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Date Tm Opp Quarter Time Down ToGo Location Score Detail Yds EPB EPA Diff
2013-10-27RaidersSteelers114:55110RAI 76-0Terrelle Pryor right tackle for 93 yards, touchdown93-0.3807.0007.38
2013-10-27CardinalsFalcons27:38110CRD 2013-6Andre Ellington up the middle for 80 yards, touchdown800.2807.0006.72
2013-11-17RaidersTexans32:39110RAI 2027-17Rashad Jennings left guard for 80 yards, touchdown800.2807.0006.72
2013-12-08BuccaneersBills114:56210TAM 206-0Bobby Rainey left tackle for 80 yards, touchdown80-0.2707.0007.27
2013-09-08VikingsLions110:52110MIN 226-0Adrian Peterson up the middle for 78 yards, touchdown780.4107.0006.59
2013-12-01BillsFalcons112:2128BUF 170-0C.J. Spiller up the middle for 77 yards (tackle by Desmond Trufant)77-0.4405.8306.27
2013-11-17JetsBills44:02110NYJ 2014-37Chris Ivory up the middle for 69 yards (tackle by Aaron Williams and Jairus Byrd)690.2804.8404.56
2013-10-06PackersLions37:24110GNB 116-3Randall Cobb left end for 67 yards (tackle by Stephen Tulloch)67-0.3704.1104.48
2013-11-24RamsBears113:4425RAM 356-0Tavon Austin right end for 65 yards, touchdown651.0707.0005.93
2013-12-22EaglesBears46:24110PHI 3553-11Bryce Brown up the middle for 65 yards, touchdown651.2707.0005.73
2013-09-22FalconsDolphins410:14110ATL 1923-20Jason Snelling left end for 63 yards (tackle by Jared Odrick). Penalty on Tony Gonzalez: Offensive Holding, 9 yards (no play)630.150-0.720-0.87
2013-12-08RaidersJets314:08110RAI 379-20Marcel Reece left tackle for 63 yards, touchdown631.4007.0005.60
2013-09-19EaglesChiefs16:22110PHI 130-10Michael Vick up the middle for 61 yards (tackle by Sean Smith)61-0.3203.8404.16
2013-11-03BillsChiefs315:00110BUF 2010-3C.J. Spiller up the middle for 61 yards (tackle by Sean Smith)610.2804.3104.03
2013-09-15TexansTitans114:0226HTX 340-0Ben Tate left end for 60 yards (tackle by Zach Brown)600.9305.8304.90
2013-09-29VikingsSteelers212:52110MIN 4016-7Adrian Peterson right guard for 60 yards, touchdown601.6007.0005.40
2013-12-15PackersCowboys315:00110GNB 203-26Eddie Lacy left tackle for 60 yards (tackle by Jeff Heath)600.2804.2403.96
2013-09-22BillsJets10:2631BUF 200-7Fred Jackson up the middle for 59 yards (tackle by Antonio Cromartie)59-0.3704.1704.54
2013-12-08EaglesLions413:23110PHI 4320-20LeSean McCoy left tackle for 57 yards, touchdown571.8007.0005.20
2013-11-04PackersBears313:57110GNB 4310-17Eddie Lacy right guard for 56 yards (tackle by Tim Jennings)561.8006.9705.17
2013-11-10RamsColts43:29110RAM 538-8Benny Cunningham left end for 56 yards (tackle by Antoine Bethea)56-0.3802.9803.36
2013-12-01PanthersBuccaneers17:54211CAR 290-3Cam Newton left tackle for 56 yards (tackle by Dashon Goldson)560.2604.5804.32
2013-12-08RamsCardinals31:06110RAM 403-23Tavon Austin left end for 56 yards (tackle by Karlos Dansby). Penalty on Karlos Dansby: Unnecessary Roughness, 2 yards561.6006.7405.14
2013-09-22BearsSteelers13:57110CHI 4010-0Matt Forte right guard for 55 yards (tackle by Troy Polamalu)551.6006.0604.46
2013-12-08DolphinsSteelers43:5921MIA 2924-28Daniel Thomas left tackle for 55 yards (tackle by William Gay)550.9504.5103.56
2013-10-03BillsBrowns314:01110BUF 4616-17C.J. Spiller left guard for 54 yards, touchdown541.9907.0005.01
2013-09-29BearsLions213:54110CHI 479-6Matt Forte right end for 53 yards, touchdown532.0607.0004.94
2013-11-03VikingsCowboys48:41110MIN 2817-20Adrian Peterson right end for 52 yards (tackle by Orlando Scandrick)520.8104.2403.43
2013-11-03JetsSaints214:57212NYJ 23-7Chris Ivory right tackle for 52 yards (tackle by Kenny Vaccaro)52-0.9302.5203.45
2013-09-22PackersBengals36:4525GNB 1323-14Johnathan Franklin left end for 51 yards (tackle by Leon Hall)51-0.4103.1803.59
2013-11-17ChargersDolphins31:22110SDG 3313-17Ryan Mathews left end for 51 yards (tackle by Reshad Jones)511.1404.5103.37
2013-12-0849ersSeahawks44:21110SFO 3116-17Frank Gore left tackle for 51 yards (tackle by Richard Sherman)511.0004.3703.37
2013-12-22ColtsChiefs313:08110CLT 4919-7Donald Brown right guard for 51 yards, touchdown512.1907.0004.81
2013-09-08FalconsSaints313:0826ATL 4510-13Steven Jackson right tackle for 50 yards (tackle by Malcolm Jenkins)501.6606.0604.40
2013-09-29ColtsJaguars27:5829CLT 3310-3Donald Brown up the middle for 50 yards (tackle by Mike Harris)500.6604.4403.78
2013-10-20BearsRedskins36:4322 5023-24Matt Forte right guard for 50 yards, touchdown502.2707.0004.73
2013-11-17FalconsBuccaneers45:33210 5019-41Antone Smith up the middle for 50 yards, touchdown501.7107.0005.29
2013-12-29VikingsLions12:56110DET 506-0Cordarrelle Patterson right end for 50 yards, touchdown. Penalty on Don Carey: Defensive Holding (Declined)502.2607.0004.74
2013-09-22DolphinsFalcons213:02110MIA 200-10Lamar Miller right tackle for 49 yards (tackle by Osi Umenyiora)490.2803.5103.23
2013-12-29GiantsRedskins30:02110WAS 4916-6Jerrel Jernigan left end for 49 yards, touchdown492.3207.0004.68
2013-12-05JaguarsTexans37:0829JAX 1817-10Maurice Jones-Drew right end for 48 yards (tackle by Brice McCain)48-0.4203.3103.73
2013-12-08DolphinsSteelers12:52110MIA 390-7Ryan Tannehill left tackle for 48 yards (tackle by Ike Taylor)481.5304.7103.18
2013-09-29PatriotsFalcons414:37110ATL 4719-10LeGarrette Blount left guard for 47 yards, touchdown472.4607.0004.54
2013-11-17RavensBears111:4921RAV 430-0Ray Rice left end for 47 yards (tackle by Major Wright)471.8704.9103.04
2013-09-15BillsPanthers48:41110BUF 2014-20C.J. Spiller right guard for 46 yards (tackle by Thomas Davis)460.2803.3103.03
2013-09-22PatriotsBuccaneers312:52210NWE 2917-3Brandon Bolden right tackle for 46 yards (tackle by Mark Barron)460.3303.9103.58
2013-11-24ChiefsChargers411:45110KAN 4628-27Jamaal Charles right end for 46 yards (tackle by Shareece Wright)461.9905.3703.38
2013-10-13BrownsLions11:32110CLE 260-7Travis Benjamin left end for 45 yards (tackle by DeAndre Levy)450.6703.6402.97
