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For combined seasons, from 1970 to 2018, played in the NFL, played TE, player was drafted in round 1, player was drafted, requiring Receptions >= 240 and Receiving Yds >= 2500 and Receiving TD >= 15, sorted by descending Receiving Yds

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Query Results Table
Games Receiving
Rk Player From To Draft Tm Lg G GS Tgt Rec Yds Y/R TD Y/G Ctch% Y/Tgt
1Tony Gonzalez*199720131-13TOTNFL270254201213251512711.4211156.065.9%7.52
2Ozzie Newsome*197819901-23CLENFL198191662798012.054740.3
3Greg Olsen200720181-31TOTNFL1741481082666784711.785745.161.6%7.25
4Vernon Davis200620181-6TOTNFL194178909573743912.986238.363.0%8.18
5Kellen Winslow*197919871-13SDGNFL10994541674112.464561.8
6Heath Miller200520151-30PITNFL168167825592656911.104539.171.8%7.96
7Jeremy Shockey200220111-14TOTNFL136129884547614311.233745.261.9%6.95
8Ben Watson200420181-32TOTNFL195135836530588511.104430.263.4%7.04
9Todd Heap200120121-31TOTNFL145131817499586911.764240.561.1%7.18
10Riley Odoms197219831-5DENNFL153134396575514.534137.6
11Dallas Clark200320131-24TOTNFL143118776505566511.225339.665.1%7.30
12Keith Byars198619981-10TOTNFL18916042861056619.283130.0
13Keith Jackson198819961-13TOTNFL129105319441528311.984941.0
14Russ Francis197519881-16TOTNFL167148393526213.394031.5
15Kellen Winslow200420131-6TOTNFL10583759469523611.162549.961.8%6.90
16Charle Young197319851-6TOTNFL187142418510612.222727.3
17Raymond Chester197019811-24TOTNFL172131364501313.774829.1
18Jerome Barkum197219831-9NYJNFL158137326478914.694030.3
19Marcedes Lewis200620181-28TOTNFL186161659378454112.013324.457.4%6.89
20Eric Green199019991-21TOTNFL120103472362439012.133636.6
Rk Player From To Draft Tm Lg G GS Tgt Rec Yds Y/R TD Y/G Ctch% Y/Tgt
21Jermaine Gresham201020181-21TOTNFL13211856737737529.952928.466.5%6.62
22Billy Joe DuPree197319831-20DALNFL159131267356513.354122.4
23Kyle Brady199520071-9TOTNFL197175558343351910.262517.961.5%6.31
24Brandon Pettigrew200920151-20DETNFL938548630129659.851731.961.9%6.10
25Dustin Keller200820121-30NYJNFL7248411241287611.931739.958.6%7.00
26Eric Ebron201420181-10TOTNFL7245398252282011.192439.263.3%7.09
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