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From 1920 to 2016, any team, vs. any team, in the regular season, streaks of at least 13 losses

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Team Streaks Table
Points Passing Rushing
Rk Tm Games W L T Pts PtsO Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD FL From To Games
1Chicago Cardinals, Chi/Pit Cards/Steelers290290253769275749348715108621232115281942-10-251945-10-07See all games »
2Tampa Bay Buccaneers2602601786142976752498104981126848321976-09-121977-12-04See all games »
3Detroit Lions19019032162333762435402026423154112112007-12-302009-09-20See all games »
Oakland Raiders19019029156427663231651840456178716251961-11-111962-12-09See all games »
5Houston Oilers1801802125462514841835113650119409161972-10-091973-10-28See all games »
6Cleveland Browns17017025848334660933801417364176911102015-12-202016-12-18See all games »
Dayton Triangles17*0170223010000000001927-10-091929-11-24See all games »
Houston Oilers17017027349828353632061831486183915251982-11-211983-11-06See all games »
St. Louis Rams1701701964983225753197132244918263182008-10-262009-10-25See all games »
Washington Redskins1701701694692134602044114148114167171960-10-301961-11-12See all games »
11Miami Dolphins16016024541630053627931019391168912122006-12-172007-12-09See all games »
Pittsburgh Steelers1601602294412054552455183344616569201969-09-281970-10-03See all games »
Oakland Raiders1601602804723526053610212132811768142013-11-242014-11-16See all games »
Rochester Jeffersons160160203740000000001922-10-151925-09-27See all games »
15Buffalo Bills1501501844382274502244133333713725181970-11-221971-11-21See all games »
Carolina Panthers1501502293973015572682112131612818122001-09-232002-01-06See all games »
17Buffalo Bills1401401963741754141802122453024368291976-10-101977-10-09See all games »
Baltimore Colts1401402074842364312706182235714738121981-09-131981-12-13See all games »
Houston Texans140140215376311540320413193581451692013-09-222013-12-29See all games »
New Orleans Saints1401402434292884953098232230111526131980-09-071980-12-07See all games »
New England Patriots1401401414052414612395111931811933161990-09-231990-12-30See all games »
Philadelphia Eagles140140652601749318040357041936-09-201937-09-21See all games »
23Buffalo Bills1301301873762554882358142529812595151983-12-111984-11-11See all games »
Indianapolis Colts1301301843822414362446111229412387122011-09-112011-12-11See all games »
Indianapolis Colts1301301473392434942547101932711427201986-09-071986-11-30See all games »
Detroit Lions1301302343422804972947152128210697102000-12-242001-12-09See all games »
Points Passing Rushing
Rk Tm Games W L T Pts PtsO Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD FL From To Games
Jacksonville Jaguars13013015340028651529248212881005542012-12-022013-10-27See all games »
San Francisco 49ers130130236434220397229717935617379112016-09-182016-12-18See all games »
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