2013-10-13RedskinsCowboys33:53110DAL 4515-21Alfred Morris up the middle for 45 yards, touchdown. Penalty on Caesar Rayford: Defensive Offside (Declined)452.5907.0004.41
2013-11-28CowboysRaiders38:3924DAL 3014-21Lance Dunbar left guard for 45 yards (tackle by Phillip Adams)450.8103.9103.10
2013-12-01BroncosChiefs35:01110DEN 528-21Montee Ball up the middle for 45 yards (tackle by Marcus Cooper)45-0.3802.2602.64
2013-12-2349ersFalcons46:27110ATL 4720-17Kendall Hunter right tackle for 45 yards (tackle by Thomas DeCoud)452.4606.7404.28
2013-11-24JaguarsTexans211:58110JAX 157-0Maurice Jones-Drew left end for 44 yards (tackle by Shiloh Keo and Brice McCain)44-0.2202.8503.07
2013-12-29ChargersChiefs112:2824SDG 280-7Ryan Mathews up the middle for 44 yards (tackle by Ron Parker)440.6803.7103.03
2013-09-29SeahawksTexans15:33117SEA 23-0Marshawn Lynch right tackle for 43 yards (tackle by J.J. Watt)43-0.6501.9302.58
2013-11-17BrownsBengals17:56110CLE 320-0Chris Ogbonnaya right guard for 43 yards (tackle by George Iloka and Reggie Nelson)431.0703.9102.84
2013-11-17BuccaneersFalcons210:25219ATL 439-3Bobby Rainey right guard for 43 yards, touchdown431.5507.0005.45
2013-11-28SteelersRavens37:2632PIT 490-13Le'Veon Bell right guard for 43 yards (tackle by Matt Elam and Corey Graham)431.4905.3703.88
2013-12-22PanthersSaints21:54110NOR 436-6DeAngelo Williams up the middle for 43 yards, touchdown432.7207.0004.28
2013-12-22CowboysRedskins27:28110DAL 77-6DeMarco Murray right end for 43 yards (tackle by DeAngelo Hall)43-0.3802.2602.64
2013-09-19EaglesChiefs411:43110KAN 4115-23LeSean McCoy left end for 41 yards, touchdown412.8507.0004.15
2013-09-22CowboysRams314:2724DAL 2617-0DeMarco Murray left tackle for 41 yards (tackle by Rodney McLeod)410.5403.3802.84
2013-10-2749ersJaguars32:53110SFO 4628-10Kendall Hunter left end for 41 yards (tackle by Alan Ball and Andre Branch)411.9904.7102.72
2013-10-31DolphinsBengals210:0925MIA 480-3Lamar Miller right end for 41 yards (tackle by Carlos Dunlap). Lamar Miller fumbles (forced by Carlos Dunlap) and returned for 43 yards (tackle by Ryan Tannehill)411.930-1.660-3.59
2013-12-01BearsVikings37:03110CHI 1713-10Matt Forte left guard for 41 yards (tackle by Andrew Sendejo)41-0.0602.7902.85
2013-12-08VikingsRavens41:45110RAV 4118-15Toby Gerhart up the middle for 41 yards, touchdown412.8507.0004.15
2013-12-15CowboysPackers17:1222DAL 283-3DeMarco Murray left tackle for 41 yards (tackle by M.D. Jennings)410.8103.5102.70
2013-12-29PackersBears39:2231GNB 4613-14James Starks left tackle for 41 yards (tackle by Isaiah Frey)411.3604.7103.35
2013-12-08EaglesLions414:42210DET 4012-14LeSean McCoy left end for 40 yards, touchdown402.3707.0004.63
2013-12-15BearsBrowns43:13110CLE 4037-24Michael Bush right guard for 40 yards, touchdown402.9207.0004.08
2013-12-15RamsSaints24:2024NOR 4023-3Zac Stacy right end for 40 yards, touchdown402.7907.0004.21
2013-09-22TitansChargers11:33110OTI 190-7Jake Locker up the middle for 39 yards (tackle by Johnny Patrick)390.1502.7902.64
2013-10-13LionsBrowns311:48110DET 277-17Reggie Bush left guard for 39 yards (tackle by Chris Owens and Desmond Bryant)390.7403.3102.57
2013-11-10LionsBears313:35110CHI 477-7Reggie Bush right guard for 39 yards (tackle by Charles Tillman). Penalty on Charles Tillman: Horse Collar Tackle, 4 yards392.4606.2803.82
2013-11-10ChargersBroncos111:58110SDG 490-0Ryan Mathews right end for 39 yards. Penalty on John Phillips: Offensive Holding, 10 yards (no play)392.1901.530-0.66
2013-11-24LionsBuccaneers38:34110DET 2021-17Reggie Bush up the middle for 39 yards (tackle by Danny Gorrer)390.2802.8502.57
2013-12-22JetsBrowns20:34110NYJ 187-10Bilal Powell up the middle for 39 yards (tackle by Buster Skrine)390.0402.7202.68
2013-12-29VikingsLions42:34110MIN 4714-13Matt Asiata right end for 39 yards (tackle by Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley)392.0604.6502.59
2013-09-15BearsVikings11:35110CHI 287-7Alshon Jeffery left end for 38 yards (tackle by Jamarca Sanford)380.8103.3102.50
2013-11-17FalconsBuccaneers43:11210ATL 3421-41Antone Smith for 38 yards (tackle by Johnthan Banks)380.6603.7103.05
2013-12-01FalconsBills24:55110BUF 3813-17Antone Smith left tackle for 38 yards, touchdown383.0507.0003.95
2013-12-08SaintsPanthers10:44110NOR 420-6Darren Sproles for 38 yards (tackle by Thomas Davis)381.7304.2402.51
2013-12-08EaglesLions43:06110DET 3834-20Chris Polk up the middle for 38 yards, touchdown383.0507.0003.95
2013-09-29LionsBears22:52110CHI 3729-10Reggie Bush up the middle for 37 yards, touchdown373.1207.0003.88
2013-10-06TitansChiefs27:29210OTI 470-10Jackie Battle left tackle for 37 yards (tackle by Kendrick Lewis)371.5204.5102.99
2013-10-13PackersRavens114:34110GNB 300-0Eddie Lacy left guard for 37 yards (tackle by Jimmy Smith)370.9403.3802.44
2013-11-10SeahawksFalcons26:30110SEA 206-3Marshawn Lynch right end for 37 yards (tackle by Desmond Trufant and Thomas DeCoud)370.2802.7202.44
2013-11-24GiantsCowboys27:24110DAL 413-14Brandon Jacobs right tackle for 37 yards (tackle by Jeff Heath)372.8506.2803.43
2013-12-15RedskinsFalcons11:3021WAS 400-14Alfred Morris right end for 37 yards (tackle by William Moore)371.6804.0402.36
2013-09-09EaglesRedskins411:3823PHI 2733-20Michael Vick left end for 36 yards (tackle by DeAngelo Hall)360.6803.1202.44
2013-09-15VikingsBears22:00110MIN 4214-21Adrian Peterson right guard for 36 yards (tackle by Lance Briggs)361.7304.1102.38
2013-09-22CowboysRams15:43110DAL 417-0DeMarco Murray for 36 yards361.6604.0402.38
2013-12-01BillsFalcons411:53110ATL 3630-24C.J. Spiller right tackle for 36 yards, touchdown363.1807.0003.82
2013-12-29PatriotsBills212:2225BUF 3612-3LeGarrette Blount left guard for 36 yards, touchdown362.9807.0004.02
2013-10-13BroncosJaguars30:5042DEN 4828-19David Bruton left end for 35 yards (tackle by Denard Robinson)35-0.1904.4404.63
