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Team Streaks Table
Points Passing Rushing
Rk Tm Games W L T Pts PtsO Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD FL From To Games
1Indianapolis Colts2323006223845978546563511954719651872008-11-022009-12-17See all games »
2New England Patriots212100729345503732570956961124722582006-12-172008-09-14See all games »
3New England Patriots18180042525133756639512911541194612142003-10-052004-10-24See all games »
4Denver Broncos17170061133345263352624810528201817152012-10-152013-10-13See all games »
5Pittsburgh Steelers1616003962142223352844221163326051662004-09-262005-09-18See all games »
6Green Bay Packers151500521298351509458044839014731372010-12-262011-12-11See all games »
7Indianapolis Colts131300392180269395323127841716251762005-09-112005-12-11See all games »
New Orleans Saints13130046627430243337333210400180618112009-09-132009-12-13See all games »
Tennessee Titans131300296164224372241911744617001872007-12-162008-11-16See all games »
10San Diego Chargers111100330184230336291822732611351432009-10-252010-01-03See all games »
San Diego Chargers111100328221185308216315734917672452006-10-292007-09-09See all games »
Seattle Seahawks111100346172204312230219737618172222005-10-092005-12-24See all games »
13Indianapolis Colts1010002662022313522660204258971952006-01-012006-11-12See all games »
New England Patriots101000372170228332303530129313161312010-11-142011-09-18See all games »
15Atlanta Falcons990026516721932024021972401039822012-01-012012-11-04See all games »
Detroit Lions990024315219531322251872381024612010-12-122011-10-10See all games »
Kansas City Chiefs99002151111883151785942551071742013-09-082013-11-03See all games »
Kansas City Chiefs9900287150172284212214726111221642003-09-072003-11-09See all games »
Minnesota Vikings9900269188167254224919527812521252002-12-152003-10-19See all games »
New England Patriots9900325171213322270721227410331312011-11-132012-09-09See all games »
New England Patriots990026313619929921081572791095942001-11-252002-09-22See all games »
Philadelphia Eagles9900234140154253186011424512031442003-10-192003-12-15See all games »
Seattle Seahawks9900302107145227189916531416361542012-12-022013-09-29See all games »
24Atlanta Falcons880023916018829118391652449081012010-10-242010-12-19See all games »
Carolina Panthers880021199153239161313625310041012013-10-132013-12-01See all games »
Chicago Bears880013968103196952772551089482005-10-162005-12-04See all games »
Points Passing Rushing
Rk Tm Games W L T Pts PtsO Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD FL From To Games
Indianapolis Colts8800251124175271209315325310991332006-12-312007-10-28See all games »
Indianapolis Colts880029014018025923372762261040412004-11-082004-12-26See all games »
Green Bay Packers88001871082013342149118203638652006-12-102007-09-30See all games »
New Orleans Saints880028715023031927332742191188822011-11-062012-01-01See all games »
Tennessee Titans880016810914022316611182781070452000-09-102000-11-05See all games »
Philadelphia Eagles88002171111822812118173186832532003-12-272004-10-31See all games »
Baltimore Ravens88002107314122114801392881147852000-11-052001-09-09See all games »
San Diego Chargers8800231126146222168315329011701362004-10-242004-12-19See all games »
San Francisco 49ers880019910114323316271132591183752011-09-252011-11-20See all games »
36Carolina Panthers7700135881071901004772511033562002-12-222003-10-12See all games »
Chicago Bears7700221691382271621137218731642006-09-102006-10-29See all games »
Dallas Cowboys77002201311682261867205189759632007-10-212007-12-09See all games »
Green Bay Packers77002101091552381696143201818662002-09-222002-11-10See all games »
Green Bay Packers7700197741472451668136229912742000-12-032001-09-30See all games »
Houston Texans77001898411518814229227312181272011-10-232011-12-11See all games »
Minnesota Vikings77002091401442101557133201860922008-12-282009-10-18See all games »
Minnesota Vikings770018413711919115881472111046742000-09-032000-10-22See all games »
New England Patriots77002771371932832194224209857702014-10-052014-11-23See all games »
New England Patriots770028413716025619571922179051022012-10-212012-12-10See all games »
New York Giants7700211122128211133712424110161032008-10-192008-11-30See all games »
Pittsburgh Steelers77001811011282091585812731236922001-11-112001-12-23See all games »
St. Louis Rams77002141391522431503912189764942003-11-092003-12-21See all games »
St. Louis Rams77002021021702461910135188935982000-12-242001-10-21See all games »
Seattle Seahawks77002031051251811581142223959752013-10-132013-12-02See all games »
San Francisco 49ers77001871111181881491121219918422013-11-252014-09-07See all games »
Points Passing Rushing
Rk Tm Games W L T Pts PtsO Cmp Att Yds TD Int Att Yds TD FL From To Games
Washington Redskins7700210140114170146715323712281022012-11-182012-12-30See all games »
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