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Billy Ray Smith LB (1983-1992)
NFL - Chargers
Billy Ray Smith DT-DE (1957-1970)
NFL - Rams, Steelers, Colts
Daryle Smith T (1987-1992)
NFL - Cowboys, Browns, Eagles
Donald Smith DB (1991)
NFL - Cowboys
Jim Ray Smith G-T-DE (1956-1964) Pro Bowl
NFL - Browns, Cowboys
Johnny Ray Smith DB (1982-1984)
NFL - Buccaneers, Chargers
Kevin Smith DB (1992-1999)
NFL - Cowboys
Onterrio Smith RB (2003-2004)
NFL - Vikings
Ray Gene Smith DB-HB (1954-1957)
NFL - Bears
Ray Poole DE-E (1947-1952) Pro Bowl
NFL - Giants
Ray Smith C (1930-1933)
NFL - Steam Roller, Eagles
Will Smith DE (2004-2012) Pro Bowl
NFL - Saints
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