Penalty Totals

  • Does not include penalties which were declined or offsetting
Penalty Totals Table
Penalty Total Yds Pen/G Yds/G
False Start914472.8413.97
Offensive Holding787672.4423.97
Defensive Pass Interference406051.2518.91
Defensive Offside25120.783.75
Defensive Holding21114.663.56
Personal Foul / Defense19266.598.31
Delay of Game1674.502.31
Roughing the Passer16224.507.00
Unnecessary Roughness / Defense12156.384.88
Illegal Use of Hands / Defense945.281.41
Ineligible Downfield Pass946.281.44
Face Mask (15 Yards)9109.283.41
Intentional Grounding897.253.03
Neutral Zone Infraction840.251.25
Offensive Pass Interference874.252.31
Personal Foul / Offense681.192.53
Offensive Illegal Block Above the Waist653.191.66
Illegal Shift627.19.84
Illegal Formation521.16.66
Taunting / Offense460.131.88
Taunting / Defense460.131.88
Unnecessary Roughness / Offense345.091.41
Illegal Contact315.09.47
Offensive Too Many Men on Field315.09.47
Roughing the Kicker345.091.41
Chop Block230.06.94
Unsportsmanlike Conduct / Defense230.06.94
Illegal Touch Pass20.06.00
Unsportsmanlike Conduct / Offense230.06.94
Illegal Blindside Block224.06.75
Defensive Illegal Blindside Block224.06.75
Ineligible Downfield Kick15.03.16
Illegal Substitution15.03.16
Horse Collar Tackle15.03.16
Disqualification / Defense110.03.31
Illegal Use of Hands / Offense110.03.31
Offensive Low Block110.03.31
Illegal Motion15.03.16