Draft Pick Trade Value Chart

This draft value chart is supposed to represent trade value for draft picks, as devised by Jimmy Johnson in the early 90s during his tenure as head coach of the Cowboys. It is supposed to give a numerical representation of each pick to balance out trades: by this chart, pick 16 in the first round (1000 pts) is considered equivalent to pick 31 in the first round + pick 18 in the second round (600 pts + 400 pts). Teams listed are for the 2018 draft.

Draft Pick Value Chart

Draft Pick Value Chart Table
Round Pick Value Tm Year
113000Cleveland Browns2018
122600New York Giants2018
132200Indianapolis Colts2018
141800Cleveland Browns2018
151700Denver Broncos2018
161600New York Jets2018
171500Tampa Bay Buccaneers2018
181400Chicago Bears2018
191350San Francisco 49ers2018
1101300Oakland Raiders2018
1111250Miami Dolphins2018
1121200Cincinnati Bengals2018
1131150Washington Redskins2018
1141100Green Bay Packers2018
1151050Arizona Cardinals2018
1161000Baltimore Ravens2018
117950Los Angeles Chargers2018
118900Seattle Seahawks2018
119875Dallas Cowboys2018
120850Detroit Lions2018
121800Buffalo Bills2018
122780Buffalo Bills2018
123760Los Angeles Rams2018
124740Carolina Panthers2018
125720Tennessee Titans2018
126700Atlanta Falcons2018
127680New Orleans Saints2018
128660Pittsburgh Steelers2018
129640Jacksonville Jaguars2018
130620Minnesota Vikings2018
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