NFL Touches Year-by-Year Playoffs Leaders

For some seasons (1960-1969 & 1947-1950) leaders for both leagues are shown.

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Leaders Table
Year Player Touch Tm
2016Le'Veon Bell (24)69PIT
2015C.J. Anderson (24)63DEN
2014Marshawn Lynch (28)68SEA
2013Marshawn Lynch (27)66SEA
2012Ray Rice (25)92BAL
2011Ahmad Bradshaw (25)79NYG
2010James Starks (24)89GNB
2009Shonn Greene (24)55NYJ
2008Willie Parker (27)72PIT
2007Laurence Maroney (22)72NWE
2006Joseph Addai (23)98IND
2005Willie Parker (24)67PIT
2004Corey Dillon (29)74NWE
2003Edgerrin James (25)70IND
2002Michael Pittman (27)60TAM
2001Marshall Faulk+ (28)79STL
2000Jamal Lewis (21)108BAL
1999Eddie George (25)118TEN
1998Terrell Davis+ (25)82DEN
1997Terrell Davis+ (24)120DEN
1996Natrone Means (24)76JAX
1995Emmitt Smith+ (26)80DAL
1994Natrone Means (22)63SDG
1993Emmitt Smith+ (24)79DAL
1992Emmitt Smith+ (23)84DAL
1991Thurman Thomas+ (25)69BUF
1990Thurman Thomas+ (24)85BUF
1989Roger Craig (29)70SFO
1988Ickey Woods (22)72CIN
1987Timmy Smith (23)54WAS
1986Joe Morris (25)78NYG
1985Craig James (24)78NWE
1984Tony Nathan (27)64MIA
1983John Riggins+ (34)88WAS
1982John Riggins+ (33)137WAS
1981Pete Johnson (27)58CIN
1980Wilbert Montgomery (25)77PHI
1979Franco Harris+ (29)76PIT
1978Earl Campbell+ (23)78HOU
1977Chuck Foreman (26)58MIN
1976Chuck Foreman (25)62MIN
1975Franco Harris+ (25)87PIT
1974Franco Harris+ (24)88PIT
1973Larry Csonka+ (26)82MIA
1972Larry Brown (24)84WAS
1971Duane Thomas (24)60DAL
1970Duane Thomas (23)81DAL
1969Mike Garrett (25)45KAN
1968Matt Snell (27)54NYJ
1967Donny Anderson (24)52GNB
1966Mike Garrett (22)34KAN
1965Jim Taylor+ (29)54GNB
1964Jim Brown+ (28)30CLE
1963Larry Garron (26)30BOS
1962Jim Taylor+ (26)34GNB
1961Paul Hornung+ (25)23GNB
1960Jim Taylor+ (24)30GNB
1959Alan Ameche (26)10BAL
1959Frank Gifford+ (29)10NYG
1958Frank Gifford+ (28)39NYG
1957Jim Brown+ (21)24CLE
1956Rick Casares (25)18CHI
1955Ron Waller (22)18RAM
1955Ed Modzelewski (26)18CLE
1954Lew Carpenter (22)14DET
1953Bob Hoernschemeyer (27)19DET
1952Doak Walker+ (25)21DET
1951Dan Towler (23)16RAM
1950Dick Hoerner (28)32RAM
1949Steve Van Buren+ (28)31PHI
1948Steve Van Buren+ (27)26PHI
1947Steve Van Buren+ (26)41PHI
1946Spec Sanders (28)16NYY
1945Jim Gillette (27)20RAM
1944Ted Fritsch (23)18GNB
1943Andy Farkas (27)41WAS
1942Bob Seymour (26)16WAS
1941Norm Standlee (22)35CHI
1940Ray Nolting (26)14CHI
1939Tuffy Leemans+ (26)17NYG
1938Hank Soar (24)24NYG
1937Cliff Battles+ (27)20WAS
1936Clarke Hinkle+ (27)17GNB
1935Buddy Parker (21)20DET
1934Bronko Nagurski+ (25)25CHI
1933Bronko Nagurski+ (24)13CHI
1933Gene Ronzani (24)13CHI
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