Executives Table
Person Teams From To Titles Notes
Dutch ClarkLions19361938Head Coach/General Manager
Graham SmithLions19411942General Manager
Bo McMillinLions19481950Head Coach/General Manager
Nick KerbawyLions19511957General Manager
Edwin AndersonLions19581966General Manager, Partial Owner/President/General Manager
Russ ThomasLions19671988General Manager
Chuck SchmidtLions19892000General Manager
Matt MillenLions20012008President, President/General Managerfired after Week 3
Bill TobinLions20012002Director of Player Personnel
Martin MayhewLions20082015Executive VP of Football Operations/General Manager, Senior VP/General ManagerFired on 11/5/15
Sheldon WhiteLions20152015Interim GMNamed Interim GM on 11/5/15
Bob QuinnLions20162019Executive VP of Football Operations/General Manager


Owners Table
Person Teams From To Titles Notes
George RichardsLions19361939Majority Owner
Fred MandelLions19401947Principal Owner
Edwin AndersonLions19481960Partial Owner/President, Partial Owner/President/General Manager, Partial Owner/VP
Lyle FifeLions19481960Partial Owner, Partial Owner/President
William Clay Ford Sr.Lions19612013President/Chairman of the Board of Directors, Principal Owner/Chairman
Martha Firestone FordLions20142019Owner/Chairman