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Duke Carroll

Field Judge, Side Judge

Most Commonly Worked With

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Season Totals

since 1994
   TotalsLeague AveragesRelative
199914 (1)Field Judge979351.05.357190166613.57119.0048.08.60113.17109.42+2.97-0.24+.40+9.58
200016 (1)Field Judge8810545.60.625193165912.06103.6949.59.56612.62104.77-3.99+.06-0.56-1.08
200114 (1)Field Judge788846.99.429166149811.86107.0047.66.55411.4996.97-0.67-0.13+.37+10.03
200216 (1)Field Judge,Side Judge11013145.64.875241211015.06131.8848.45.58612.94107.75-2.81+.29+2.12+24.13
200316 (1)Field Judge10212245.54.500224203814.00127.3847.25.61313.07108.01-1.71-0.11+.93+19.37
200415Field Judge7211338.92.667185157412.33104.9347.61.56813.81112.82-8.69+.10-1.48-7.89
200516 (1)Field Judge10912047.60.688229198914.31124.3147.40.58314.38115.07+.20+.11-0.07+9.24
200616 (1)Field Judge9410647.00.563200169312.50105.8148.19.54111.8197.59-1.19+.02+.69+8.22
200717 (1)Field Judge8210244.57.588184141510.8283.2447.16.57111.4089.79-2.59+.02-0.58-6.55
200817 (1)Field Judge11411549.78.647229193413.47113.7650.36.56811.3090.08-0.58+.08+2.17+23.68
10 Yrs157 946109546.35.59920411757613.00111.9548.15.57712.60103.22-1.80+.02+.40+8.73
Note: season totals reflect total penalties called by crews in which this official served and do not reflect individual penalties called.

