NFL Punts Blocked Year-by-Year Playoffs Leaders

For some seasons (1960-1969 & 1947-1950) leaders for both leagues are shown.

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  • + indicates Hall of Famer
Leaders Table
Year Player Blck Tm
2014Sam Koch (32)1BAL
2002Tom Tupa (36)1TAM
2002Josh Bidwell (26)1GNB
2000Kyle Richardson (27)2BAL
1999Tom Hutton (27)1MIA
1998Tom Rouen (30)1DEN
1997Tom Rouen (29)1DEN
1995John Jett (26)1DAL
1993Mark Royals (28)1PIT
1992Mike Saxon (30)1DAL
1991Maury Buford (31)1CHI
1990Reggie Roby (29)1MIA
1989Greg Montgomery (24)1HOU
1989Harry Newsome (26)1PIT
1989Bucky Scribner (29)1MIN
1988Greg Montgomery (23)1HOU
1986Dave Jennings (34)1NYJ
1985Rich Camarillo (25)1NWE
1984Craig Colquitt (30)1PIT
1983Jeff Hayes (24)1WAS
1982Chuck Ramsey (30)1NYJ
1982Greg Coleman (27)1MIN
1980Rick Partridge (23)1SDG
1978Glen Walker (26)1RAM
1977David Lee (33)1BAL
1977Rick Engles (23)1PIT
1976Rusty Jackson (25)3RAM
1975Mitch Hoopes (22)1DAL
1974Bobby Walden (36)1PIT
1973Mike Eischeid (32)1MIN
1972Don Cockroft (27)1CLE
1971Steve Spurrier (26)1SFO
1962Max McGee (30)1GNB
1956Ed Brown (27)1CHI
1949Bob Waterfield+ (29)1RAM
1947Bob Cifers (27)1PIT
1943Len Younce (26)1NYG
1939Clarke Hinkle+ (30)2GNB
1938Cecil Isbell (23)1GNB
1936Riley Smith (25)2BOS
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