All Matchups, Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs

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Kansas City Chiefs lead series, 64-55
54-64 regular season, 1-0 postseason

Postseason games noted in bold.

119 Games

119 Games Table
Rk Date Day Tm Opp Tm Opp
1Oct 30, 1960SunLDenver BroncosDallas Texans1417boxscore
2Nov 13, 1960SunLDenver Broncos@Dallas Texans734boxscore
3Oct 8, 1961SunLDenver BroncosDallas Texans1219boxscore
4Dec 10, 1961SunLDenver Broncos@Dallas Texans2149boxscore
5Nov 18, 1962SunLDenver BroncosDallas Texans324boxscore
6Dec 9, 1962SunLDenver Broncos@Dallas Texans1017boxscore
7Sep 7, 1963SatLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs759boxscore
8Dec 8, 1963SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs2152boxscore
9Oct 11, 1964SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs3327boxscore
10Nov 1, 1964SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs3949boxscore
11Oct 10, 1965SunLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2331boxscore
12Dec 19, 1965SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs3545boxscore
13Oct 8, 1966SatLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1037boxscore
14Oct 23, 1966SunLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs1056boxscore
15Oct 29, 1967SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs952boxscore
16Dec 17, 1967SunLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2438boxscore
17Sep 22, 1968SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs234boxscore
18Dec 14, 1968SatLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs730boxscore
19Oct 5, 1969SunLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs1326boxscore
20Nov 27, 1969ThuLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1731boxscore
21Oct 4, 1970SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2613boxscore
22Dec 6, 1970SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs016boxscore
23Oct 3, 1971SunLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs316boxscore
24Nov 21, 1971SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1028boxscore
25Oct 1, 1972SunLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2445boxscore
26Dec 3, 1972SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs2124boxscore
27Oct 7, 1973SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1416boxscore
28Nov 25, 1973SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs1410boxscore
29Oct 6, 1974SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1714boxscore
30Nov 18, 1974MonLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs3442boxscore
31Sep 21, 1975SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs3733boxscore
32Oct 26, 1975SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1326boxscore
33Oct 24, 1976SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs3526boxscore
34Dec 5, 1976SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs1716boxscore
35Oct 9, 1977SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs237boxscore
36Nov 20, 1977SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs147boxscore
37Sep 24, 1978SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs2317boxscore
38Dec 10, 1978SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs243boxscore
39Oct 14, 1979SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs2410boxscore
40Oct 28, 1979SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs203boxscore
41Oct 19, 1980SunLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs1723boxscore
42Dec 7, 1980SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1431boxscore
43Oct 18, 1981SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1428boxscore
44Dec 6, 1981SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs1613boxscore
45Dec 19, 1982SunLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs1637boxscore
46Oct 30, 1983SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2724boxscore
47Dec 18, 1983SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1748boxscore
48Sep 23, 1984SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs210boxscore
49Dec 2, 1984SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1316boxscore
50Oct 27, 1985SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs3010boxscore
51Dec 14, 1985SatWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs1413boxscore
52Nov 16, 1986SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs3817boxscore
53Dec 7, 1986SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1037boxscore
54Oct 18, 1987SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs2617boxscore
55Dec 19, 1987SatWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2017boxscore
56Sep 18, 1988SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1320boxscore
57Nov 6, 1988SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs1711boxscore
58Sep 10, 1989SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs3420boxscore
59Nov 12, 1989SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1613boxscore
60Sep 17, 1990MonWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2423boxscore
61Dec 9, 1990SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs2031boxscore
62Oct 20, 1991SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs1916boxscore
63Nov 17, 1991SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs2420boxscore
64Oct 4, 1992SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2019boxscore
65Dec 27, 1992SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs2042boxscore
66Sep 20, 1993MonLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs715boxscore
67Dec 12, 1993SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2721boxscore
68Oct 17, 1994MonLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2831boxscore
69Dec 4, 1994SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs2017boxscore
70Oct 22, 1995SunLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs721boxscore
71Dec 17, 1995SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1720boxscore
72Sep 22, 1996SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1417boxscore
73Oct 27, 1996SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs347boxscore
74Aug 31, 1997SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs193boxscore
75Nov 16, 1997SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs2224boxscore
76Jan 4, 1998SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1410boxscore
77Nov 16, 1998MonWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs307boxscore
78Dec 6, 1998SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs3531boxscore
79Sep 19, 1999SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1026boxscore
80Dec 5, 1999SunLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs1016boxscore
81Sep 24, 2000SunLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2223boxscore
82Dec 17, 2000SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs720boxscore
83Oct 7, 2001SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs206boxscore
84Dec 16, 2001SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs2326boxscore
85Oct 20, 2002SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs3734boxscore
86Dec 15, 2002SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs3124boxscore
87Oct 5, 2003SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs2324boxscore
88Dec 7, 2003SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs4527boxscore
89Sep 12, 2004SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs3424boxscore
90Dec 19, 2004SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1745boxscore
91Sep 26, 2005MonWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs3010boxscore
92Dec 4, 2005SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs2731boxscore
93Sep 17, 2006SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs96boxscore
94Nov 23, 2006ThuLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1019boxscore
95Nov 11, 2007SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs2711boxscore
96Dec 9, 2007SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs417boxscore
97Sep 28, 2008SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1933boxscore
98Dec 7, 2008SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2417boxscore
99Dec 6, 2009SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs4413boxscore
100Jan 3, 2010SunLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2444boxscore
101Nov 14, 2010SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs4929boxscore
102Dec 5, 2010SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs610boxscore
103Nov 13, 2011SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1710boxscore
104Jan 1, 2012SunLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs37boxscore
105Nov 25, 2012SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs179boxscore
106Dec 30, 2012SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs383boxscore
107Nov 17, 2013SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2717boxscore
108Dec 1, 2013SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs3528boxscore
109Sep 14, 2014SunWDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2417boxscore
110Nov 30, 2014SunWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs2916boxscore
111Sep 17, 2015ThuWDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs3124boxscore
112Nov 15, 2015SunLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs1329boxscore
113Nov 27, 2016SunLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2730boxscore
114Dec 25, 2016SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1033boxscore
115Oct 30, 2017MonLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs1929boxscore
116Dec 31, 2017SunLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2427boxscore
117Oct 1, 2018MonLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs2327boxscore
118Oct 28, 2018SunLDenver Broncos@Kansas City Chiefs2330boxscore
119Oct 17, 2019ThuLDenver BroncosKansas City Chiefs630boxscore
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