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Preseason Odds Table
Tm Super Bowl Odds
W/L O-U Record
St. Louis Rams+30011.010-6 (under)
Washington Redskins+35011.58-8 (under)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+70010.510-6 (under)
Tennessee Titans+80010.513-3 (over)
Indianapolis Colts+100010.510-6 (under)
Jacksonville Jaguars+120011.07-9 (under)
Denver Broncos+120010.011-5 (over)
Oakland Raiders+15009.012-4 (over)
New York Jets+20008.09-7 (over)
Buffalo Bills+20008.58-8 (under)
Baltimore Ravens+22009.012-4 (over)
Green Bay Packers+35008.09-7 (over)
Atlanta Falcons+35007.54-12 (under)
Seattle Seahawks+40008.06-10 (under)
Minnesota Vikings+40007.511-5 (over)
Detroit Lions+40007.09-7 (over)
Dallas Cowboys+40008.05-11 (under)
Chicago Bears+40008.05-11 (under)
San Diego Chargers+50006.51-15 (under)
New England Patriots+50007.55-11 (under)
Kansas City Chiefs+50008.07-9 (under)
Carolina Panthers+50008.07-9 (under)
New York Giants+60007.512-4 (over)
Miami Dolphins+60007.511-5 (over)
Pittsburgh Steelers+75006.59-7 (over)
Philadelphia Eagles+75007.511-5 (over)
New Orleans Saints+100006.510-6 (over)
Arizona Cardinals+100007.03-13 (under)
San Francisco 49ers+120005.56-10 (over)
Cleveland Browns+150005.03-13 (under)
Cincinnati Bengals+150005.54-12 (under)
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