Injured Reserve

(Leg): Okwara has wound up on the injured reserve list due to a leg injury. It is unknown when the team will activate him. (Updated October 21, 2020) Logo
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2020 Games

2020 Games Table
Off. Snaps Def. Snaps ST Snaps
Date Week Tm Opp Result GS Num Pct Num Pct Num Pct
2020-09-131DETCHIL 23-2700%711%1133%
2020-09-273DET@ARIW 26-2300%812%621%
2020-10-044DETNORL 29-3500%1014%1144%
2020-10-186DET@JAXW 34-1600%58%14%
Upcoming Games
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  • * Selected to Pro Bowl, + First-Team All-Pro
Games Table
Year Age Tm Pos No. G GS AV

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