2013-10-31BengalsDolphins412:54110MIA 3516-17Giovani Bernard left end for 35 yards, touchdown353.2507.0003.75
2013-11-03RaidersEagles28:27110PHI 433-21Terrelle Pryor left end for 35 yards (tackle by Bradley Fletcher)352.7205.3702.65
2013-11-10CowboysSaints12:3825DAL 333-7DeMarco Murray left end for 35 yards (tackle by Will Herring and Jabari Greer)350.9403.4502.51
2013-11-10ChargersBroncos211:04110SDG 413-7Ryan Mathews up the middle for 35 yards (tackle by Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie)351.6603.9702.31
2013-11-17ChiefsBroncos28:20110KAN 337-17Jamaal Charles for 35 yards351.1403.4502.31
2013-11-24RamsBears12:53110CHI 4114-7Zac Stacy left tackle for 35 yards (tackle by Chris Conte)352.8505.8302.98
2013-12-08ChiefsRedskins36:18220KAN 4338-10Jamaal Charles right end for 35 yards (tackle by Bacarri Rambo)350.5604.1103.55
2013-12-15JetsPanthers25:32110NYJ 413-6Chris Ivory left tackle for 35 yards (tackle by Michael Mitchell)351.6603.9702.31
2013-12-22VikingsBengals31:42210CIN 3513-42Cordarrelle Patterson right end for 35 yards, touchdown352.7007.0004.30
2013-12-29PatriotsBills42:40110BUF 3533-20LeGarrette Blount left end for 35 yards, touchdown353.2507.0003.75
2013-09-09EaglesRedskins313:35214WAS 3432-7LeSean McCoy right guard for 34 yards, touchdown342.4907.0004.51
2013-09-22BrownsVikings28:0541CLE 3814-14Josh Aubrey up the middle for 34 yards (tackle by Marcus Sherels)34-0.8503.7104.56
2013-09-2649ersRams20:4441RAM 3413-3Frank Gore right tackle for 34 yards, touchdown341.1007.0005.90
2013-10-06EaglesGiants19:01320PHI 370-7Michael Vick up the middle for 34 yards (tackle by Will Hill)34-0.4903.6404.13
2013-10-13BengalsBills113:47110CIN 340-0Marvin Jones left end for 34 yards (tackle by Jairus Byrd and Da'Norris Searcy)341.2003.4502.25
2013-11-10SaintsCowboys310:13110NOR 3228-10Mark Ingram right tackle for 34 yards (tackle by Jeff Heath)341.0703.3102.24
2013-11-24PackersVikings37:4021GNB 297-20James Starks right tackle for 34 yards (tackle by Robert Blanton)340.9503.1202.17
2013-12-08BrownsPatriots45:07110CLE 3319-14Josh Gordon left end for 34 yards (tackle by Rob Ninkovich)341.1403.3802.24
2013-12-22SaintsPanthers29:43110CAR 423-0Mark Ingram right end for 34 yards (tackle by Quintin Mikell)342.7905.3702.58
2013-12-22ChargersRaiders33:0429SDG 2917-10Ryan Mathews left tackle for 34 yards (tackle by Chimdi Chekwa)340.4003.1202.72
2013-10-2749ersJaguars42:54110SFO 1942-10Kendall Hunter right end for 33 yards (tackle by Paul Posluszny)330.1502.3902.24
2013-11-24PatriotsBroncos212:48110NWE 210-17Brandon Bolden up the middle for 33 yards (tackle by Mike Adams)330.3402.5202.18
2013-12-01VikingsBears27:3528CHI 336-3Cordarrelle Patterson right end for 33 yards, touchdown332.9707.0004.03
2013-12-08ChiefsRedskins31:22110KAN 3738-10Jamaal Charles right tackle for 33 yards (tackle by Brian Orakpo)331.4003.5802.18
2013-12-15JaguarsBills36:44210JAX 2410-20Jordan Todman up the middle for 33 yards (tackle by Leodis McKelvin)330.0002.7202.72
2013-09-15RedskinsPackers26:2621WAS 160-24Alfred Morris left tackle for 32 yards (tackle by M.D. Jennings and Sam Shields)32-0.0202.1302.15
2013-09-15RedskinsPackers38:08110WAS 170-31Alfred Morris left end for 32 yards (tackle by Mike Neal)32-0.0602.1902.25
2013-09-15PackersRedskins32:48110WAS 3237-7James Starks left tackle for 32 yards, touchdown323.4507.0003.55
2013-10-1349ersCardinals38:05110SFO 2622-20Frank Gore up the middle for 32 yards (tackle by Jerraud Powers)320.6702.7902.12
2013-11-03EaglesRaiders10:29110PHI 467-3Bryce Brown up the middle for 32 yards (tackle by Mike Jenkins)321.9904.1102.12
2013-11-03RamsTitans48:5821RAM 2914-21Zac Stacy left tackle for 32 yards (tackle by Jurrell Casey). Penalty on Jurrell Casey: Horse Collar Tackle, 15 yards320.9503.9703.02
2013-11-04PackersBears13:45110CHI 329-7James Starks left guard for 32 yards, touchdown323.4507.0003.55
2013-11-17VikingsSeahawks49:2423MIN 2913-41Toby Gerhart left tackle for 32 yards (tackle by Walter Thurmond)320.8102.9802.17
2013-12-01JetsDolphins39:36110NYJ 340-13Chris Ivory right tackle for 32 yards (tackle by Olivier Vernon)321.2003.3102.11
2013-12-08JetsRaiders410:0135NYJ 4830-20Geno Smith up the middle for 32 yards (tackle by Brandian Ross)321.2204.2403.02
2013-10-13VikingsPanthers36:10110MIN 203-28Adrian Peterson up the middle for 31 yards (tackle by Michael Mitchell)310.2802.3202.04
2013-11-10SaintsCowboys49:43110NOR 4242-17Mark Ingram right guard for 31 yards (tackle by Jeff Heath)311.7303.7802.05
2013-11-11BuccaneersDolphins411:1129MIA 3215-19Bobby Rainey right guard for 31 yards (tackle by Chris Clemons)312.9706.9704.00
2013-12-22BroncosTexans110:32210DEN 340-0Knowshon Moreno up the middle for 31 yards (tackle by Eddie Pleasant)310.6603.2502.59
2013-12-22ChiefsColts111:14110CLT 316-0Jamaal Charles right tackle for 31 yards, touchdown313.5107.0003.49
2013-09-15RaidersJaguars311:1426JAX 4510-3Darren McFadden up the middle for 30 yards (tackle by Alan Ball)302.3204.5802.26
2013-09-19EaglesChiefs39:1224PHI 256-16LeSean McCoy up the middle for 30 yards (tackle by Kendrick Lewis and Sean Smith)300.4802.5902.11
2013-09-22RedskinsLions23:38110DET 3013-14Alfred Morris right end for 30 yards, touchdown303.5807.0003.42
2013-10-20ColtsBroncos414:19110CLT 3133-17Darrius Heyward-Bey right end for 30 yards (tackle by Duke Ihenacho)301.0002.9801.98
2013-10-20DolphinsBills214:22110MIA 380-14Lamar Miller up the middle for 30 yards (tackle by Da'Norris Searcy)301.4703.4501.98
2013-10-27Jaguars49ers311:13110SFO 483-28Maurice Jones-Drew right guard for 30 yards (tackle by Eric Reid)302.3904.3701.98
2013-11-03SteelersPatriots22:34110PIT 433-17Jonathan Dwyer left tackle for 30 yards (tackle by Alfonzo Dennard)301.8003.7801.98
2013-11-03JetsSaints30:1732NYJ 2723-17Chris Ivory left end for 30 yards (tackle by Rafael Bush)30-0.0302.7202.75
2013-11-10EaglesPackers311:4321PHI 2510-3LeSean McCoy for 30 yards (tackle by M.D. Jennings)300.6902.5901.90
2013-11-14TitansColts111:43110CLT 306-0Chris Johnson right guard for 30 yards, touchdown303.5807.0003.42
2013-11-24CowboysGiants211:30110DAL 387-3DeMarco Murray for 30 yards (tackle by Will Hill)301.4703.4501.98
2013-09-08RaidersColts28:45110RAI 400-14Terrelle Pryor up the middle for 29 yards (tackle by Antoine Bethea)291.6003.5101.91
2013-09-2649ersRams44:32313RAM 2934-11Kendall Hunter right end for 29 yards, touchdown292.2107.0004.79
2013-11-03BillsChiefs23:4927KAN 457-3C.J. Spiller up the middle for 29 yards (tackle by Kendrick Lewis)292.2504.5102.26
2013-11-24TexansJaguars24:3021HTX 290-10Dennis Johnson right tackle for 29 yards (tackle by Alan Ball and Dwayne Gratz)290.9502.7901.84
2013-12-08ColtsBengals37:22110CIN 487-21Andrew Luck up the middle for 29 yards (tackle by Terence Newman)292.3904.3101.92
2013-12-15RamsSaints15:06110RAM 437-0Zac Stacy right tackle for 29 yards (tackle by Malcolm Jenkins). Penalty on Malcolm Jenkins: Unnecessary Roughness, 14 yards291.8004.6502.85
2013-12-22TitansJaguars35:40110JAX 346-16Shonn Greene right end for 29 yards (tackle by Josh Evans)293.3106.0602.75
2013-12-29PatriotsBills14:06210NWE 463-3Stevan Ridley right guard for 29 yards (tackle by Jairus Byrd)291.4503.9102.46
2013-12-29ChiefsChargers25:4135KAN 1914-14Chase Daniel up the middle for 29 yards (tackle by Shareece Wright)29-0.8002.1302.93
2013-09-15RaidersJaguars32:45110RAI 4713-3Matt McCants for 28 yards (tackle by Alan Ball and Dwight Lowery)282.0603.9101.85
2013-09-15RaidersJaguars48:4634JAX 4416-3Rashad Jennings up the middle for 28 yards (tackle by Dwight Lowery)281.8204.5102.69
2013-09-1549ersSeahawks37:27210SFO 430-12Colin Kaepernick left end for 28 yards281.2503.6402.39
2013-09-15BuccaneersSaints36:58214TAM 227-13Doug Martin up the middle for 28 yards (tackle by Roman Harper)28-0.4102.2602.67
2013-09-29EaglesBroncos46:0233PHI 2713-52Chris Polk right tackle for 28 yards (tackle by Duke Ihenacho)28-0.0302.5902.62
2013-10-06BengalsPatriots30:32110CIN 306-3Giovani Bernard right end for 28 yards (tackle by Devin McCourty and Alfonzo Dennard)280.9402.7901.85
2013-10-06RavensDolphins32:36110RAV 616-13Bernard Pierce right end for 28 yards (tackle by Chris Clemons)28-0.3801.2001.58
2013-10-13JaguarsBroncos311:34210JAX 4012-21Maurice Jones-Drew right tackle for 28 yards (tackle by Rahim Moore)281.0503.4502.40
2013-11-24ColtsCardinals411:15310CRD 453-34Andrew Luck for 28 yards (tackle by Jerraud Powers)281.3604.4403.08
2013-12-01BroncosChiefs41:46110DEN 1335-28Montee Ball right end for 28 yards (tackle by Derrick Johnson)28-0.3201.6601.98
2013-12-08TitansBroncos27:07110DEN 2820-10Shonn Greene left tackle for 28 yards, touchdown283.7107.0003.29
2013-12-22JetsBrowns38:3527NYJ 4210-10Chris Ivory up the middle for 28 yards (tackle by Joe Haden)281.3903.5802.19
2013-12-29Cardinals49ers17:5626CRD 190-10Rashard Mendenhall up the middle for 28 yards (tackle by Patrick Willis)28-0.1102.0602.17
2013-09-15RaidersJaguars27:2026RAI 247-3Terrelle Pryor right tackle for 27 yards (tackle by Jonathan Cyprien)270.2702.3202.05
2013-09-22PanthersGiants313:41110CAR 3017-0DeAngelo Williams left end for 27 yards (tackle by Prince Amukamara)270.9402.7201.78
2013-09-22JetsBills37:5229NYJ 2120-9Bilal Powell left end for 27 yards (tackle by Corbin Bryant and Nickell Robey)27-0.1302.1302.26
2013-09-22SeahawksJaguars110:49210SEA 490-0Marshawn Lynch right guard for 27 yards (tackle by Mike Harris and Jonathan Cyprien)271.6503.9702.32
2013-09-22Colts49ers46:2723SFO 4013-7Ahmad Bradshaw right tackle for 27 yards (tackle by Nnamdi Asomugha)272.8604.7101.85
2013-09-2649ersRams29:17110SFO 200-3Frank Gore up the middle for 27 yards (tackle by Alec Ogletree)270.2802.0601.78
2013-09-29BearsLions214:28110CHI 203-6Alshon Jeffery left end for 27 yards (tackle by Darius Slay)270.2802.0601.78
2013-10-13RaidersChiefs10:0728RAI 210-0Terrelle Pryor left end for 27 yards (tackle by Sean Smith)27-0.0602.1302.19
2013-10-27RedskinsBroncos27:22110WAS 50-7Alfred Morris left tackle for 27 yards (tackle by Danny Trevathan)27-0.3801.0701.45
2013-11-03CowboysVikings18:41110DAL 470-0DeMarco Murray up the middle for 27 yards (tackle by Mistral Raymond)272.0603.8401.78
2013-11-03JetsSaints17:34110NOR 480-0Chris Ivory right tackle for 27 yards (tackle by Keenan Lewis)272.3904.1701.78
2013-11-10Panthers49ers21:59110SFO 276-9DeAngelo Williams middle for 27 yards, touchdown273.7807.0003.22
2013-11-24RamsBears46:3926RAM 2427-21Benny Cunningham right end for 27 yards (tackle by Chris Conte)270.2702.3202.05
2013-12-01FalconsBills12:3631BUF 276-14Steven Jackson left guard for 27 yards, touchdown273.1407.0003.86
2013-12-01GiantsRedskins210:11110NYG 430-14Peyton Hillis right end for 27 yards (tackle by Reed Doughty and DeAngelo Hall)271.8003.5801.78
2013-12-22RamsBuccaneers212:13110TAM 2713-7Stedman Bailey left end for 27 yards, touchdown273.7807.0003.22
2013-12-22SeahawksCardinals314:47110SEA 313-3Russell Wilson for 27 yards271.0002.7901.79
2013-09-08RaidersColts38:2231RAI 357-14Terrelle Pryor right end for 26 yards (tackle by LaRon Landry)260.6302.9802.35
2013-09-15RaidersJaguars44:58110RAI 2319-3Darren McFadden right end for 26 yards (tackle by Jonathan Cyprien). Darren McFadden fumbles (forced by Jonathan Cyprien), recovered by Dwight Lowery at OAK-49 (tackle by Tony Pashos)260.480-2.320-2.80
2013-09-30DolphinsSaints19:5225NOR 440-7Ryan Tannehill left end for 26 yards (tackle by Rafael Bush)262.4604.3701.91
2013-10-06CardinalsPanthers38:2226CAR 383-6Andre Ellington for 26 yards (tackle by Josh Thomas)262.7804.7802.00
2013-10-06TitansChiefs314:2126OTI 220-13Ryan Fitzpatrick up the middle for 26 yards (tackle by Sean Smith)260.1402.1301.99
