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In a single game, from 1950 to 2019, playing for the Dallas Cowboys, in the Playoffs, at Texas Stadium, sorted by descending Passing TD

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Query Results Table
Rk Tm Year Date Time LTime Opp Week G# Day Result OT Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Sk Yds Rate
1DAL19931994-01-1612:3011:30GNB2017SunW 27-17283775.728432418101.6
2DAL19931994-01-234:003:00SFO2118SunW 38-21192867.92533027132.0
3DAL19801980-12-281:3012:30RAM1717SunW 34-13122548.0190330073.7
4DAL19731973-12-234:003:00RAM1515SunW 27-1681650.01362274479.2
5DAL19831983-12-262:301:30RAM1717MonL 17-24325360.43002333065.0
6DAL19921993-01-1012:3011:30PHI1917SunW 34-10152560.018620214109.7
7DAL19941995-01-0812:3011:30GNB1917SunW 35-9233271.93302117112.8
8DAL19951996-01-144:003:00GNB2018SunW 38-27213363.62502015106.9
9DAL19821983-01-094:003:00TAM1810SunW 30-17274560.02772253574.0
10DAL19821983-01-164:003:00GNB1911SunW 37-26243764.9266111883.8
11DAL19771977-12-262:001:00CHI1515MonW 37-781457.1132112283.0
12DAL19771978-01-015:004:00MIN1616SunW 23-6122352.2158112770.6
13DAL19781978-12-304:003:00ATL1817SatW 27-20173745.92211111163.0
14DAL19951996-01-0712:3011:30PHI1917SunW 30-11172470.82441119100.0
15DAL19791979-12-304:003:00RAM1817SunL 19-21132944.8150111058.1
16DAL19811982-01-021:0012:00TAM1817SatW 38-0152657.71331011084.3
17DAL19981999-01-024:003:00ARI1817SatL 7-20224944.91641342734.7
18DAL20072008-01-134:453:45NYG1917SunL 17-21183650.01821121962.5
19DAL19711972-01-021:3012:30SFO1616SunW 14-391850.0720063160.4
20DAL19731973-12-301:0012:00MIN1616SunL 10-27102147.6630432614.7
Rk Tm Year Date Time LTime Opp Week G# Day Result OT Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Sk Yds Rate
21DAL19761976-12-195:304:30RAM1515SunL 12-14153740.51260342416.3
22DAL19961996-12-284:003:00MIN1817SatW 40-15213167.7183011969.7
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