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Download the (old) Database

This database pre-dates the re-launch of PFR in December of 2007. Much of the data on PFR's current site is licensed from the creators of the ESPN Pro Football Encyclopedia. Under the terms of this license we are not allowed to provide a downloadable database of these stats. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you will continue to use PFR as before.

The downloadable database is now updated with 2006 stats. As usual, note the disclaimer.


The statistics in this download are in no way official.

The data at was taken from the database available at It has been checked, re-checked, honed, and refined by countless people over several years. The data here, on the other hand, was put together by one individual. There was much hand-entry involved and I was keeping an eye on a toddler while much of it was going on.

I have done my best to be as accurate as possible, but you get no guarantees that all the numbers you see here are error-free. Please keep that in mind when you're using this data to make bar-bets, pick players for your fantasy team, or decide whether or not to purchase the Arizona Cardinals.

You know what's coming now: assumes no responsibility whatsoever for anything that happens to you as a result of using the statistics contained herein.

Doug Drinen

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The database consists of three files (plus the README file). Each of the files is a zipped text file, so you'll need an unzipping program. Once unzipped, each file is in comma-delimited text format, so you can import it into your favorite spreadsheet or database program. For the sake of saving bandwidth, I have made each file a separate download, and I ask that you only download the ones you will use. A description of each file and its current contents can be found in the README file or by going to the download page for that file: