NFL Yards per Kick Return Year-by-Year Leaders (since 1941)

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For some seasons (1960-1969 & 1947-1950) leaders for both leagues are shown.
+ Indicates Hall of Famer, season age in parentheses

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Leaders Table
Year Player Y/Rt Tm
2023Keisean Nixon (26)26.1GNB
2022Dallis Flowers (25)31.1IND
2021Braxton Berrios (25)30.4NYJ
2020Andre Roberts (32)30.0BUF
2019Brandon Wilson (25)31.3CIN
2018Darius Jennings (26)31.7TEN
2017Pharoh Cooper (22)27.4LAR
2016Cordarrelle Patterson (25)31.7MIN
2015Cordarrelle Patterson (24)31.8MIN
2014Adam Jones (30)31.3CIN
2013Cordarrelle Patterson (22)32.4MIN
2012Jacoby Jones (28)30.7BAL
2011Joe McKnight (23)31.6NYJ
2010David Reed (23)29.3BAL
2009Clifton Smith (24)29.1TAM
2008Danieal Manning (26)29.7CHI
2007Josh Cribbs (24)30.7CLE
2006Justin Miller (22)28.3NYJ
2005Terrence McGee (24)30.2BUF
2004Willie Ponder (24)26.9NYG
2003Jerry Azumah (26)29.0CHI
2002MarTay Jenkins (27)28.0ARI
2001Ronney Jenkins (24)26.6SDG
2000Darrick Vaughn (21)27.7ATL
1999Tony Horne (23)29.7STL
1998Terry Fair (22)28.0DET
1997Michael Bates (27)27.3CAR
1996Michael Bates (26)30.2CAR
1995Ron Carpenter (25)27.7NYJ
1994Mel Gray (33)28.4DET
1993Robert Brooks (23)26.6GNB
1992Jon Vaughn (22)28.2NWE
1991Mel Gray (30)25.8DET
1990Kevin Clark (26)25.3DEN
1989Rod Woodson+ (24)27.3PIT
1988Tim Brown+ (22)26.8RAI
1987Sylvester Stamps (26)27.5ATL
1986Dennis Gentry (27)28.8CHI
1985Ron Brown (24)32.8RAM
1984Bobby Humphery (23)30.7NYJ
1983Fulton Walker (25)26.7MIA
1982Mike Mosley (24)27.1BUF
1981Mike Nelms (26)29.7WAS
1980Horace Ivory (26)27.6NWE
1979Jimmy Edwards (26)25.1MIN
1978Steve Odom (26)27.1GNB
1977Raymond Clayborn (22)31.0NWE
1976Lawrence Williams (23)27.5KAN
1975Allen Carter (22)27.5NWE
1974Terry Metcalf (22)31.2STL
1973Wallace Francis (21)29.9BUF
1972Ron Smith (29)30.8CHI
1971Travis Williams (25)29.7RAM
1970Jim Duncan (24)35.4BAL
1969Jim Duncan (23)29.5BAL
1969Bill Thompson (22)28.5DEN
1968Ron Smith (25)27.6RAM
1968George Atkinson (21)25.1OAK
1967Travis Williams (21)41.1GNB
1967Noland Smith (23)28.0KAN
1966Gale Sayers+ (23)31.2CHI
1966Goldie Sellers (24)28.5DEN
1965Gale Sayers+ (22)31.4CHI
1965Abner Haynes (27)26.5DEN
1964Clarence Childs (26)29.0NYG
1964Bo Roberson (29)27.1OAK
1963Abe Woodson (29)32.2SFO
1963Bobby Jancik (23)29.3HOU
1962Abe Woodson (28)31.3SFO
1962Bobby Jancik (22)30.3HOU
1961Dick Bass (24)30.3RAM
1961Al Frazier (26)28.0DEN
1960Ken Hall (24)31.3HOU
1960Lenny Lyles (24)30.9SFO
1959Johnny Sample (23)26.9BAL
1958Bobby Mitchell+ (23)25.2CLE
1957Jon Arnett (22)28.0RAM
1956Tommy Wilson (24)31.8RAM
1955Joe Scudero (25)28.0WAS
1954Les Goble (22)27.7CRD
1953Joe Arenas (27)34.4SFO
1952Lynn Chandnois (27)35.2PIT
1951Don Paul (25)28.3CRD
1950Vitamin Smith (26)33.7RAM
1949Jack Salscheider (24)31.6NYG
1949Billy Grimes (22)25.7LAD
1948Jerry Davis (24)29.1CRD
1948Chet Mutryn (27)26.3BUF
1947Chet Mutryn (26)32.9BUF
1947Eddie Saenz (24)27.5WAS
1946Abe Karnofsky (23)28.5BOS
1946Steve Juzwik (28)21.5BUF
1945Steve Van Buren+ (24)28.7PHI
1944Bob Thurbon (26)24.3CRD
1943Ken Heineman (25)27.8BKN
1942Marshall Goldberg (24)26.2CRD