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Introduction to PFR

My name is Doug Drinen. I am a mathematician and a sports fan, so it shouldn't surprise you to learn that I am obsessed with football data. I collect it like some people collect stamps. I've been doing that for years now and the result was, up until now, an extensive but extremely unorganized collection of dozens of files spread across a few different computers and not connected in any way. Recently, I decided to organize it and make it available for public consumption. The result is, which I believe is the most complete and most organized collection of football data on the web.

What is here?

What now?

Go crazy. Go look up your favorite player or your favorite team and then follow the links to wherever they take you.

What next?

I've got lots of plans for future additions to the site. If you have suggestions or things you'd like to see included, bring 'em on.