Game Logs

Since 1994
1999-09-13Miami Dolphins @ Denver BroncosField Judge3886021430
1999-09-19San Diego Chargers @ Cincinnati BengalsField Judge346477640
1999-09-26Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay PackersField Judge2053023547
1999-10-17Oakland Raiders @ Buffalo BillsField Judge2096014646
1999-10-21Kansas City Chiefs @ Baltimore RavensField Judge3591138981
1999-11-07St. Louis Rams @ Detroit LionsField Judge2775431995
1999-11-14Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh SteelersField Judge1666415995
1999-11-21Indianapolis Colts @ Philadelphia EaglesField Judge4463817967
1999-11-25Miami Dolphins @ Dallas CowboysField Judge05422012108
1999-12-05Green Bay Packers @ Chicago BearsField Judge3532519435
1999-12-12Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ersField Judge766526787
1999-12-19Buffalo Bills @ Arizona CardinalsField Judge3145821520
1999-12-26Minnesota Vikings @ New York GiantsField Judge34108017540
2000-01-15Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville Jaguars*Field Judge798862751
2000-09-03Tennessee Titans @ Buffalo BillsField Judge131211216691
2000-09-10Jacksonville Jaguars @ Baltimore RavensField Judge36106039865
2000-09-17San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City ChiefsField Judge1088642630
2000-10-01Dallas Cowboys @ Carolina PanthersField Judge1644513555
2000-10-08New York Giants @ Atlanta FalconsField Judge138716213
2000-10-15New York Jets @ New England PatriotsField Judge3456817430
2000-10-22Chicago Bears @ Philadelphia EaglesField Judge975013435
2000-10-29Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland BrownsField Judge126843971
2000-11-12Kansas City Chiefs @ San Francisco 49ersField Judge775021653
2000-11-19San Diego Chargers @ Denver BroncosField Judge3796238763
2000-11-26Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville JaguarsField Judge1344016425
2000-12-03Arizona Cardinals @ Cincinnati BengalsField Judge1363924547
2000-12-10Philadelphia Eagles @ Cleveland BrownsField Judge3542124655
2000-12-18St. Louis Rams @ Tampa Bay BuccaneersField Judge3522038540
2000-12-24Miami Dolphins @ New England PatriotsField Judge2752524558
2001-01-06Miami Dolphins @ Oakland Raiders*Field Judge085527640
2001-09-23San Diego Chargers @ Dallas CowboysField Judge3235721327
2001-09-30Kansas City Chiefs @ Washington RedskinsField Judge4577813425
2001-10-14San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta FalconsField Judge3787031430
2001-10-28Jacksonville Jaguars @ Baltimore RavensField Judge17107018434
2001-11-11Buffalo Bills @ New England PatriotsField Judge1197521775
2001-11-18Indianapolis Colts @ New Orleans SaintsField Judge2067734651
2001-11-22Green Bay Packers @ Detroit LionsField Judge298632711117
2001-12-02Arizona Cardinals @ Oakland RaidersField Judge3443031876
2001-12-09Seattle Seahawks @ Denver BroncosField Judge756220645
2001-12-16Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington RedskinsField Judge206456758
2001-12-22Miami Dolphins @ New England PatriotsField Judge1396720775
2001-12-30Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati BengalsField Judge2373826765
2002-01-06San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans SaintsField Judge38000323
2002-01-19Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago Bears*Field Judge336601915
2002-09-08Detroit Lions @ Miami DolphinsField Judge2166849454
2002-09-15Chicago Bears @ Atlanta FalconsSide Judge1477913540
2002-09-22Seattle Seahawks @ New York GiantsField Judge66379324
2002-09-30Denver Broncos @ Baltimore RavensField Judge2399134962
2002-10-13Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee TitansField Judge1442223555
2002-10-20Washington Redskins @ Green Bay PackersField Judge911129301195
2002-10-27Detroit Lions @ Buffalo BillsField Judge1787124651
2002-11-03Minnesota Vikings @ Tampa Bay BuccaneersField Judge24128338752
2002-11-17New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta FalconsField Judge171613324969
2002-11-24San Diego Chargers @ Miami DolphinsField Judge364130770
2002-12-01Tennessee Titans @ New York GiantsField Judge321212129655
2002-12-08Buffalo Bills @ New England PatriotsField Judge1742927965
2002-12-15Arizona Cardinals @ St. Louis RamsField Judge2887530743
2002-12-22Houston Texans @ Washington RedskinsField Judge10108326660
2002-12-29Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis ColtsField Judge1364720635
2003-01-12San Francisco 49ers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers*Field Judge66713110100
2003-09-07New England Patriots @ Buffalo BillsField Judge0121213110119
2003-09-14Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis ColtsField Judge7109933638
2003-09-29Green Bay Packers @ Chicago BearsField Judge3843823662
2003-10-05Miami Dolphins @ New York GiantsField Judge2365010535
2003-10-12Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington RedskinsField Judge3565913972
2003-10-19San Diego Chargers @ Cleveland BrownsField Judge26129320776
2003-11-02Oakland Raiders @ Detroit LionsField Judge1385123330
2003-11-09Arizona Cardinals @ Pittsburgh SteelersField Judge1588128669
2003-11-16Kansas City Chiefs @ Cincinnati BengalsField Judge1942524533
2003-11-23San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay PackersField Judge1064520440
2003-11-30New Orleans Saints @ Washington RedskinsField Judge24330208120
2003-12-07Houston Texans @ Jacksonville JaguarsField Judge0108627770
2003-12-14Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago BearsField Judge1076813330
2003-12-21Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis ColtsField Judge31119317645
2003-12-28Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati BengalsField Judge2296914966
2004-01-03Tennessee Titans @ Baltimore Ravens*Field Judge2065517870
2004-09-12Cincinnati Bengals @ New York JetsField Judge246493117
2004-09-19Houston Texans @ Detroit LionsField Judge1697428865
