NFL Yards per Pass Attempt Year-by-Year Playoffs Leaders

Players must meet the minimum requirements to show up on this leaderboard. For some seasons (1960-1969 & 1947-1950) leaders for both leagues are shown.

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Leaders Table
Year Player Y/A Tm
2016Matt Ryan (31)10.3ATL
2015Cam Newton (26)8.4CAR
2015Ben Roethlisberger (33)8.4PIT
2014Russell Wilson (25)10.1SEA
2013Cam Newton (24)10.7CAR
2012Colin Kaepernick (24)10.0SFO
2011Tim Tebow (24)9.6DEN
2010Peyton Manning (34)8.7IND
2009Aaron Rodgers (25)10.1GNB
2008Kurt Warner+ (37)8.5ARI
2007Philip Rivers (25)8.9SDG
2006Chad Pennington (30)7.5NYJ
2005Ben Roethlisberger (23)8.6PIT
2005Tom Brady (28)8.6NWE
2004Peyton Manning (28)9.3IND
2003Jake Delhomme (28)9.7CAR
2002Kelly Holcomb (29)10.0CLE
2001Rich Gannon (35)7.6OAK
2000Kurt Warner+ (29)9.1STL
1999Kurt Warner+ (28)8.8STL
1998Doug Flutie (35)10.0BUF
1997Frank Reich (35)8.6DET
1996Brett Favre+ (26)8.7GNB
1995Rodney Peete (29)10.8PHI
1994Troy Aikman+ (27)8.6DAL
1993Jeff Hostetler (32)13.4RAI
1992Troy Aikman+ (25)8.9DAL
1991Steve Beuerlein (26)10.0DAL
1990Jim Kelly+ (30)10.4BUF
1989Joe Montana+ (33)9.6SFO
1988Joe Montana+ (32)9.1SFO
1987Steve Young+ (25)9.3SFO
1986Phil Simms (30)8.5NYG
1985Tony Eason (25)9.9NWE
1984Dan Marino+ (22)8.6MIA
1983Cliff Stoudt (28)9.4PIT
1982Ken Anderson (33)10.1CIN
1981Don Strock (30)9.4MIA
1980Steve Bartkowski (27)9.7ATL
1979Terry Bradshaw+ (31)9.2PIT
1978Terry Bradshaw+ (30)10.1PIT
1977Ken Stabler+ (31)7.5OAK
1976Terry Bradshaw+ (28)8.3PIT
1975Terry Bradshaw+ (27)9.6PIT
1974Ken Stabler+ (28)8.5OAK
1973Bob Griese+ (28)8.8MIA
1972Terry Bradshaw+ (24)7.0PIT
1971Len Dawson+ (36)9.5KAN
1970Daryle Lamonica (29)11.7OAK
1969Joe Kapp (31)8.6MIN
1968Daryle Lamonica (27)8.7OAK
1967Bart Starr+ (33)8.7GNB
1966Bart Starr+ (32)10.9GNB
1965Bart Starr+ (31)8.2GNB
1965Jack Kemp (30)8.2BUF
1964Frank Ryan (28)11.4CLE
1963Tobin Rote (35)11.5SDG
1962Len Dawson+ (27)6.3DTX
1961Bart Starr+ (27)9.6GNB
1960Norm Van Brocklin+ (34)10.2PHI
1959Johnny Unitas+ (26)9.1BAL
1958Charlie Conerly (36)13.4NYG
1957Tobin Rote (29)10.1DET
1956George Blanda+ (28)5.2CHI
1955Otto Graham+ (33)8.4CLE
1954Bobby Layne+ (27)4.2DET
1953Bobby Layne+ (26)7.2DET
1952Norm Van Brocklin+ (26)8.7RAM
1951Otto Graham+ (29)7.0CLE
1950Bob Waterfield+ (30)11.4RAM
1949Otto Graham+ (27)7.6CLE
1948Y.A. Tittle+ (21)6.0BCL
1947Tommy Thompson (31)7.0PHI
1946Otto Graham+ (24)7.9CLE
1945Frank Filchock (28)12.3WAS
1944Arnie Herber+ (34)5.3NYG
1943Sid Luckman+ (26)11.0CHI
1941Cecil Isbell (26)5.6GNB
1940Sammy Baugh+ (26)6.0WAS
1938Arnie Herber+ (28)8.8GNB
1937Sammy Baugh+ (23)10.2WAS
1936Arnie Herber+ (26)9.2GNB
1933Harry Newman (24)11.0NYG