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Query Results

Query Results Table
Rk Tm Year W L T W-L% Count
101Detroit Lions20110100.0001Ind. Games
102Detroit Lions20070100.0001Ind. Games
103Detroit Lions20120100.0001Ind. Games
104Detroit Lions20080100.0001Ind. Games
105Detroit Lions20181001.0001Ind. Games
106Green Bay Packers20011001.0001Ind. Games
107Green Bay Packers20111001.0001Ind. Games
108Green Bay Packers20040100.0001Ind. Games
109Green Bay Packers20130100.0001Ind. Games
110Green Bay Packers20080100.0001Ind. Games
111Green Bay Packers20090100.0001Ind. Games
112Green Bay Packers20160100.0001Ind. Games
113Houston Texans20030100.0001Ind. Games
114Houston Texans20130100.0001Ind. Games
115Houston Texans20040100.0001Ind. Games
116Houston Texans20150100.0001Ind. Games
117Houston Texans20060100.0001Ind. Games
118Houston Texans20180100.0001Ind. Games
119Houston Texans20121001.0001Ind. Games
120Jacksonville Jaguars20070100.0001Ind. Games
Rk Tm Year W L T W-L% Count
121Jacksonville Jaguars20150100.0001Ind. Games
122Jacksonville Jaguars20110100.0001Ind. Games
123Jacksonville Jaguars20000100.0001Ind. Games
124Jacksonville Jaguars20140100.0001Ind. Games
125Kansas City Chiefs20130100.0001Ind. Games
126Kansas City Chiefs20030100.0001Ind. Games
127Kansas City Chiefs20170100.0001Ind. Games
128Miami Dolphins20080100.0001Ind. Games
129Miami Dolphins20161001.0001Ind. Games
130Miami Dolphins20100100.0001Ind. Games
131Miami Dolphins20170100.0001Ind. Games
132Miami Dolphins20110100.0001Ind. Games
133Miami Dolphins20120100.0001Ind. Games
134Minnesota Vikings20110100.0001Ind. Games
135Minnesota Vikings20180100.0001Ind. Games
136Minnesota Vikings20000100.0001Ind. Games
137Minnesota Vikings20050100.0001Ind. Games
138New Orleans Saints20040100.0001Ind. Games
139New Orleans Saints20170100.0001Ind. Games
140New Orleans Saints20180100.0001Ind. Games
Rk Tm Year W L T W-L% Count
141New England Patriots20111001.0001Ind. Games
142New England Patriots20120100.0001Ind. Games
143New England Patriots20170100.0001Ind. Games
144New York Giants20110100.0001Ind. Games
145New York Giants20181001.0001Ind. Games
146New York Giants20120100.0001Ind. Games
147New York Giants20140100.0001Ind. Games
148New York Giants20100100.0001Ind. Games
149New York Giants20150100.0001Ind. Games
150New York Jets20020100.0001Ind. Games
151New York Jets20030100.0001Ind. Games
152New York Jets20081001.0001Ind. Games
153Tennessee Titans20110100.0001Ind. Games
154Tennessee Titans20040100.0001Ind. Games
155Tennessee Titans20121001.0001Ind. Games
156Tennessee Titans20090100.0001Ind. Games
157Tennessee Titans20130100.0001Ind. Games
158Tennessee Titans20101001.0001Ind. Games
159Philadelphia Eagles20091001.0001Ind. Games
160Philadelphia Eagles20171001.0001Ind. Games
Rk Tm Year W L T W-L% Count
161Philadelphia Eagles20050100.0001Ind. Games
162Pittsburgh Steelers20130100.0001Ind. Games
163Pittsburgh Steelers20010100.0001Ind. Games
164Pittsburgh Steelers20061001.0001Ind. Games
165Oakland Raiders20101001.0001Ind. Games
166Oakland Raiders20001001.0001Ind. Games
167Oakland Raiders20030100.0001Ind. Games
168Oakland Raiders20150100.0001Ind. Games
169St. Louis Rams20140100.0001Ind. Games
170St. Louis Rams20070100.0001Ind. Games
171Los Angeles Rams20160100.0001Ind. Games
172St. Louis Rams20110100.0001Ind. Games
173Los Angeles Rams20181001.0001Ind. Games
174Baltimore Ravens20001001.0001Ind. Games
175Baltimore Ravens20150100.0001Ind. Games
176Baltimore Ravens20101001.0001Ind. Games
177Baltimore Ravens20170100.0001Ind. Games
178Baltimore Ravens20130100.0001Ind. Games
179Baltimore Ravens20141001.0001Ind. Games
180San Diego Chargers20061001.0001Ind. Games
Rk Tm Year W L T W-L% Count
181San Diego Chargers20150100.0001Ind. Games
182San Diego Chargers20070100.0001Ind. Games
183Los Angeles Chargers20180100.0001Ind. Games
184Seattle Seahawks20080100.0001Ind. Games
185Seattle Seahawks20151001.0001Ind. Games
186Seattle Seahawks20021001.0001Ind. Games
187Seattle Seahawks20171001.0001Ind. Games
188San Francisco 49ers20000100.0001Ind. Games
189San Francisco 49ers20111001.0001Ind. Games
190San Francisco 49ers20170100.0001Ind. Games
191San Francisco 49ers20021001.0001Ind. Games
192San Francisco 49ers20121001.0001Ind. Games
193San Francisco 49ers20180100.0001Ind. Games
194San Francisco 49ers20050100.0001Ind. Games
195San Francisco 49ers20071001.0001Ind. Games
196Tampa Bay Buccaneers20140100.0001Ind. Games
197Tampa Bay Buccaneers20160100.0001Ind. Games
198Tampa Bay Buccaneers20061001.0001Ind. Games
199Tampa Bay Buccaneers20170100.0001Ind. Games
200Tampa Bay Buccaneers20120100.0001Ind. Games
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