NFL Field Goal Attempts Year-by-Year Leaders

For some seasons (1960-1969 & 1947-1950) leaders for both leagues are shown.

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Leaders Table
Year Player FGA Tm
2016Dustin Hopkins (25)42WAS
2015Justin Tucker (25)40BAL
2014Nick Folk (29)39NYJ
2013Stephen Gostkowski (29)41NWE
2013Justin Tucker (23)41BAL
2012David Akers (37)42SFO
2011David Akers (36)52SFO
2010Dan Carpenter (24)41MIA
2010Sebastian Janikowski (32)41OAK
2009David Akers (34)37PHI
2008David Akers (33)40PHI
2008Stephen Gostkowski (24)40NWE
2007Rob Bironas (29)39TEN
2007Mason Crosby (23)39GNB
2006Neil Rackers (30)37ARI
2006Jeff Wilkins (34)37STL
2005Jay Feely (29)42NYG
2005Neil Rackers (29)42ARI
2004Jason Elam (34)34DEN
2003Jeff Wilkins (31)42STL
2002Jay Feely (26)40ATL
2001Kris Brown (24)44PIT
2000Matt Stover (32)39BAL
1999Olindo Mare (26)46MIA
1998Steve Christie (30)41BUF
1997Cary Blanchard (28)41IND
1997John Hall (23)41NYJ
1996John Kasay (26)45CAR
1995Norm Johnson (35)41PIT
1994Morten Andersen+ (34)39NOR
1994Fuad Reveiz (31)39MIN
1993Jeff Jaeger (28)44RAI
1992Chip Lohmiller (26)40WAS
1991Chip Lohmiller (25)43WAS
1990Chip Lohmiller (24)40WAS
1989Chip Lohmiller (23)40WAS
1988Mike Cofer (24)38SFO
1987Morten Andersen+ (27)36NOR
1986Kevin Butler (24)41CHI
1986Tony Franklin (29)41NWE
1985Gary Anderson (26)42PIT
1984Paul McFadden (22)37PHI
1983Mark Moseley (35)47WAS
1982Nick Lowery (26)24KAN
1981Joe Danelo (28)38NYG
1980Eddie Murray (24)42DET
1979Mark Moseley (31)33WAS
1979John Smith (29)33NWE
1978Frank Corral (23)43RAM
1977Mark Moseley (29)37WAS
1976Jan Stenerud+ (33)38KAN
1975Toni Fritsch (30)35DAL
1974Chester Marcol (24)39GNB
1973David Ray (28)47RAM
1972Chester Marcol (22)48GNB
1971Curt Knight (28)49WAS
1970Fred Cox (31)46MIN
1969Jim Turner (28)47NYJ
1969Tom Dempsey (22)41NOR
1968Jim Turner (27)46NYJ
1968Charlie Durkee (24)37NOR
1967Bruce Gossett (25)43RAM
1967Jan Stenerud+ (24)36KAN
1966Bruce Gossett (24)49RAM
1966Booth Lusteg (27)38BUF
1965Pete Gogolak (23)46BUF
1965Fred Cox (26)35MIN
1964Gino Cappelletti (30)39BOS
1964Jim Bakken (23)38STL
1964Paul Hornung+ (28)38GNB
1963Lou Michaels (27)41PIT
1963Gino Cappelletti (29)38BOS
1962Lou Michaels (26)42PIT
1962Gene Mingo (23)39DEN
1961Steve Myhra (27)39BAL
1961Gino Cappelletti (27)32BOS
1960George Blanda+ (32)33HOU
1960Tommy Davis (25)32SFO
1959Pat Summerall (29)29NYG
1958Tom Miner (26)28PIT
1957George Blanda+ (29)26CHI
1956George Blanda+ (28)28CHI
1955Fred Cone (29)24GNB
1955Bert Rechichar (25)24BAL
1955Les Richter+ (24)24RAM
1954Ben Agajanian (35)25NYG
1953Lou Groza+ (29)26CLE
1952Lou Groza+ (28)33CLE
1951Lou Groza+ (27)23CLE
1951Bob Waterfield+ (31)23RAM
1950Lou Groza+ (26)19CLE
1949Ted Fritsch (28)20GNB
1949Harvey Johnson (30)15NYY
1948Lou Groza+ (24)19CLE
1948Pat Harder (26)17CRD
1947Ben Agajanian (28)24LAD
1947Ward Cuff (35)16GNB
1947Bob Waterfield+ (27)16RAM
1946Lou Groza+ (22)29CLE
1946Ted Fritsch (25)17GNB
1945Joe Aguirre (26)13WAS
1945Ken Strong+ (39)13NYG
1944Ken Strong+ (38)12NYG
1943Augie Lio (25)11DET
1942Armand Niccolai (30)14PIT
1941Clarke Hinkle+ (32)14GNB
1940Clarke Hinkle+ (31)14GNB
1940Armand Niccolai (28)14PIT
1939Ward Cuff (27)16NYG
1938Ralph Kercheval (26)13BKN
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