2013-10-0649ersTexans212:19110SFO 1914-0Frank Gore right tackle for 26 yards (tackle by Danieal Manning)260.1501.9301.78
2013-10-0649ersTexans37:0821HTX 4121-3id_ for 26 yards (tackle by Danieal Manning and Kareem Jackson)262.9304.5801.65
2013-10-07JetsFalcons214:42110NYJ 333-7Mike Goodson right end for 26 yards (tackle by Thomas DeCoud)261.1402.8501.71
2013-10-13RedskinsCowboys312:4635WAS 366-14Robert Griffin up the middle for 26 yards (tackle by Barry Church). Penalty on Barry Church: Unnecessary Roughness, 15 yards260.4304.0403.61
2013-11-03RaidersEagles45:48210PHI 3613-49Rashad Jennings up the middle for 26 yards (tackle by Najee Goode)262.6404.9102.27
2013-11-03RedskinsChargers26:15110SDG 310-7Alfred Morris left tackle for 26 yards (tackle by Eric Weddle and Shareece Wright)263.5106.0602.55
2013-11-07RedskinsVikings11:4326MIN 343-7Alfred Morris right tackle for 26 yards (tackle by Andrew Sendejo)263.0505.3702.32
2013-11-24VikingsPackers32:19110MIN 4520-7Toby Gerhart right guard for 26 yards (tackle by Morgan Burnett)261.9303.6401.71
2013-11-24BearsRams111:55214CHI 160-14Matt Forte left tackle for 26 yards (tackle by Rodney McLeod)26-0.9401.7302.67
2013-12-01ChiefsBroncos21:22110KAN 2721-14Alex Smith right end for 26 yards (tackle by Chris Harris)260.7402.4601.72
2013-12-08EaglesLions412:20110PHI 2922-20LeSean McCoy left end for 26 yards (tackle by Ndamukong Suh)260.8702.5901.72
2013-12-15ColtsTexans113:4715CLT 400-0Donald Brown up the middle for 26 yards (tackle by Johnathan Joseph)262.0003.3101.31
2013-12-22CardinalsSeahawks17:08110CRD 410-0Andre Ellington right end for 26 yards (tackle by Earl Thomas)261.6603.3801.72
2013-12-2949ersCardinals111:43110CRD 340-0Quinton Patton right end for 26 yards (tackle by Yeremiah Bell)263.3105.3702.06
2013-09-15BroncosGiants30:3722NYG 2523-16Knowshon Moreno right end for 25 yards, touchdown253.9207.0003.08
2013-09-22SteelersBears24:0221PIT 2210-24Jonathan Dwyer right tackle for 25 yards (tackle by Chris Conte)250.4902.0601.57
2013-09-22RavensTexans30:24110RAV 424-9Bernard Pierce right end for 25 yards (tackle by Ed Reed)25-0.3800.8701.25
2013-09-29SeahawksTexans413:52110SEA 296-20Russell Wilson up the middle for 25 yards (tackle by Brooks Reed)250.8702.5201.65
2013-09-29CardinalsBuccaneers210:37110CRD 310-7Andre Ellington right tackle for 25 yards (tackle by Dashon Goldson)251.0002.6501.65
2013-10-13BengalsBills23:2822CIN 3517-10BenJarvus Green-Ellis up the middle for 25 yards (tackle by Da'Norris Searcy and Aaron Williams)251.2802.9201.64
2013-10-27PackersVikings414:23211MIN 2537-17James Starks up the middle for 25 yards, touchdown253.3007.0003.70
2013-11-03SteelersPatriots39:04120PIT 4417-24Le'Veon Bell right end for 25 yards (tackle by Devin McCourty)251.8603.5101.65
2013-11-10SteelersBills212:53110PIT 500-3Emmanuel Sanders left end for 25 yards (tackle by Marcell Dareus)252.2603.9101.65
2013-11-17ChiefsBroncos20:00110DEN 4610-17Alex Smith left end for 25 yards (tackle by Shaun Phillips)252.5200.870-1.65
2013-12-08BroncosTitans16:50210DEN 217-14Knowshon Moreno right tackle for 25 yards (tackle by Bernard Pollard)25-0.2001.9902.19
2013-12-22SteelersPackers35:13110PIT 3217-21Le'Veon Bell right tackle for 25 yards (tackle by Tramon Williams and Micah Hyde)251.0702.7201.65
2013-12-22RavensPatriots41:3538RAV 227-34Tyrod Taylor for 25 yards (tackle by Steve Gregory)25-0.6902.0602.75
2013-12-29SaintsBuccaneers34:27110NOR 4928-17Khiry Robinson left end for 25 yards (tackle by Keith Tandy)252.1903.8401.65
2013-09-15BearsVikings114:04210MIN 320-7Matt Forte right guard for 24 yards (tackle by Josh Robinson)242.9005.3702.47
2013-09-15RaidersJaguars26:45110JAX 497-3Darren McFadden up the middle for 24 yards (tackle by Alan Ball)242.3203.9101.59
2013-09-15Seahawks49ers21:41110 505-0Robert Turbin right end for 24 yards (tackle by Craig Dahl). Penalty on Breno Giacomini: Offensive Holding, 10 yards (no play)242.2601.600-0.66
2013-09-19EaglesChiefs11:2123PHI 276-10Michael Vick left end for 24 yards (tackle by Sean Smith)240.6802.3201.64
2013-09-29ChiefsGiants412:0525KAN 3517-7Jamaal Charles up the middle for 24 yards (tackle by Antrel Rolle)241.0702.8501.78
2013-10-06SeahawksColts113:53110SEA 480-0Marshawn Lynch left tackle for 24 yards (tackle by Darius Butler)242.1303.7101.58
2013-10-13BuccaneersEagles21:52110PHI 2510-14Doug Martin up the middle for 24 yards (tackle by Earl Wolff)243.9106.9703.06
2013-11-03ColtsTexans13:3324CLT 260-14Donald Brown up the middle for 24 yards (tackle by Ed Reed)240.5402.2601.72
2013-11-03TitansRams411:46110RAM 3214-14Chris Johnson right tackle for 24 yards (tackle by Rodney McLeod)243.4505.3701.92
2013-11-11BuccaneersDolphins112:4227MIA 380-0Mike James right guard for 24 yards (tackle by Reshad Jones)242.7104.6501.94
2013-11-1749ersSaints25:49211SFO 197-7Frank Gore left tackle for 24 yards (tackle by Rafael Bush)24-0.4601.8002.26
2013-11-17RedskinsEagles210:0431PHI 440-14Roy Helu up the middle for 24 yards (tackle by Brandon Boykin)242.0204.2402.22
2013-11-18PanthersPatriots27:3736CAR 467-0Cam Newton left end for 24 yards (tackle by Duron Harmon)241.0303.5802.55
2013-11-28LionsPackers211:0931DET 323-10Jeremy Ross right end for 24 yards (tackle by Sam Shields and Davon House)240.4302.6502.22
2013-12-01ColtsTitans44:5132CLT 4315-14Andrew Luck right end for 24 yards (tackle by George Wilson)241.0903.3802.29
2013-12-15BearsBrowns43:1339CHI 3631-24Matt Forte left tackle for 24 yards (tackle by Jordan Poyer)240.1702.9202.75
2013-12-15JaguarsBills310:29110BUF 2510-20Denard Robinson up the middle for 24 yards (tackle by Aaron Williams). Denard Robinson fumbles (forced by Aaron Williams)243.910-0.280-4.19
2013-12-29PanthersFalcons35:56110ATL 3214-17DeAngelo Williams left guard for 24 yards (tackle by Robert Alford)243.4505.3701.92
