NFL Standings As Of Week 6 of 2020

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Standings after a week of the season:

AFC Standings

  • * - division winner, + - wild card
AFC Standings Table
Tm W L T W-L% Pts PtsO PtDif MoV
AFC East
Buffalo Bills*420.667156168-12-0.8
Miami Dolphins330.500160113472.9
New England Patriots230.400109110-1-0.1
New York Jets060.00075185-110-6.9
AFC North
Pittsburgh Steelers*5001.00015694623.9
Baltimore Ravens+510.833179104754.7
Cleveland Browns+420.667163187-24-1.5
Cincinnati Bengals141.250129157-28-1.8
AFC South
Tennessee Titans*5001.000164126382.4
Indianapolis Colts+420.667157115422.6
Houston Texans150.167146182-36-2.3
Jacksonville Jaguars150.167125181-56-3.5
AFC West
Kansas City Chiefs*510.833175127483.0
Las Vegas Raiders320.600151152-1-0.1
Denver Broncos230.400100110-10-0.6
Los Angeles Chargers140.200110125-15-0.9

NFC Standings

  • * - division winner, + - wild card
NFC Standings Table
Tm W L T W-L% Pts PtsO PtDif MoV
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys240.333173218-45-2.8
Philadelphia Eagles141.250141175-34-2.1
Washington Football Team*150.167108162-54-3.4
New York Giants150.167101152-51-3.2
NFC North
Chicago Bears+510.833128116120.8
Green Bay Packers*410.800162139231.4
Detroit Lions230.400133143-10-0.6
Minnesota Vikings150.167155192-37-2.3
NFC South
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+420.667177122553.4
New Orleans Saints*320.60015315030.2
Carolina Panthers330.500138141-3-0.2
Atlanta Falcons150.167162184-22-1.4
NFC West
Seattle Seahawks*5001.000169135342.1
Los Angeles Rams+420.667152114382.4
Arizona Cardinals420.667166112543.4
San Francisco 49ers330.500148130181.1