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Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Cmp%+ Y/A+ TD%+ Int%+ Rate+ Sack%+ AY/A+ NY/A+ ANY/A+
1Husain Abdullah201025MINNFL1515
2Husain Abdullah201429KANNFL1616
3Oday Aboushi2014235-141NYJNFL1510
4Donnie Abraham2002293-71NYJNFL1616
5Donnie Abraham2004313-71NYJNFL1616
6John Abraham2013351-13ARINFL1613
7John Abraham2002241-13NYJNFL1616
8John Abraham2009311-13ATLNFL1615
9John Abraham2004261-13NYJNFL1212
10John Abraham2010321-13ATLNFL1513
11John Abraham2005271-13NYJNFL1615
12John Abraham2011331-13ATLNFL1515
13John Abraham2007291-13ATLNFL1616
14John Abraham2012341-13ATLNFL1615
15John Abraham2008301-13ATLNFL1616
16Sam Acho2011234-103ARINFL1610
17Sam Acho2012244-103ARINFL1616
18Anthony Adams2010302-57CHINFL1616
19Anthony Adams2004242-57SFONFL1412
20Anthony Adams2005252-57SFONFL1616
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Cmp%+ Y/A+ TD%+ Int%+ Rate+ Sack%+ AY/A+ NY/A+ ANY/A+
21Davante Adams2014222-53GNBNFL1611
22Flozell Adams2004292-38DALNFL1616
23Flozell Adams2010352-38PITNFL1616
24Flozell Adams2006312-38DALNFL1616
25Flozell Adams2007322-38DALNFL1616
26Flozell Adams2002272-38DALNFL1616
27Flozell Adams2008332-38DALNFL1616
28Flozell Adams2003282-38DALNFL1616
29Flozell Adams2009342-38DALNFL1616
30Gaines Adams2008251-4TAMNFL1616
31Keith Adams2005267-232PHINFL1616
32Mike Adams200524SFONFL1410
33Mike Adams201130CLENFL1616
34Mike Adams201231DENNFL1616
35Mike Adams201433INDNFL1616
36Mike Adams2013232-56PITNFL1510
37Sam Adams2003301-8BUFNFL1515
38Sam Adams2004311-8BUFNFL1616
39Sam Adams2006331-8CINNFL1616
40Sam Adams2007341-8DENNFL1111
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Cmp%+ Y/A+ TD%+ Int%+ Rate+ Sack%+ AY/A+ NY/A+ ANY/A+
41Sam Adams2002291-8OAKNFL1514
42Joseph Addai2008251-30INDNFL1212
43Joseph Addai2011281-30INDNFL1211
44Joseph Addai2007241-30INDNFL1515
45Al Afalava2009226-190CHINFL1313
46Chidi Ahanotu2002326-145BUFNFL1614
47Branden Albert2012281-15KANNFL1311
48Branden Albert2008241-15KANNFL1515
49Branden Albert2013291-15KANNFL1212
50Branden Albert2009251-15KANNFL1414
51Branden Albert2010261-15KANNFL1515
52Branden Albert2011271-15KANNFL1616
53Brent Alexander200433NYGNFL1616
54Brent Alexander200534NYGNFL1616
55Brent Alexander200231PITNFL1616
56Brent Alexander200332PITNFL1616
57Gerald Alexander2007232-61DETNFL1616
58Gerald Alexander2009252-61JAXNFL1510
59Lorenzo Alexander201027WASNFL1612
60Shaun Alexander2006291-19SEANFL1010
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Cmp%+ Y/A+ TD%+ Int%+ Rate+ Sack%+ AY/A+ NY/A+ ANY/A+
61Shaun Alexander2002251-19SEANFL1616
62Shaun Alexander2007301-19SEANFL1310
63Shaun Alexander2003261-19SEANFL1615
64Shaun Alexander2004271-19SEANFL1616
65Shaun Alexander2005281-19SEANFL1616
66Stephen Alexander2006312-48DENNFL1614
67Stephen Alexander2002272-48SDGNFL1414
68Stephen Alexander2004292-48DETNFL1615
69Stephen Alexander2005302-48DENNFL1615
70Robert Alford2014262-60ATLNFL1010
71Asher Allen2010223-86MINNFL1411
72Dwayne Allen2012223-64INDNFL1616
73Dwayne Allen2014243-64INDNFL1313
74Ian Allen200325NYGNFL1611
75James Allen2004253-82NORNFL1610
76Jared Allen2006244-126KANNFL1616
77Jared Allen2011294-126MINNFL1616
78Jared Allen2007254-126KANNFL1414
79Jared Allen2012304-126MINNFL1616
80Jared Allen2008264-126MINNFL1616
Rk Player Year Age Draft Tm Lg G GS Cmp%+ Y/A+ TD%+ Int%+ Rate+ Sack%+ AY/A+ NY/A+ ANY/A+
81Jared Allen2013314-126MINNFL1616
82Jared Allen2004224-126KANNFL1510
83Jared Allen2009274-126MINNFL1616
84Jared Allen2014324-126CHINFL1515
85Jared Allen2005234-126KANNFL1615
86Jared Allen2010284-126MINNFL1616
87Jeff Allen2012222-44KANNFL1613
88Jeff Allen2013232-44KANNFL1514
89Keenan Allen2013213-76SDGNFL1514
90Keenan Allen2014223-76SDGNFL1414
91Larry Allen*2004332-46DALNFL1616
92Larry Allen*2005342-46DALNFL1616
93Larry Allen*2006352-46SFONFL1111
94Larry Allen*2007362-46SFONFL1616
95Larry Allen*2003322-46DALNFL1616
96Nate Allen2010232-37PHINFL1313
97Nate Allen2011242-37PHINFL1512
98Nate Allen2012252-37PHINFL1513
99Nate Allen2013262-37PHINFL1616
100Nate Allen2014272-37PHINFL1515
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