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Bobby Johnson DB (1983-1986)
NFL - Saints, Cardinals
Charles Johnson WR (1994-2002)
NFL - Steelers, Eagles, Patriots, Bills
Charles Johnson WR (2014-2016)
NFL - Vikings
Charles Johnson DB (1979-1981)
NFL - 49ers, Cardinals
Charles Johnson NT-DT (1979-1983)
NFL - Packers
Charles Johnson DE (2007-2017)
NFL - Panthers
Charley Johnson QB (1961-1975) Pro Bowl
NFL - Cardinals, Oilers, Broncos
Charlie Johnson DT (1966-1968)
NFL - 49ers
Charlie Johnson T (2006-2014)
NFL - Colts, Vikings
Chuck Johnson DT (1993)
NFL - Cardinals
Chuck Johnson T (1992)
NFL - Broncos
J.R. Johnson LB (2002)
NFL - Saints, Ravens
Monte Johnson LB (1973-1979)
NFL - Raiders
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