The NFL Top 100 Games celebrates 100 years of NFL history by choosing the top 100 games of all time.

NFL 100 Games

NFL 100 Games Table
Rank Date Tm Opp Game Notes Video
1December 28, 1958NYGBAL1958 NFL ChampionshipThe Greatest Game Ever Played
2January 10, 1982SFODAL1981 NFC ChampionshipThe CatchWatch on YouTube
3December 31, 1967GNBDAL1967 NFL ChampionshipThe Ice Bowl
4January 2, 1982MIASDG1981 AFC DivisionalEpic in MiamiWatch on YouTube
5February 3, 2008NYGNWESuper Bowl XLII (2007)David Tyree's helmet catch, 18-1 PatriotsWatch on YouTube
6January 12, 1969NYJBALSuper Bowl III (1968)The GuaranteeWatch on YouTube
7January 3, 1993BUFHOU1992 AFC Wild CardThe ComebackWatch on YouTube
8February 1, 2015SEANWESuper Bowl XLIX (2014)Malcolm Butler goal-line INTWatch on YouTube
9February 5, 2017NWEATLSuper Bowl LI (2016)28-3Watch on YouTube
10January 27, 1991NYGBUFSuper Bowl XXV (1990)Wide RightWatch on YouTube
11January 11, 1987CLEDEN1986 AFC ChampionshipThe DriveWatch on YouTube
12February 1, 2009PITARISuper Bowl XLIII (2008)James Harrison's 100-yd INT return, Santonio Holmes' game-winning catchWatch on YouTube
13December 23, 1972PITOAK1972 AFC DivisionalThe Immaculate Reception
14February 4, 2018PHINWESuper Bowl LII (2017)Philly SpecialWatch on YouTube
15January 19, 2002NWEOAK2001 AFC DivisionalThe Tuck Rule GameWatch on YouTube
16January 30, 2000STLTENSuper Bowl XXXIV (1999)One Yard ShortWatch on YouTube
17January 21, 1979PITDALSuper Bowl XIII (1978)First Super Bowl rematch
18December 25, 1971KANMIA1971 AFC DivisionalThe longest game in NFL history
19January 22, 1989SFOCINSuper Bowl XXIII (1988)Joe Montana's GWD results in his 3rd ringWatch on YouTube
20February 3, 2002STLNWESuper Bowl XXXVI (2001)First Super Bowl of the Patriots dynastyWatch on YouTube
21January 21, 2007INDNWE2006 AFC ChampionshipPeyton Manning finally beats Patriots in playoffsWatch on YouTube
22January 17, 1988DENCLE1987 AFC ChampionshipThe Fumble
23December 21, 1974OAKMIA1974 AFC DivisionalThe Sea of Hands
24January 14, 2018MINNOR2017 NFC DivisionalMinneapolis MiracleWatch on YouTube
25January 20, 1991SFONYG1990 NFC ChampionshipGiants prevent 49ers from reaching 3rd Super Bowl in a row
26January 8, 2000TENBUF1999 AFC Wild CardMusic City MiracleWatch on YouTube
27January 25, 1998GNBDENSuper Bowl XXXII (1997)John Elway and Denver's first Super Bowl winWatch on YouTube
28December 24, 1977BALOAK1977 AFC DivisionalGhost to the Post
29December 2, 1985MIACHI1985 Week 13Dolphins thwart '85 Bears' bid for perfect seasonWatch on YouTube
30February 3, 2013SFOBALSuper Bowl XLVII (2012)Harbaugh BowlWatch on YouTube
31January 16, 2016ARIGNB2015 NFC DivisionalAaron Rodgers sends to OT, Larry Fitzgerald catches game-winnerWatch on YouTube
32December 24, 1950CLERAM1950 NFL ChampionshipBrowns win championship in first NFL season
33November 19, 2018LARKAN2018 Week 11Both teams score 50 for first time in NFL historyWatch on YouTube
34January 17, 1999MINATL1998 NFC ChampionshipGary Anderson misses potential game-sealer, Falcons win in OTWatch on YouTube
35December 23, 1972SFODAL1972 NFC DivisionalCowboys' 15-point 4th quarter comeback
36January 20, 2019KANNWE2018 AFC ChampionshipPatriots/Chiefs shootout
37February 1, 2004NWECARSuper Bowl XXXVIII (2003)Patriots' second Super Bowl win
38January 1, 1967DALGNB1966 NFL ChampionshipPackers earn right to represent NFL in Super Bowl I
39January 5, 2003SFONYG2002 NFC Wild Card49ers' 24-point comeback, Trey Junkin's bad snap
40January 12, 2013DENBAL2012 AFC DivisionalMile High MiracleWatch on YouTube
41November 17, 1968OAKNYJ1968 Week 11Heidi Game
42January 24, 2010NORMIN2009 NFC ChampionshipSaints earn first Super Bowl berth, Brett Favre's final playoff gameWatch on YouTube
43October 23, 2000NYJMIA2000 Week 8Monday Night MiracleWatch on YouTube
44January 18, 2015SEAGNB2014 NFC ChampionshipSeahawks' 16-point 2nd half comebackWatch on YouTube
45January 18, 1976PITDALSuper Bowl X (1975)Steelers successfully defend their titleWatch on YouTube
46January 3, 1999SFOGNB1998 NFC Wild CardThe Catch IIWatch on YouTube
47January 10, 2010ARIGNB2009 NFC Wild CardHighest scoring game in playoff historyWatch on YouTube
48November 19, 1978NYGPHI1978 Week 12Miracle at the Meadowlands
