Starters Table
Pos Player Age Yrs GS Summary of Player Stats Drafted (tm/rnd/yr)
Offensive Starters
QBJim Ninowski24210134 for 283, 1,599 yards, 2 td, 18 int, & 32 rushes for 81 yards and 5 td
FBNick Pietrosante*23111161 rushes for 872 yards, 8 td, & 13 catches for 129 yards and 0 td
LEGail Cogdill*23Rook1143 catches for 642 yards, 1 td
LTOllie Spencer29711
LGHarley Sewell29712
CBob Scholtz23Rook11
RGJohn Gordy25312
RTWillie McClung30591 fumble recovered
REJim Gibbons*2421051 catches for 604 yards, 2 td
Defensive Starters
LDEDarris McCord27512
LDTAlex Karras*+25212
RDTRoger Brown23Rook110 interceptions, 1 fumble recovered
RDEBill Glass252120 interceptions, 1 fumble recovered
LLBCarl Brettschneider294120 interceptions, 1 fumble recovered
MLBJoe Schmidt*28792 interceptions, 1 fumble recovered
RLBWayne Walker242121 interception, 4 fumbles recovered
LCBNight Train Lane*328125 interceptions, 0 fumbles recovered
RCBDick LeBeau231124 interceptions, 0 fumbles recovered
SSGary Lowe264112 interceptions, 2 fumbles recovered
FSYale Lary*308123 interceptions, 0 fumbles recovered