2013-12-29BuccaneersSaints24:40110NOR 377-21Brian Leonard left guard for 24 yards (tackle by Corey White)243.1204.7101.59
2013-12-29SaintsBuccaneers47:4043TAM 4042-17Khiry Robinson left end for 24 yards (tackle by Keith Tandy). Penalty on Jed Collins: Offensive Holding, 10 yards (no play)240.590-0.060-0.65
2013-12-29BillsPatriots19:0729BUF 310-3C.J. Spiller left guard for 24 yards (tackle by Logan Ryan)240.5302.5902.06
2013-09-0849ersPackers47:03110GNB 3224-28Kendall Hunter right end for 23 yards (tackle by Sam Shields)233.4503.450.00
2013-09-15RamsFalcons413:33110ATL 4010-24Sam Bradford for 23 yards (tackle by Desmond Trufant)232.9204.4401.52
2013-09-22PatriotsBuccaneers47:38110NWE 2923-3LeGarrette Blount left tackle for 23 yards (tackle by Mark Barron)230.8702.3901.52
2013-09-22TitansChargers10:54210SDG 420-7Chris Johnson left tackle for 23 yards (tackle by Johnny Patrick and Derek Cox)232.2404.3102.07
2013-09-23RaidersBroncos10:47110RAI 200-10Terrelle Pryor left end for 23 yards (tackle by Nate Irving)230.2801.8001.52
2013-10-13TexansRams212:12110HTX 450-10Arian Foster right guard for 23 yards (tackle by Rodney McLeod)231.9303.4501.52
2013-10-13SeahawksTitans37:52110SEA 427-10Russell Wilson right end for 23 yards (tackle by Bernard Pollard)231.7303.2501.52
2013-10-20ChiefsTexans38:2937HTX 4314-13Alex Smith up the middle for 23 yards (tackle by D.J. Swearinger). Penalty on D.J. Swearinger: Unnecessary Roughness, 10 yards231.6804.9103.23
2013-10-20RedskinsBears114:2329WAS 210-0Robert Griffin right end for 23 yards (tackle by Tim Jennings)23-0.1301.8601.99
2013-10-27ChiefsBrowns212:0235CLE 356-0Alex Smith for 23 yards (tackle by T.J. Ward)232.3404.7802.44
2013-10-27PatriotsDolphins310:13110NWE 363-17Stevan Ridley up the middle for 23 yards (tackle by Chris Clemons)231.3302.8501.52
2013-11-03PatriotsSteelers43:19110PIT 2848-31LeGarrette Blount left guard for 23 yards (tackle by Troy Polamalu)233.7106.0602.35
2013-11-03TitansRams114:53110OTI 320-0Chris Johnson left tackle for 23 yards (tackle by Rodney McLeod)231.0702.5901.52
2013-11-10CardinalsTexans25:33212CRD 1814-17Andre Ellington right tackle for 23 yards (tackle by Brooks Reed and Brice McCain)23-0.6301.6602.29
2013-11-17SeahawksVikings210:56210SEA 2110-10Marshawn Lynch right tackle for 23 yards (tackle by Jamarca Sanford and Andrew Sendejo)23-0.2001.8602.06
2013-11-28LionsPackers22:0021GNB 2410-10Reggie Bush up the middle for 23 yards (tackle by Sam Shields and Morgan Burnett)234.0506.9702.92
2013-12-01VikingsBears11:00110MIN 340-3Adrian Peterson left tackle for 23 yards (tackle by Chris Conte)231.2002.7201.52
2013-12-01GiantsRedskins28:5323WAS 236-14Andre Brown right end for 23 yards, touchdown233.9807.0003.02
2013-12-12ChargersBroncos311:14110DEN 2323-10Ryan Mathews left end for 23 yards, touchdown234.0407.0002.96
2013-12-22BillsDolphins410:31110MIA 4813-0C.J. Spiller up the middle for 23 yards (tackle by Brent Grimes)232.3903.9101.52
2013-12-29TitansTexans21:53110OTI 53-7Chris Johnson right tackle for 23 yards (tackle by Shiloh Keo)23-0.3800.8101.19
2013-09-22BrownsVikings10:43110MIN 407-7Josh Gordon right end for 22 yards (tackle by Marvin Mitchell)222.9204.3701.45
2013-09-22BrownsVikings31:49330CLE 624-24Chris Ogbonnaya right guard for 22 yards (tackle by Andrew Sendejo)22-3.760-1.5002.26
2013-09-2249ersColts17:32110SFO 370-7Frank Gore right end for 22 yards (tackle by Antoine Bethea)221.4002.8501.45
2013-09-29TexansSeahawks29:19110HTX 467-3Ben Tate up the middle for 22 yards (tackle by Walter Thurmond)221.9903.4501.46
2013-09-29BuccaneersCardinals49:2241TAM 2510-3Dashon Goldson left end for 22 yards (tackle by Tony Jefferson)22-1.7002.0603.76
2013-10-06SeahawksColts41:55110SEA 2028-34Russell Wilson right tackle for 22 yards (tackle by Kavell Conner)220.2801.7301.45
2013-10-13TexansRams211:30110RAM 320-10Arian Foster up the middle for 22 yards (tackle by Alec Ogletree)223.4504.9101.46
2013-10-13PanthersVikings10:16210CAR 257-0DeAngelo Williams left end for 22 yards (tackle by Jamarca Sanford)220.0602.0602.00
2013-10-24PanthersBuccaneers10:4426CAR 247-3Mike Tolbert left end for 22 yards (tackle by Johnthan Banks)220.2701.9901.72
2013-10-27JetsBengals48:12210NYJ 329-49Matt Simms up the middle for 22 yards (tackle by Shawn Williams)220.5302.5201.99
2013-10-27CardinalsFalcons12:43211CRD 190-3Andre Ellington up the middle for 22 yards (tackle by Thomas DeCoud)22-0.4601.6602.12
2013-11-03TexansColts20:5933CLT 2714-3Case Keenum up the middle for 22 yards (tackle by LaRon Landry)223.0106.0603.05
2013-11-03RaidersEagles33:32210PHI 4713-49Terrelle Pryor left end for 22 yards (tackle by DeMeco Ryans)221.9103.9102.00
2013-11-17RedskinsEagles23:2721WAS 290-17Alfred Morris right tackle for 22 yards (tackle by Patrick Chung)220.9502.3201.37
2013-11-24ColtsCardinals42:12110CLT 2311-40Dan Herron up the middle for 22 yards (tackle by Yeremiah Bell)220.4801.9301.45
2013-11-24VikingsPackers27:36110MIN 163-7Adrian Peterson right guard for 22 yards (tackle by M.D. Jennings)22-0.1401.4701.61
2013-12-08FalconsPackers214:54110ATL 220-7Steven Jackson left end for 22 yards (tackle by Tramon Williams and Morgan Burnett)220.4101.8601.45
2013-12-08RavensVikings16:29110MIN 250-0Joe Flacco right end for 22 yards (tackle by Jamarca Sanford)223.9106.5102.60
2013-12-15ColtsTexans47:3029CLT 1525-3Trent Richardson up the middle for 22 yards (tackle by Shiloh Keo)22-0.6401.4002.04
2013-12-15CardinalsTitans211:4527OTI 477-10Andre Ellington right end for 22 yards (tackle by Michael Griffin)222.1203.9101.79
2013-12-22SteelersPackers13:1728PIT 290-7Le'Veon Bell left guard for 22 yards (tackle by Mike Neal)220.4702.3201.85
2013-12-22ChiefsColts413:14110KAN 207-23Alex Smith left tackle for 22 yards (tackle by Vontae Davis)220.2801.7301.45
2013-12-22BrownsJets28:25110NYJ 413-0Josh Gordon left end for 22 yards (tackle by David Harris)222.8504.3101.46
