Team Records, Leaders, and League Ranks

  • * indicate playoff appearances
Team Records, Leaders, and League Ranks Table
Points Top Players Off Rank Def Rank Overall Rank Simple Rating System
Year Lg Tm W L T Div. Finish Playoffs PF PA PD Coaches AV Passer Rusher Receiver Pts Yds Pts Yds T/G Pts± Yds± out of MoV SoS SRS OSRS DSRS
1927NFLCleveland Bulldogs8414th of 12209107102Andrews1161121127.
1925NFLCleveland Bulldogs58112th of 2075135-60Edwards131131113120-4.33.7-0.5-2.01.4
1924NFLCleveland Bulldogs7111st of 18Won Champ22960169Chamberlin11611111818.8-7.311.410.31.1
1923NFLCleveland Indians3135th of 2052493Edwards1011011101200.4-2.5-2.0-2.30.2

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