Draft Pick Trade Value Chart

This draft value chart is supposed to represent trade value for draft picks, as devised by Jimmy Johnson in the early 90s during his tenure as head coach of the Cowboys. It is supposed to give a numerical representation of each pick to balance out trades: by this chart, pick 16 in the first round (1000 pts) is considered equivalent to pick 31 in the first round + pick 18 in the second round (600 pts + 400 pts). Teams listed are for the 2019 draft. Compensatory picks are not included as they could not be traded when Johnson's chart was made.

Draft Pick Value Chart

Draft Pick Value Chart Table
Round Pick Value Tm Year
113000Arizona Cardinals2019
122600San Francisco 49ers2019
132200New York Jets2019
141800Oakland Raiders2019
151700Tampa Bay Buccaneers2019
161600New York Giants2019
171500Jacksonville Jaguars2019
181400Detroit Lions2019
191350Buffalo Bills2019
1101300Denver Broncos2019
1111250Cincinnati Bengals2019
1121200Green Bay Packers2019
1131150Miami Dolphins2019
1141100Atlanta Falcons2019
1151050Washington Redskins2019
1161000Carolina Panthers2019
117950New York Giants2019
118900Minnesota Vikings2019
119875Tennessee Titans2019
120850Pittsburgh Steelers2019
121800Seattle Seahawks2019
122780Baltimore Ravens2019
123760Houston Texans2019
124740Oakland Raiders2019
125720Philadelphia Eagles2019
126700Indianapolis Colts2019
127680Oakland Raiders2019
128660Los Angeles Chargers2019
129640Kansas City Chiefs2019
130620Green Bay Packers2019
131600Los Angeles Rams2019
132590New England Patriots2019
Round Pick Value Tm Year
233580Arizona Cardinals2019
234560Indianapolis Colts2019
235550Oakland Raiders2019
236540San Francisco 49ers2019
237530New York Giants2019
238520Jacksonville Jaguars2019
239510Tampa Bay Buccaneers2019
240500Buffalo Bills2019
241490Denver Broncos2019
242480Cincinnati Bengals2019
243470Detroit Lions2019
244460Green Bay Packers2019
245450Atlanta Falcons2019
246440Washington Redskins2019
247430Carolina Panthers2019
248420Miami Dolphins2019
249410Cleveland Browns2019
250400Minnesota Vikings2019
251390Tennessee Titans2019
252380Pittsburgh Steelers2019
253370Philadelphia Eagles2019
254360Houston Texans2019
255350Houston Texans2019
256340New England Patriots2019
257330Philadelphia Eagles2019
258320Dallas Cowboys2019
259310Indianapolis Colts2019
260300Los Angeles Chargers2019
261292Kansas City Chiefs2019
262284New Orleans Saints2019
263276Kansas City Chiefs2019
264270New England Patriots2019
Round Pick Value Tm Year
365265Arizona Cardinals2019
366260Pittsburgh Steelers2019
367255San Francisco 49ers2019
368250New York Jets2019
369245Jacksonville Jaguars2019
370240Tampa Bay Buccaneers2019
371235Denver Broncos2019
372230Cincinnati Bengals2019
373225New England Patriots2019
374220Buffalo Bills2019
375215Green Bay Packers2019
376210Washington Redskins2019
377205Carolina Panthers2019
378200Miami Dolphins2019
379195Atlanta Falcons2019
380190Cleveland Browns2019
381185Minnesota Vikings2019
382180Tennessee Titans2019
383175Pittsburgh Steelers2019
384170Seattle Seahawks2019
385165Baltimore Ravens2019
386160Houston Texans2019
387155Chicago Bears2019
388150Detroit Lions2019
389145Indianapolis Colts2019
390140Dallas Cowboys2019
391136Los Angeles Chargers2019
392132Kansas City Chiefs2019
393128New York Jets2019
394124Los Angeles Rams2019
395120New York Giants2019
Round Pick Value Tm Year
496116Washington Redskins2019
497112New England Patriots2019
498108Jacksonville Jaguars2019
499104Los Angeles Rams2019
4100100Carolina Panthers2019
