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Players from the NFL, AFL, and AAFC leagues.

Bob Campbell WR (1969)
NFL - Steelers
Bob Davis T (1948)
NFL - Yanks
Bob Jones DE (2002)
NFL - Giants
Bob Patton C (1976)
NFL - Bills
Bob Print LB (1967-1968)
AFL - Chargers
Bob Thomas K (1975-1986)
NFL - Bears, Chargers, Giants, Lions
Bob Thomas RB (1971-1974)
NFL - Chargers, Rams
Bobby Thomason QB (1949-1957) Pro Bowl
NFL - Eagles, Packers, Rams
Guy Roberts B (1926-1927)
NFL - Bulldogs, Maroons
Robert Niehoff DB (1987)
NFL - Bengals
Robert Thomas LB (2002-2008)
NFL - Packers, Raiders, Rams
Robert Thomas NT (2015-2018)
NFL - Bills, Dolphins, Giants
Robert Thomas FB-LB (1998-2002)
NFL - Cowboys
Robert Woods WR (2013-2021)
NFL - Bills, Rams
Tom Holzer DE (1967)
NFL - 49ers
Tom Roberts T-G (1943-1945)
NFL - Bears, Giants
Tom Robertson C (1941-1946)
NFL/AAFC - Dodgers, Yankees
Tom Ruud LB (1975-1979)
NFL - Bengals, Bills
Tom Vaughn DB (1965-1971)
NFL - Lions
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