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For single seasons, from 1920 to 2013, played , requiring Field Goals Att >= 30 and Field Goal % >= 90, sorted by descending Age

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Query Results Table
Games Scoring
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
1John Carney200844NYGNFL15003838100.0353892.1143
2Gary Anderson 1998397-171MINNFL16005959100.03535100.0164
3John Kasay2008394-98CARNFL16004646100.0283190.3130
4Jason Elam2008383-70ATLNFL16004242100.0293193.5129
5Matt Stover20063812-329BALNFL16003737100.0283093.3121
6Phil Dawson201237CLENFL16002929100.0293193.5116
7Al Del Greco 199836TENNFL16002828100.0363992.3136
8Matt Stover20043612-329BALNFL16003030100.0293290.6117
9Matt Bryant201035ATLNFL16004444100.0283190.3128
10Gary Anderson 1993347-171PITNFL16003232100.0283093.3116
11Sebastian Janikowski2012341-17OAKNFL16002525100.0313491.2118
12Nick Lowery199034KANNFL1600373897.4343791.9139
13Neil Rackers2010346-169HOUNFL16004343100.0273090.0124
14Rob Bironas201133TENNFL16003434100.0293290.6121
15Mike Vanderjagt200333INDNFL16004646100.03737100.0157
16Nick Novak201332SDGNFL16004242100.0343791.9144
17Shaun Suisham201332PITNFL16003939100.0303293.8129
18Adam Vinatieri200432NWENFL16004848100.0313393.9141
19Shaun Suisham201231PITNFL16003434100.0283190.3118
20Jeff Wilkins 200331STLNFL16004646100.0394292.9163
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS TD XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 2PM Sfty Pts
21Shayne Graham200730CINNFL16003737100.0313491.2130
22Adam Vinatieri200230NWENFL16003636100.0273090.0117
23Nick Folk2013296-178NYJNFL16002727100.0333691.7126
24Stephen Gostkowski2013294-118NWENFL16004444100.0384192.7158
25Neil Rackers2005296-169ARINFL15002020100.0404295.2140
26Cary Blanchard 199628INDNFL16002727100.0364090.0135
27Dan Carpenter201328BUFNFL16003232100.0333691.7131
28Stephen Hauschka201328SEANFL16004444100.0333594.3143
29Richie Cunningham199727DALNFL16002424100.0343791.9126
30Nate Kaeding2009273-65SDGNFL1600505198.0323591.4146
31Olindo Mare200027MIANFL1600333497.1283190.3117
32Dan Bailey201325DALNFL16004747100.0283093.3131
33Dan Bailey201224DALNFL16003737100.0293193.5124
34Stephen Gostkowski2008244-118NWENFL16004040100.0364090.0148
35Justin Tucker201324BALNFL16002626100.0384192.7140
36Justin Tucker201223BALNFL16004242100.0303390.9132
37Blair Walsh2012226-175MINNFL16003636100.0353892.1141
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