410196New England Patriots2019
410292Baltimore Ravens2019
410388Arizona Cardinals2019
410486San Francisco 49ers2019
410584New York Jets2019
410682Oakland Raiders2019
410780Tampa Bay Buccaneers2019
410878New York Giants2019
410976Jacksonville Jaguars2019
411074Cincinnati Bengals2019
411172Detroit Lions2019
411270Buffalo Bills2019
411368Baltimore Ravens2019
411466Green Bay Packers2019
411564Carolina Panthers2019
411662Miami Dolphins2019
411760Atlanta Falcons2019
411858Green Bay Packers2019
411956Cleveland Browns2019
412054Minnesota Vikings2019
412152Tennessee Titans2019
412250Pittsburgh Steelers2019
412349Baltimore Ravens2019
412448Seattle Seahawks2019
412547Denver Broncos2019
412646Chicago Bears2019
412745Philadelphia Eagles2019
Round Pick Value Tm Year
512844Dallas Cowboys2019
512943Indianapolis Colts2019
513042Los Angeles Chargers2019
513141Buffalo Bills2019
513240New York Giants2019
513340Los Angeles Rams2019
513439New England Patriots2019
513539Indianapolis Colts2019
513638Dallas Cowboys2019
513738Atlanta Falcons2019
513837Philadelphia Eagles2019
513937Arizona Cardinals2019
514036Oakland Raiders2019
514136Pittsburgh Steelers2019
514235New York Giants2019
514335New York Giants2019
514434Cleveland Browns2019
514534Tampa Bay Buccaneers2019
514633Detroit Lions2019
514733Buffalo Bills2019
514832Denver Broncos2019
514932Cincinnati Bengals2019
515031Green Bay Packers2019
515131Miami Dolphins2019
515231Atlanta Falcons2019
515330Washington Redskins2019
515430Carolina Panthers2019
515529Cleveland Browns2019
515629Denver Broncos2019
515729Tennessee Titans2019
515828Buffalo Bills2019
515928Seattle Seahawks2019
516027Baltimore Ravens2019
Round Pick Value Tm Year
616127Houston Texans2019
616227Chicago Bears2019
616326Philadelphia Eagles2019
616426Indianapolis Colts2019
616525Dallas Cowboys2019
616625Los Angeles Chargers2019
616725Kansas City Chiefs2019
616824New Orleans Saints2019
616924Los Angeles Rams2019
617023Cleveland Browns2019
617123New York Giants2019
617223Atlanta Falcons2019
617322Washington Redskins2019
617422Arizona Cardinals2019
617521Pittsburgh Steelers2019
617621San Francisco 49ers2019
617721New Orleans Saints2019
617820Jacksonville Jaguars2019
617920Arizona Cardinals2019
618019New York Giants2019
618119Buffalo Bills2019
618219Denver Broncos2019
618318Cincinnati Bengals2019
618418Detroit Lions2019
618517Green Bay Packers2019
618617Atlanta Falcons2019
618717Carolina Panthers2019
618816Tennessee Titans2019
618916Cleveland Browns2019
619015Minnesota Vikings2019
619115Baltimore Ravens2019
619215Pittsburgh Steelers2019
Round Pick Value Tm Year
719314Baltimore Ravens2019
719414Green Bay Packers2019
719513Houston Texans2019
719613New York Jets2019
719713Philadelphia Eagles2019
719812Cincinnati Bengals2019
719912Indianapolis Colts2019
720011Los Angeles Chargers2019
720111Kansas City Chiefs2019
720211New Orleans Saints2019
720310Los Angeles Rams2019
720410Detroit Lions2019
72059New England Patriots2019
72069Washington Redskins2019
72079Pittsburgh Steelers2019
72088Tampa Bay Buccaneers2019
72098Minnesota Vikings2019
72107Cincinnati Bengals2019
72117Cincinnati Bengals2019
72127San Francisco 49ers2019
72136Cincinnati Bengals2019
72146Kansas City Chiefs2019
72155Tampa Bay Buccaneers2019
72165Kansas City Chiefs2019
72175New York Jets2019
72184Oakland Raiders2019
72194Pittsburgh Steelers2019
72203Houston Texans2019
72213Cleveland Browns2019
72223Chicago Bears2019
72232Cincinnati Bengals2019
72242Detroit Lions2019
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