All Matchups, Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots

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New England Patriots lead series, 52-29
28-48 regular season, 1-4 postseason

Postseason games noted in bold.

81 Games

81 Games Table
Rk Date Day Tm Opp Tm Opp
1Oct 4, 1970SunWBaltimore Colts@Boston Patriots146boxscore
2Oct 25, 1970SunWBaltimore ColtsBoston Patriots273boxscore
3Oct 3, 1971SunWBaltimore Colts@New England Patriots233boxscore
4Dec 19, 1971SunLBaltimore ColtsNew England Patriots1721boxscore
5Nov 6, 1972MonWBaltimore Colts@New England Patriots2417boxscore
6Nov 26, 1972SunWBaltimore ColtsNew England Patriots310boxscore
7Oct 7, 1973SunLBaltimore Colts@New England Patriots1624boxscore
8Dec 16, 1973SunWBaltimore ColtsNew England Patriots1813boxscore
9Oct 6, 1974SunLBaltimore Colts@New England Patriots342boxscore
10Nov 24, 1974SunLBaltimore ColtsNew England Patriots1727boxscore
11Oct 19, 1975SunLBaltimore Colts@New England Patriots1021boxscore
12Dec 21, 1975SunWBaltimore ColtsNew England Patriots3421boxscore
13Sep 12, 1976SunWBaltimore Colts@New England Patriots2713boxscore
14Nov 14, 1976SunLBaltimore ColtsNew England Patriots1421boxscore
15Oct 23, 1977SunLBaltimore Colts@New England Patriots317boxscore
16Dec 18, 1977SunWBaltimore ColtsNew England Patriots3024boxscore
17Sep 18, 1978MonWBaltimore Colts@New England Patriots3427boxscore
18Nov 26, 1978SunLBaltimore ColtsNew England Patriots1435boxscore
19Oct 28, 1979SunWBaltimore ColtsNew England Patriots3126boxscore
20Nov 18, 1979SunLBaltimore Colts@New England Patriots2150boxscore
21Oct 19, 1980SunLBaltimore ColtsNew England Patriots2137boxscore
22Nov 23, 1980SunLBaltimore Colts@New England Patriots2147boxscore
23Sep 6, 1981SunWBaltimore Colts@New England Patriots2928boxscore
24Dec 20, 1981SunWBaltimore ColtsNew England Patriots2321boxscore
25Sep 12, 1982SunLBaltimore ColtsNew England Patriots1324boxscore
26Sep 4, 1983SunWBaltimore Colts@New England Patriots2923boxscore
27Oct 9, 1983SunWBaltimore ColtsNew England Patriots127boxscore
28Nov 18, 1984SunLIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots1750boxscore
29Dec 16, 1984SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots1016boxscore
30Nov 10, 1985SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots1534boxscore
31Dec 1, 1985SunLIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots3138boxscore
32Sep 7, 1986SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots333boxscore
33Nov 9, 1986SunLIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots2130boxscore
34Oct 25, 1987SunWIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots3016boxscore
35Nov 22, 1987SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots024boxscore
36Oct 2, 1988SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots1721boxscore
37Nov 27, 1988SunWIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots2421boxscore
38Oct 29, 1989SunLIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots2023boxscore
39Dec 3, 1989SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots1622boxscore
40Sep 16, 1990SunLIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots1416boxscore
41Nov 11, 1990SunWIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots1310boxscore
42Sep 1, 1991SunLIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots716boxscore
43Dec 8, 1991SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots1723boxscore
44Nov 15, 1992SunLIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots3437boxscore
45Dec 6, 1992SunWIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots60boxscore
46Oct 31, 1993SunWIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots96boxscore
47Dec 26, 1993SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots038boxscore
48Nov 27, 1994SunLIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots1012boxscore
49Dec 11, 1994SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots1328boxscore
50Nov 19, 1995SunWIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots2410boxscore
51Dec 23, 1995SatWIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots107boxscore
52Oct 20, 1996SunLIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots927boxscore
53Nov 24, 1996SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots1327boxscore
54Sep 7, 1997SunLIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots631boxscore
55Nov 30, 1997SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots1720boxscore
56Sep 13, 1998SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots629boxscore
57Nov 1, 1998SunLIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots1621boxscore
58Sep 19, 1999SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots2831boxscore
59Dec 12, 1999SunWIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots2015boxscore
60Oct 8, 2000SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots1624boxscore
61Oct 22, 2000SunWIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots3023boxscore
62Sep 30, 2001SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots1344boxscore
63Oct 21, 2001SunLIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots1738boxscore
64Nov 30, 2003SunLIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots3438boxscore
65Jan 18, 2004SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots1424boxscore
66Sep 9, 2004ThuLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots2427boxscore
67Jan 16, 2005SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots320boxscore
68Nov 7, 2005MonWIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots4021boxscore
69Nov 5, 2006SunWIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots2720boxscore
70Jan 21, 2007SunWIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots3834boxscore
71Nov 4, 2007SunLIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots2024boxscore
72Nov 2, 2008SunWIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots1815boxscore
73Nov 15, 2009SunWIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots3534boxscore
74Nov 21, 2010SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots2831boxscore
75Dec 4, 2011SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots2431boxscore
76Nov 18, 2012SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots2459boxscore
77Jan 11, 2014SatLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots2243boxscore
78Nov 16, 2014SunLIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots2042boxscore
79Jan 18, 2015SunLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots745boxscore
80Oct 18, 2015SunLIndianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots2734boxscore
81Oct 4, 2018ThuLIndianapolis Colts@New England Patriots2438boxscore
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