2004-10-04Kansas City Chiefs @ Baltimore RavensField Judge27107224654
2004-10-10Oakland Raiders @ Indianapolis ColtsField Judge1495935220
2004-10-17Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo BillsField Judge1332120760
2004-10-24Chicago Bears @ Tampa Bay BuccaneersField Judge7107819641
2004-11-07Houston Texans @ Denver BroncosField Judge13910931450
2004-11-14Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland BrownsField Judge2453810311
2004-11-21Atlanta Falcons @ New York GiantsField Judge14129410650
2004-11-28Miami Dolphins @ San Francisco 49ersField Judge2475017658
2004-12-05Arizona Cardinals @ Detroit LionsField Judge12770261069
2004-12-12Cincinnati Bengals @ New England PatriotsField Judge2897535213
2004-12-19New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay BuccaneersField Judge2186917545
2004-12-26Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh SteelersField Judge733020325
2005-01-02Dallas Cowboys @ New York GiantsField Judge2469328325
2005-09-11Green Bay Packers @ Detroit LionsField Judge31410017438
2005-09-18St. Louis Rams @ Arizona CardinalsField Judge1743012872
2005-09-25Cleveland Browns @ Indianapolis ColtsField Judge676213315
2005-10-02Minnesota Vikings @ Atlanta FalconsField Judge10118430865
2005-10-10Pittsburgh Steelers @ San Diego ChargersField Judge2411104229100
2005-10-16New York Jets @ Buffalo BillsField Judge17750271399
2005-10-23Denver Broncos @ New York GiantsField Judge2365324752
2005-11-06Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore RavensField Judge215549740
2005-11-13St. Louis Rams @ Seattle SeahawksField Judge1684931369
2005-11-20Oakland Raiders @ Washington RedskinsField Judge161010113650
2005-11-27San Francisco 49ers @ Tennessee TitansField Judge22435331070
2005-12-04New York Jets @ New England PatriotsField Judge376016768
2005-12-11Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville JaguarsField Judge2654718765
2005-12-18Atlanta Falcons @ Chicago BearsField Judge367516316
2006-01-01New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay BuccaneersField Judge137532710107
2006-01-14New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos*Field Judge1388227424
2006-09-10Seattle Seahawks @ Detroit LionsField Judge98556761
2006-09-17Houston Texans @ Indianapolis ColtsField Judge2485843760
2006-09-24Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh SteelersField Judge2854520225
2006-10-01Jacksonville Jaguars @ Washington RedskinsField Judge3043536440
2006-10-15Oakland Raiders @ Denver BroncosField Judge3139513539
2006-10-22New England Patriots @ Buffalo BillsField Judge283256967
2006-10-29Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New York GiantsField Judge333017440
2006-11-12Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee TitansField Judge2789126320
2006-11-19Minnesota Vikings @ Miami DolphinsField Judge2064924540
2006-11-26Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland BrownsField Judge308750993
2006-12-03Detroit Lions @ New England PatriotsField Judge21770281072
2006-12-11Chicago Bears @ St. Louis RamsField Judge421186271191
2006-12-17Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego ChargersField Judge932320761
2006-12-24Tennessee Titans @ Buffalo BillsField Judge30118129550
2006-12-31Oakland Raiders @ New York JetsField Judge363223331
2007-01-06Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts*Field Judge821323340
2007-09-09New England Patriots @ New York JetsField Judge3841614220
2007-09-16San Francisco 49ers @ St. Louis RamsField Judge1732116434
2007-09-23San Diego Chargers @ Green Bay PackersField Judge2487031538
2007-10-07Jacksonville Jaguars @ Kansas City ChiefsField Judge175307325
2007-10-14New Orleans Saints @ Seattle SeahawksField Judge2853717311
2007-10-21Arizona Cardinals @ Washington RedskinsField Judge1997521653
2007-10-28Philadelphia Eagles @ Minnesota VikingsField Judge2387016673
2007-11-04Cincinnati Bengals @ Buffalo BillsField Judge2154533325
2007-11-11Dallas Cowboys @ New York GiantsField Judge31108420870
2007-11-18Oakland Raiders @ Minnesota VikingsField Judge22105529430
2007-11-26Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh SteelersField Judge04193330
2007-12-02Houston Texans @ Tennessee TitansField Judge2053628744
2007-12-09Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver BroncosField Judge773441435
2007-12-16Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay BuccaneersField Judge354837544
2007-12-23Green Bay Packers @ Chicago BearsField Judge711035630
2007-12-30St. Louis Rams @ Arizona CardinalsField Judge1975048863
2008-01-05Jacksonville Jaguars @ Pittsburgh Steelers*Field Judge3164029550
2008-09-07Detroit Lions @ Atlanta FalconsField Judge2153034768
2008-09-14Chicago Bears @ Carolina PanthersField Judge171286201065
2008-09-21New Orleans Saints @ Denver BroncosField Judge3245134320
2008-10-05Pittsburgh Steelers @ Jacksonville JaguarsField Judge261012921889
2008-10-12Philadelphia Eagles @ San Francisco 49ersField Judge40210261058
2008-10-19Indianapolis Colts @ Green Bay PackersField Judge141211034970
2008-10-26Cincinnati Bengals @ Houston TexansField Judge675135755
2008-11-02New York Jets @ Buffalo BillsField Judge2653417745
2008-11-09Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego ChargersField Judge1931620537
2008-11-16Baltimore Ravens @ New York GiantsField Judge10106630865
2008-11-20Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh SteelersField Judge1021527440
2008-11-30Miami Dolphins @ St. Louis RamsField Judge16109412530
2008-12-07Cleveland Browns @ Tennessee TitansField Judge98682813131
2008-12-14Minnesota Vikings @ Arizona CardinalsField Judge3563414560
2008-12-22Green Bay Packers @ Chicago BearsField Judge1765020435
2008-12-28Oakland Raiders @ Tampa Bay BuccaneersField Judge3142524683
2009-01-03Indianapolis Colts @ San Diego Chargers*Field Judge1797423340