49September 24, 1972BALNYJ1972 Week 2Joe Namath/Johnny Unitas shootout
50December 31, 1988CHIPHI1988 NFC DivisionalThe Fog Bowl
51December 17, 1933CHINYG1933 NFL ChampionshipFirst scheduled NFL championship game
52December 22, 2003OAKGNB2003 Week 16Brett Favre on MNF honors deceased fatherWatch on YouTube
53January 15, 1967KANGNBSuper Bowl I (1966)The first Super Bowl
54January 20, 2008GNBNYG2007 NFC ChampionshipGiants advance to Super Bowl in below-zero weatherWatch on YouTube
55October 17, 1994DENKAN1994 Week 7Joe Montana's final duel with John ElwayWatch on YouTube
56September 10, 1978SDGOAK1978 Week 2Holy Roller
57January 20, 2019NORLAR2018 NFC ChampionshipControversial no call, Rams win in OT
58September 24, 1989PHISFO1989 Week 3Joe Montana takes down Eagles defense
59September 25, 2006NORATL2006 Week 3Saints return to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Steve Gleason's blockWatch on YouTube
60January 17, 1993SFODAL1992 NFC ChampionshipCowboys advance to first Super Bowl of 90s dynasty
61January 4, 2014INDKAN2013 AFC Wild CardColts' 28-point comebackWatch on YouTube
62December 9, 1934NYGCHI1934 NFL ChampionshipThe Sneakers Game
63January 8, 1984WASSFO1983 NFC Championship49ers come back from 21-point deficit but lose in final minute
64January 14, 2012SFONOR2011 NFC DivisionalAlex Smith/Drew Brees shootoutWatch on YouTube
65October 6, 2003TAMIND2003 Week 5Peyton Manning leads 21-point 4th quarter comeback
66January 4, 1992DENHOU1991 AFC DivisionalBroncos' 15-point comeback
67January 10, 1982CINSDG1981 AFC ChampionshipThe Freezer BowlWatch on YouTube
68January 19, 2014SEASFO2013 NFC ChampionshipRichard Sherman vs. Michael CrabtreeWatch on YouTube
69January 11, 2004PHIGNB2003 NFC Divisional4th and 26Watch on YouTube
70January 2, 1994NYGDAL1993 Week 18Injured Emmitt Smith helps Cowboys clinch top seed
71January 4, 1981CLEOAK1980 AFC DivisionalRed Right 88
72January 4, 2004GNBSEA2003 NFC Wild Card"We want the ball and we're gonna score"
73January 30, 1983WASMIASuper Bowl XVII (1982)John Riggins runs over Miami
74January 4, 1981ATLDAL1980 NFC DivisionalDuel in Dixie
75October 17, 1983GNBWAS1983 Week 7Lynn Dickey/Joe Theismann MNF shootout
76December 22, 1957SFODET1957 Western Conference ChampionshipLions' 20-point comeback
77December 16, 1945RAMWAS1945 NFL ChampionshipSammy Baugh hits the goalpost
78January 4, 1997DENJAX1996 AFC DivisionalExpansion Jaguars shock the BroncosWatch on YouTube
79January 4, 1986MIACLE1985 AFC DivisionalDolphins' 18-point comeback
80January 3, 1987CLENYJ1986 AFC DivisionalMarathon by the LakeWatch on YouTube
81November 26, 1925CHICRD1925 Week 11Red Grange's NFL debut
82December 18, 1932CHIPRT1932 Week 14NFL's first indoor game, first playoff game
83November 27, 1994NYJMIA1994 Week 13Fake Spike GameWatch on YouTube
84January 6, 2007SEADAL2006 NFC Wild CardTony Romo muffs the hold
85January 31, 1988WASDENSuper Bowl XXII (1987)Washington's 35-point 2nd quarterWatch on YouTube
86January 10, 2004STLCAR2003 NFC DivisionalPanthers win in 2OTWatch on YouTube
87January 14, 1996PITIND1995 AFC ChampionshipSteelers survive Colts' upset bid
88December 19, 2010NYGPHI2010 Week 15Miracle at the New MeadowlandsWatch on YouTube
89January 15, 2006INDPIT2005 AFC DivisionalSteelers become first 6-seed to defeat a 1-seedWatch on YouTube
90January 15, 1995SFODAL1994 NFC Championship49ers prevent Cowboys from reaching 3rd Super Bowl in a row
91September 21, 1986NYJMIA1986 Week 3Ken O'Brien/Dan Marino shootout
92January 20, 1980RAMPITSuper Bowl XIV (1979)Steelers win 4th Super Bowl
93December 19, 1948PHICRD1948 NFL ChampionshipEagles win in a blizzard
94December 12, 1982NWEMIA1982 Week 14The Snowplow Game
95October 16, 2006ARICHI2006 Week 6Bears D/ST engineers 20-point MNF comebackWatch on YouTube
96December 14, 1980MINCLE1980 Week 15Miracle at the Met
97February 7, 2010NORINDSuper Bowl XLIV (2009)Saints win first Super BowlWatch on YouTube
98January 18, 2009PITBAL2008 AFC ChampionshipSteelers survive defensive battleWatch on YouTube
99January 23, 2000STLTAM1999 NFC ChampionshipGreatest Show on Turf squeaks by Bucs defense
100January 23, 1983MIANYJ1982 AFC ChampionshipThe Mud Bowl