NFL Longest interception return Year-by-Year Playoffs Leaders

For some seasons (1960-1969 & 1947-1950) leaders for both leagues are shown.

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Leaders Table
Year Player Lng Tm
2017Marcus Peters (24)28KAN
2016Robert Alford (27)82ATL
2015Patrick Peterson (25)72ARI
2014Kam Chancellor (26)90SEA
2013Malcolm Smith (24)69SEA
2012Sam Shields (24)52GNB
2011Dashon Goldson (26)41SFO
2010Tramon Williams (27)70GNB
2009Tracy Porter (23)74NOR
2008James Harrison (30)100PIT
2007Marcus Trufant (26)78SEA
2006Kelvin Hayden (23)56IND
2005Champ Bailey (27)100DEN
2004Rodney Harrison (31)87NWE
2003Will Demps (23)56BAL
2002Ronde Barber (27)92TAM
2001Damon Moore (24)59PHI
2000Tory James (27)90OAK
1999Brock Marion (29)31MIA
1998Eugene Robinson (35)77ATL
1997Eugene Robinson (34)58GNB
1996Eugene Daniel (35)59IND
1995Larry Brown (25)44DAL
1994Eric Davis (26)44SFO
1993George Teague (22)101GNB
1992Bubba McDowell (25)58HOU
1991Mel Jenkins (29)41DET
1990Michael Carter (29)61SFO
1989Ronnie Lott+ (30)58SFO
1988Vestee Jackson (25)51CHI
1987Mark Haynes (28)57DEN
1986Mike Richardson (25)43CHI
1985LeRoy Irvin (27)55RAM
1984Ronnie Lott+ (25)38SFO
1983LeRoy Irvin (25)94RAM
1982Darrol Ray (24)98NYJ
1981Rufus Bess (24)49BUF
1980Ron Bolton (30)42CLE
1979Vernon Perry (25)75HOU
1978Thomas Henderson (25)68DAL
1977Bruce Laird (27)61BAL
1976Willie Brown+ (35)75OAK
1975Bill Simpson (23)65RAM
1974Isiah Robertson (25)59RAM
1973Bobby Bryant (29)63MIN
1972Jake Scott (27)55MIA
1971Dick Anderson (25)62MIA
1970Willie Brown+ (29)50OAK
1969Walt Sumner (22)88CLE
1968George Atkinson (21)32OAK
1967Cornell Green (27)60DAL
1967Herb Adderley+ (28)60GNB
1966Johnny Robinson (27)72KAN
1965Butch Byrd (23)74BUF
1964Don Shinnick (29)14BAL
1963Larry Morris (29)61CHI
1962E.J. Holub (24)43DTX
1961Bud Whitehead (22)41SDG
1960Bobby Gordon (24)27HOU
1959Johnny Sample (23)42BAL
1958Vince Costello (26)22CLE
1957Terry Barr (22)19DET
1956Jimmy Patton (22)28NYG
1955Don Paul (29)65CLE
1954Len Ford+ (28)45CLE
1953Jim David (25)36DET
1952Norb Hecker (25)20RAM
1951Marvin Johnson (24)35RAM
1950Ken Gorgal (21)33CLE
1949Warren Lahr (26)52CLE
1948Lou Saban (26)39CLE
1947Buster Ramsey (27)41CRD
1946Dante Magnani (29)30CHI
1945Pat West (22)19RAM
1944Len Younce (27)9NYG
1943Sammy Baugh+ (29)28WAS
1942Wilbur Moore (26)14WAS
1941Norm Standlee (22)11CHI
1940George McAfee+ (22)34CHI
1939Ward Cuff (27)17NYG
1937Jack Manders (28)27CHI
1936Ernie Pinckert (29)17BOS
1935Buddy Parker (21)33DET
1934Gene Ronzani (25)16CHI
1933Max Krause (24)13NYG
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