2013-12-2349ersFalcons31:3627SFO 4213-10Colin Kaepernick left tackle for 22 yards (tackle by Robert Alford)221.3903.1801.79
2013-09-08PatriotsBills23:45110BUF 3210-7Shane Vereen up the middle for 21 yards (tackle by Aaron Williams and Da'Norris Searcy)213.4504.8401.39
2013-09-15BillsPanthers14:05210BUF 70-0C.J. Spiller right guard for 21 yards (tackle by Josh Thomas and Quintin Mikell)21-0.7800.8101.59
2013-09-15PanthersBills38:48110CAR 297-6DeAngelo Williams up the middle for 21 yards (tackle by Aaron Williams)210.8702.2601.39
2013-09-15Seahawks49ers18:36210SEA 120-0Marshawn Lynch up the middle for 21 yards (tackle by Eric Reid)21-0.7801.1401.92
2013-09-22CardinalsSaints110:43110NOR 450-0Alfonso Smith left end for 21 yards (tackle by Kenny Vaccaro)212.5903.9701.38
2013-09-22SaintsCardinals42:57110CRD 4531-7Khiry Robinson right guard for 21 yards (tackle by Jerraud Powers and Tyrann Mathieu)212.5903.9701.38
2013-09-22JetsBills313:35110NYJ 2017-6Bilal Powell up the middle for 21 yards (tackle by Jim Leonhard)210.2801.6601.38
2013-09-22BillsJets413:16210BUF 2012-20EJ Manuel up the middle for 21 yards (tackle by Dawan Landry). EJ Manuel fumbles (forced by Dawan Landry), recovered by Jaiquawn Jarrett at BUF-41. Penalty on Eric Wood: Offensive Holding, 10 yards (no play)21-0.270-1.510-1.24
2013-09-2249ersColts15:47211CLT 310-7Frank Gore right end for 21 yards (tackle by Fili Moala)212.9004.9102.01
2013-09-22RedskinsLions412:50110 5017-17Robert Griffin up the middle for 21 yards. Robert Griffin fumbles, recovered by Glover Quin at DET-25 (tackle by Logan Paulsen)212.260-0.610-2.87
2013-10-20RamsPanthers15:14110RAM 372-7Zac Stacy right end for 21 yards (tackle by Michael Mitchell)211.4002.7901.39
2013-10-20RedskinsBears412:03110WAS 3331-31Alfred Morris right end for 21 yards (tackle by Julius Peppers and Chris Conte)211.1402.5201.38
2013-10-27Jaguars49ers312:3527JAX 443-28Denard Robinson left end for 21 yards (tackle by Eric Reid). Penalty on Brad Meester: Offensive Holding, 10 yards (no play)211.5300.180-1.35
2013-11-03BuccaneersSeahawks10:58115TAM 210-0Mike James left tackle for 21 yards (tackle by Kam Chancellor)210.3401.7301.39
2013-11-03RedskinsChargers20:26310WAS 197-14Roy Helu left guard for 21 yards (tackle by Jahleel Addae)21-1.0701.6002.67
2013-12-01VikingsBears59:2731MIN 4320-20Adrian Peterson right tackle for 21 yards (tackle by Chris Conte). Penalty on Chris Conte: Horse Collar Tackle, 15 yards211.1604.1703.01
2013-12-08CardinalsRams15:3627CRD 237-3Andre Ellington up the middle for 21 yards (tackle by T.J. McDonald)210.1401.8601.72
2013-12-08BrownsPatriots12:4628CLE 463-0Jason Campbell right guard for 21 yards (tackle by Dont'a Hightower)211.5903.3801.79
2013-12-08VikingsRavens210:10110MIN 340-7Toby Gerhart right guard for 21 yards (tackle by Corey Graham and Josh Bynes)211.2002.5901.39
2013-12-09CowboysBears413:49110DAL 4314-42DeMarco Murray right guard for 21 yards (tackle by Major Wright)211.8003.1801.38
2013-12-15EaglesVikings15:10311PHI 350-7Nick Foles left tackle for 21 yards (tackle by Harrison Smith)21-0.0302.6502.68
2013-12-15RaidersChiefs38:16310RAI 2624-35Rashad Jennings up the middle for 21 yards (tackle by Kendrick Lewis and Sean Smith)21-0.5602.0602.62
2013-12-1549ersBuccaneers314:52210SFO 2717-7LaMichael James left end for 21 yards (tackle by Dekoda Watson)210.2002.1301.93
2013-12-22JetsBrowns23:53110CLE 410-10Chris Ivory right tackle for 21 yards (tackle by Tashaun Gipson)212.8504.2401.39
2013-12-29BroncosRaiders315:00110DEN 2031-0Brock Osweiler for 21 yards (tackle by Charles Woodson)210.2801.6601.38
2013-09-08PatriotsBills10:32110NWE 3710-0Stevan Ridley left guard for 20 yards (tackle by Da'Norris Searcy)201.4002.7201.32
2013-09-08PatriotsBills310:57210NWE 2017-21Shane Vereen left tackle for 20 yards (tackle by Jim Leonhard and Aaron Williams)20-0.2701.6001.87
2013-09-09RedskinsEagles32:38110PHI 437-33Roy Helu left tackle for 20 yards (tackle by Mychal Kendricks). Penalty on Will Montgomery: Offensive Holding (Offsetting), Penalty on PHI: Face Mask (15 Yards) (Offsetting) (no play)202.7202.720.00
2013-09-15LionsCardinals23:40110CRD 457-10Joique Bell left end for 20 yards (tackle by Karlos Dansby)202.5903.9101.32
2013-09-15PackersRedskins214:3024GNB 3110-0James Starks left end for 20 yards (tackle by Brandon Meriweather)200.8702.3201.45
2013-09-15BroncosGiants214:31110NYG 206-3Knowshon Moreno right end for 20 yards, touchdown204.2407.0002.76
2013-09-15ChargersEagles14:4928SDG 93-3Ryan Mathews left end for 20 yards (tackle by DeMeco Ryans and Nate Allen)20-0.6300.8701.50
2013-09-22SeahawksJaguars111:31110SEA 290-0Golden Tate left end for 20 yards (tackle by Josh Evans)200.8702.1901.32
2013-09-29TitansJets42:0039OTI 938-13Jackie Battle left end for 20 yards (tackle by Antonio Allen)20-1.3000.8702.17
2013-09-30DolphinsSaints110:5426MIA 310-7Lamar Miller left tackle for 20 yards (tackle by Jabari Greer)200.7402.3201.58
2013-10-06ColtsSeahawks21:25210SEA 2914-19Andrew Luck right end for 20 yards (tackle by Cliff Avril and Kam Chancellor). Penalty on Anthony Castonzo: Offensive Holding, 10 yards (no play)203.1001.750-1.35
2013-10-06PanthersCardinals20:32110CAR 203-3Mike Tolbert right tackle for 20 yards (tackle by Tony Jefferson)200.2801.6001.32
2013-10-06LionsPackers33:12110DET 203-16Reggie Bush left end for 20 yards (tackle by M.D. Jennings)200.2801.6001.32
2013-10-06JaguarsRams12:36110JAX 307-7Maurice Jones-Drew right end for 20 yards (tackle by Alec Ogletree)200.9402.2601.32
2013-10-13SaintsPatriots45:50110NOR 4517-23Khiry Robinson right end for 20 yards (tackle by Devin McCourty)201.9303.2501.32
2013-10-2049ersTitans26:5037OTI 209-0Colin Kaepernick left end for 20 yards, touchdown203.2007.0003.80
2013-10-2049ersTitans23:57311OTI 4610-0Colin Kaepernick up the middle for 20 yards (tackle by Coty Sensabaugh)201.2203.8402.62
