882
65Mike Strachan 221975NFLNOR82601144814.222
66Terry Miller221978NFLBUF83501344803.582
67Rueben Mayes231986NFLNOR8350854785.622
68Robert Griffin IIIQB222012NFLWAS8350704766.806
69James JacksonRB252001NFLCLE84401594742.982
70Willis McGaheeHB222004NFLBUF83501284733.703
71Tony Dorsett*231977NFLDAL8800964724.926
72Larry Brown221969NFLWAS84221074714.402
73Trent Richardson RB222012NFLCLE82601274703.705
74T.J. YeldonRB222015NFLJAX72501154704.091
75Billy Kilmer221961NFLSFO8431854645.469
76Karim Abdul-Jabbar221996NFLMIA84401344633.466
77Derek Brown221993NFLNOR86201234633.762
78Charley Taylor*231964NFLWAS83501144634.063
79Bobby Burnett 231966AFLBUF84311104614.193
80Franco Harris*221972NFLPIT8620864605.354
Rk Player Pos Age Year Lg Tm G W L T Att Yds Y/A TD
81Laurence MaroneyRB212006NFLNWE86201074584.283
82Ron DayneRB222000NFLNYG86201294513.504
83Thurman Thomas*221988NFLBUF87101214513.731
84Ken Willard221965NFLSFO83501124494.014
85John Stephens221988NFLNWE83501134483.961
86Bam Morris 221994NFLPIT8530954444.674
87Don Hardeman 221975NFLOTI86201134423.913
88Leonard Russell211991NFLNWE83501184423.752
89Greg Bell221984NFLBUF80801134393.882
90Travis Henry HB232001NFLBUF81701364393.232
91Vic Washington251971NFLSFO8620864395.101
92Jamal LewisRB212000NFLRAV85301074374.081
93Paul Robinson231968AFLCIN82601104343.953
94Correll BuckhalterRB232001NFLPHI8530924284.652
95Roosevelt Potts221993NFLCLT83501064274.030
96Bobby Humphrey221989NFLDEN86201084253.944
97Knowshon MorenoRB222009NFLDEN86201144233.712
98Dickie Post221967AFLSDG86111004234.234
99Billy Cannon231960AFLOTI8620874224.851
100Curtis Enis221998NFLCHI83501154213.660
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