Penalty Totals

  • Does not include penalties which were declined or offsetting
Penalty Totals Table
Penalty Total Yds Pen/G Yds/G
False Start61830261.828.90
Offensive Holding55053011.6215.59
Defensive Pass Interference2704232.7912.45
Defensive Holding187955.552.81
Delay of Game157777.462.29
Defensive Offside147681.432.00
Unnecessary Roughness / Defense1261642.374.83
Neutral Zone Infraction93447.271.31
Roughing the Passer931195.273.51
Illegal Contact90445.261.31
Face Mask (15 Yards)71894.212.63
Offensive Pass Interference70687.212.02
Intentional Grounding56660.161.94
Illegal Formation53259.16.76
Ineligible Downfield Pass46228.14.67
Illegal Use of Hands / Defense43208.13.61
Illegal Shift41204.12.60
Defensive Too Many Men on Field32149.09.44
Unnecessary Roughness / Offense29401.091.18
Offensive Illegal Block Above the Waist23219.07.64
Offensive Offside22103.06.30
Offensive Facemask17238.05.70
Personal Foul / Defense16211.05.62
Unsportsmanlike Conduct / Defense16186.05.55
Horse Collar Tackle13152.04.45
Illegal Use of Hands / Offense13128.04.38
Offensive Too Many Men on Field1155.03.16
Unsportsmanlike Conduct / Offense11157.03.46
Fair Catch Interference10150.03.44
Disqualification / Defense10133.03.39
Illegal Block Above the Waist987.03.26
Taunting / Offense9135.03.40
Illegal Blindside Block9125.03.37
Ineligible Downfield Kick841.02.12
Defensive Delay of Game731.02.09
Tripping / Offense7102.02.30
Illegal Touch Kick625.02.07
Chop Block686.02.25
Player Out of Bounds on Kick630.02.09
Illegal Motion630.02.09
Offside on Free Kick525.01.07
Running Into the Kicker526.01.08
Illegal Forward Pass514.01.04
Kick Catch Interference460.01.18
Defensive Illegal Blindside Block442.01.12
Taunting / Defense460.01.18
Roughing the Kicker460.01.18
Low Block334.01.10
Illegal Touch Pass35.01.01
Offensive Low Block344.01.13
Tripping / Defense220.01.06
Disqualification / Offense230.01.09
Illegal Substitution210.01.03
Illegal Crackback230.01.09
Illegal Kick/Kicking Loose Ball / Defense110.00.03
Illegal Bat / Offense110.00.03
Illegal Bat / Defense110.00.03
Illegal Double-Team Block110.00.03
Defensive Player out of bounds on a kick15.00.01
Use of Helmet / Defense115.00.04
Personal Foul / Offense115.00.04
Player Out of Bounds on a Punt15.00.01
Illegal Peelback115.00.04