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In multiple seasons, from 1950 to 2017, playing for the Indianapolis (Bal) Colts, in the Playoffs, requiring Receiving Yds >= 100, sorted by descending Receiving Yds

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Query Results

Query Results Table
Rk Player From To Lg Tm G W L T W-L% Tgt Rec Yds Y/R TD Ctch% Y/Tgt
1Reggie Wayne20022014NFLCLT2111100.52415793125413.48959.2%7.99
2Marvin Harrison*19962008NFLCLT16790.4381336588313.58248.9%6.64
3Dallas Clark20042009NFLCLT12750.583946484713.23468.1%9.01
4T.Y. Hilton20122014NFLCLT6330.500653660416.78255.4%9.29
5Eddie Hinton19701971NFLCLT5410.80071838021.11154.29
6Pierre Garcon20092010NFLCLT4220.500392636313.96366.7%9.31
7Brandon Stokley20032005NFLCLT6330.500332233315.14366.7%10.09
8Joseph Addai20062010NFLCLT10640.60055462986.48083.6%5.42
9John Mackey*19641971NFLCLT10640.600101729617.41229.60
10Raymond Berry*19581965NFLCLT4220.5002028414.201
11Willie Richardson19681971CLT4220.500151528418.93018.93
12Lenny Moore*19581965NFLCLT4220.5001324618.921
13Coby Fleener20122014NFLCLT6330.500352124211.52160.0%6.91
14Austin Collie20092009NFLCLT3210.667261724114.18265.4%9.27
15Marcus Pollard19952004CLT11470.364341622514.06147.1%6.62
16Edgerrin James19992005NFLCLT9360.33344282227.93063.6%5.05
17Sean Dawkins19951996NFLCLT4220.500211520013.33171.4%9.52
18Anthony Gonzalez20072008NFLCLT2020.000131017617.60176.9%13.54
19LaVon Brazill20122013NFLCLT3120.33315714420.57246.7%9.60
20Jimmy Orr19641970NFLCLT6330.5008914215.78017.75
Rk Player From To Lg Tm G W L T W-L% Tgt Rec Yds Y/R TD Ctch% Y/Tgt
21Dwayne Allen20122014NFLCLT4220.50019151419.40178.9%7.42
22Roy Jefferson19701970NFLCLT33001.0007813917.38119.86
23Floyd Turner19951995NFLCLT3210.66720913414.89245.0%6.70
24Dan Herron20142014NFLCLT3210.66723201286.40087.0%5.57
25Jerome Pathon19992000NFLCLT2020.000151011311.30166.7%7.53
26Tom Mitchell19681971CLT8620.7504911212.44128.00
27Ray Perkins19681971CLT8620.7501610918.171109.00
28Glenn Doughty19751977NFLCLT3030.000410827.001
29Lydell Mitchell19751977NFLCLT3030.000121018.420
30Lamont Warren19951996NFLCLT4220.50020131007.69065.0%5.00
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