2013-10-27BillsSaints212:4228NOR 410-7Tashard Choice left tackle for 20 yards (tackle by Rafael Bush)202.4504.1701.72
2013-11-03JetsSaints413:4129NOR 3123-17Bilal Powell right end for 20 yards (tackle by Kenny Vaccaro and Keenan Lewis). Penalty on Brian Winters: Offensive Holding, 10 yards (no play)203.0401.690-1.35
2013-11-04BearsPackers20:2239GNB 2614-10Josh McCown left end for 20 yards (tackle by A.J. Hawk and Sam Shields)202.6805.8303.15
2013-11-10EaglesPackers14:4021PHI 437-0LeSean McCoy left end for 20 yards (tackle by Sam Shields)201.8703.1201.25
2013-11-17BearsRavens213:23110CHI 100-10Eben Britton for 20 yards (tackle by Lardarius Webb). Penalty on Lardarius Webb: Horse Collar Tackle, 15 yards20-0.3801.9302.31
2013-12-01TexansPatriots21:5231NWE 2016-7Ben Tate left tackle for 20 yards, touchdown203.6007.0003.40
2013-12-01ChiefsBroncos14:09110DEN 370-0Knile Davis up the middle for 20 yards (tackle by Mike Adams)203.1204.4401.32
2013-12-01RedskinsGiants20:01110NYG 3914-14Robert Griffin for 20 yards (tackle by Terrell Thomas)202.9801.660-1.32
2013-12-08BengalsColts311:42215CLT 2914-0Giovani Bernard left end for 20 yards (tackle by Jerrell Freeman and Antoine Bethea)202.7605.1402.38
2013-12-08BroncosTitans111:06210OTI 410-7Knowshon Moreno left tackle for 20 yards (tackle by Bernard Pollard)202.3104.1701.86
2013-12-08RaidersJets415:00110NYJ 4517-30Matt McGloin up the middle for 20 yards (tackle by David Harris)202.5903.9101.32
2013-12-08EaglesLions411:32110DET 4522-20Nick Foles right end for 20 yards202.5903.9101.32
2013-12-08DolphinsSteelers23:39219MIA 1510-7Ryan Tannehill right end for 20 yards (tackle by Jarvis Jones). Penalty on Lamar Miller: Offensive Holding, 7 yards (no play)20-1.350-1.950-0.60
2013-12-08Seahawks49ers32:10110SEA 3814-16Marshawn Lynch left end for 20 yards (tackle by Eric Reid). Penalty on Michael Robinson: Face Mask (15 Yards), 15 yards (no play)201.4700.480-0.99
2013-12-29BearsPackers15:00110CHI 330-0Matt Forte right tackle for 20 yards (tackle by M.D. Jennings)201.1402.4601.32
2013-12-29EaglesCowboys11:22110PHI 443-0LeSean McCoy left guard for 20 yards (tackle by Jeff Heath)201.8603.1801.32
2013-12-29DolphinsJets312:20321MIA 287-14Ryan Tannehill right guard for 20 yards (tackle by Dee Milliner)20-1.150-0.190.96
2013-12-29BrownsSteelers18:40110CLE 330-7Edwin Baker up the middle for 20 yards (tackle by Troy Polamalu)201.1402.4601.32
2013-12-29ChargersChiefs413:5426KAN 3514-24Ryan Mathews right end for 20 yards (tackle by Quintin Demps)202.9804.5801.60
2013-09-08BillsPatriots313:1726BUF 4514-17EJ Manuel right tackle for 19 yards (tackle by Aqib Talib)191.6603.1801.52
2013-09-08PatriotsBills412:21210BUF 2917-21Shane Vereen left tackle for 19 yards (tackle by Duke Williams)193.1004.9101.81
2013-09-08ColtsRaiders45:2734RAI 1920-17Andrew Luck up the middle for 19 yards, touchdown193.4907.0003.51
2013-09-22BillsJets39:1631BUF 296-20EJ Manuel for 19 yards (tackle by Antonio Cromartie)190.2302.1301.90
2013-09-23BroncosRaiders412:19110RAI 2030-14Ronnie Hillman up the middle for 19 yards (tackle by Mike Jenkins)194.2406.9702.73
2013-09-29RaidersRedskins29:1041RAI 2814-10Taiwan Jones left end for 19 yards (tackle by Niles Paul)19-1.5002.0603.56
2013-10-06SeahawksColts110:28110SEA 363-0Marshawn Lynch right tackle for 19 yards (tackle by Jerrell Freeman)191.3302.5901.26
2013-10-06ChiefsTitans110:0623KAN 287-0Jamaal Charles left end for 19 yards (tackle by Michael Griffin)190.7502.0601.31
2013-10-07JetsFalcons414:08110ATL 2320-14Chris Ivory left guard for 19 yards (tackle by William Moore)194.0406.2802.24
2013-10-07FalconsJets48:1023NYJ 1920-27Jacquizz Rodgers right guard for 19 yards, touchdown194.2707.0002.73
2013-10-10BearsGiants312:31210NYG 2824-14Matt Forte right end for 19 yards (tackle by Terrell Thomas). Penalty on Roberto Garza: Offensive Holding, 10 yards (no play)193.1701.820-1.35
2013-10-13BillsBengals314:51210BUF 2410-17C.J. Spiller for 19 yards190.0001.8001.80
2013-10-13RedskinsCowboys46:3432DAL 4516-31Darrel Young up the middle for 19 yards (tackle by J.J. Wilcox and Ernie Sims)191.8803.8401.96
2013-10-13PatriotsSaints21:40110NWE 1817-7Stevan Ridley right tackle for 19 yards (tackle by Kenny Vaccaro)190.0401.4001.36
2013-10-13EaglesBuccaneers35:5128PHI 2721-17LeSean McCoy up the middle for 19 yards (tackle by Mark Barron)190.3301.9901.66
2013-10-20SteelersRavens37:3631RAV 3910-6Ben Roethlisberger for 19 yards192.3404.2401.90
2013-10-24PanthersBuccaneers38:01210TAM 2614-6Cam Newton up the middle for 19 yards (tackle by Kelcie McCray)193.3005.6002.30
2013-10-27CardinalsFalcons411:1533ATL 3324-6Andre Ellington left end for 19 yards (tackle by Jonathan Massaquoi)192.6104.6502.04
2013-10-2749ersJaguars111:48210JAX 196-0Frank Gore right guard for 19 yards, touchdown193.7507.0003.25
2013-10-27VikingsPackers41:3125GNB 1930-44Christian Ponder up the middle for 19 yards, touchdown194.1207.0002.88
2013-10-27PatriotsDolphins412:33110NWE 4120-17LeGarrette Blount up the middle for 19 yards (tackle by Chris Clemons and Reshad Jones)191.6602.9201.26
2013-10-27RaidersSteelers26:56110RAI 4014-3Darren McFadden left end for 19 yards (tackle by Ryan Clark and Jarvis Jones)191.6002.8501.25
2013-11-03TitansRams42:59110RAM 1927-21Chris Johnson right end for 19 yards, touchdown194.3107.0002.69
2013-11-03RedskinsChargers513:57110WAS 3424-24Alfred Morris right tackle for 19 yards (tackle by Eric Weddle)191.2002.4601.26
2013-11-10PackersEagles30:05110GNB 2910-27Scott Tolzien for 19 yards (tackle by Patrick Chung)190.8702.1301.26
2013-11-24PackersVikings20:10210MIN 457-13Scott Tolzien up the middle for 19 yards (tackle by Audie Cole)192.0401.330-0.71
2013-11-24DolphinsPanthers49:4328MIA 3916-13Ryan Tannehill for 19 yards (tackle by Drayton Florence)191.1302.7901.66
2013-11-24BearsRams17:45210RAM 26